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Athena Technologies A88028 user manual
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Abstracts of contents
Summary of the content on the page No. 1

Cat I G20 at 20mbar in GB and IE
Installation & Servicing Instructions
G.C. No. 32 170 19 ÿ Product Code No. A88028
The Data Badge and Serial Number are located on the left hand side of the back panel.

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

CONTENTS LAYOUT INTRODUCTION AND GENERAL INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS 1.0 TECHNICAL DATA 2.0 CONDITIONS OF INSTALLATION 2.1 SITING GENERAL 2.2 FLUES AND CHIMNEYS 2.2.1 Brick Chimney, 178mm diameter (7 inch) Stone or Lined Flue and 125mm diameter (5 inch) Flue 2.2.2 Pre-Cast Flue 2.2.3 Metal Fluebox 125mm diameter (5 inch) Flues 2.3 SHELF HEIGHT AND SIDE CLEARANCES 2.3.1 Combustible Shelf 2.3.2 Non-Combustible Shelf 3.0 INSTALLATION OF FIRE 3.1 UNPACKING 3.2 PREPARATION OF FIRE 3.2.1 Spigot Restrict

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

INTRODUCTION NO COMPONENT OF THIS FIRE IS MANUFACTURED FROM ASBESTOS OR ASBESTOS RELATED PRODUCTS. The ATHENA L.F. is an open fronted inset live coal effect gas fire specially designed for Pre-Cast Flue application and is also suitable for use with Brick Chimneys, twin walled or insulated Metal/Pre-fabricated Flues of 125mm minimum diameter and Flueboxes conforming to the constructional requirements of BS 715. It is fitted with a combined flame supervision and oxygen depletion monitoring devi

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

2.0 CONDITIONS OF INSTALLATION 2.1 SITING GENERAL This fire is suitable for hearth mounting only on a non-combustible hearth at least 13mm thick and measuring at least 630mm wide by 330mm deep. Its top surface should preferably be 50mm above the floor level in order to discourage the placing of carpets or rugs over it. It MUST NOT be fitted directly on a combustible wall. The fire should be installed so that no part of a combustible wall o i.e. not part of the fire surround but a full wall at

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

1 12 20 0m mm m M MI IN N 2.2.2 PRE-CAST FLUE OF MINIMUM SIZE (Fig. 2) PRECAST FLUE INSTALLATION This fire can be installed into a properly constructed pre-cast flue conforming to B.S. 1289 : 1975 or B.S. 1289 : Part 1 : 1986 or B.S. 1289 : Part 2 : 1989 of at least 3 metres effective height and having flueways of at least 198mm by 67mm or equivalent cross-sectional area with no dimension less than 63mm. The fireplace opening width must be between a maximum 457mm and a minimum 305mm. The

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

457 407 2.2.3 METAL FLUE BOX/125mm DIAMETER FLUES (Figs. 3A and 3B) 125 I/D This fire may be installed in a double walled or insulated metal box built to the requirements of B.S. 715 e.g. Selkirk, Product Code Number 0404805, using our fixing kit G.C. Number 159 634 ÿ Number 992137. The box must be lagged as detailed in Fig. 3B and mounted on a non-combustible plinth at least 25mm thick. Ensure that the base of the opening is level with the hearth. A larger box built to the requiremen

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

2.3 SHELF HEIGHT AND SIDE CLEARANCES The fire may be fitted beneath a shelf. 2.3.1 COMBUSTIBLE SHELF The underside of a combustible shelf not more than 150mm deep must be at least 923mm from the hearth which gives a clearance of 237mm above the fire. For deeper shelves, add 13mm shelf height for every 25mm increase in depth. For every 25mm decrease in shelf depth subtract 13mm from the shelf height. 2.3.2 NON-COMBUSTIBLE SHELF The underside of a non-combustible shelf not more than 75mm deep mu

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

3.3 METHOD OF INSTALLATION There are two methods for securing the fire to the wall which are: (a) Fixing by tension cable. (b) Screwing the fire directly to the wall. It is recommended, where drilling holes in the front face of the fireplace surround is unacceptable or otherwise risky e.g. a marble surround, that fixing by tension cable is employed. IMPORTANT NOTES (a) If the surface of the fireplace is uneven it is necessary to prepare the surface so that a positive seal can be achieved betwe

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

3.3.2 FIXING DIRECTLY TO SURROUND FACE Mark the four positions of the fixing holes on the front face of the fireplace surround using the fire as a template. Drill 6mm holes and plug the holes with the wall plugs supplied. Insert the fire into the opening in the fireplace until the seal on the back of the fire is compressed against the surround face at every point. Note that any visible gaps between the surround face and the seal indicate a deviation from flatness on the surround face and MUST

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

4.0 COMMISSIONING 4.1 INSTALL FUEL EFFECT COMPONENTS The fuel effect components comprise: (a) Rear Coal (b) Two Side Cheeks (c) Coal Bed (d) Nine Loose Coals The Coal Bed and the loose coals are illustrated in Fig. 7A. The fire is supplied with the rear coal and side cheeks already fitted as illustrated in Fig. 7B. Unpack the pack containing the coal bed and the loose coals and check that these are undamaged. DO NOT INSTALL THE FIRE WITH BROKEN OR MISSING COALS. USE ONLY THE COALS SUPPLIED

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

4.2 CHECK GAS PRESSURE Remove the pressure test point screw located on the injector feed pipe just left of centre on the fire. Connect a pressure gauge, slide the control knob down to the PILOT/IGNITION position. Keep the knob depressed after the pilot has lit to activate the FSD and then slide the knob to the HIGH position. Check that the gas pressure is as specified in Section 1.0 Technical Data. Turn off the fire and disconnect the pressure gauge. Replace the test point screw, relight

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

4.4 TEST FOR SPILLAGE A test for spillage must be made before the installed fire is left with the user. This is carried out in the following manner. Light the fire and leave at HIGH rate. Close all the doors and windows in the room and after the fire has been alight for five minutes insert a lighted smoke match in line with the bottom edge of the canopy and 10mm below it (See Fig. 8). Hold the match with a pair of pliers or in a metal tube. If all of the smoke is drawn into the fire the insta

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

5.0 INSTRUCT USER Refer to Users Instructions Make sure the user understands the following: (a) How to light and operate the fire. (b) The fire can be lit with a match or taper in the event of failure of the battery ignition. (c) Demonstrate the removal and replacement of the coals. Advise on the need to clean these regularly. (d) Advise that for safe and efficient operation, the fire should be serviced annually by British Gas or a CORGI registered service agent. (e) Explain to the user the fu

Summary of the content on the page No. 14

6.4 PILOT ASSEMBLY The pilot is an atmosphere sensing device and must be replaced as a complete unit. Repair must not be undertaken. NOTE: If the fire keeps going out or exhibits signs of nuisance shut off, check the operation of the pilot as follows:- (a) Inspect the pilot flame, if suspect check the gas supply. Clear blockage if necessary. If flame is still suspect replace pilot assembly. (b) Check the thermocouple. If faulty replace the pilot assembly. (c) Check the magnet unit in the gas va

Summary of the content on the page No. 15

6.10 IGNITION MICRO SWITCH 1. Remove the outer case. 2. Disconnect the red and blue wires from the ignition unit. 3. Remove the two screws securing the micro switch to the fire. 4. Replace with a new one and re-assemble in the reverse manner. 6.11 THERMOCOUPLE BREAK MICRO SWITCH 1. Remove the outer case. 2. Disconnect the thermocouple wires from the yellow micro switch wires. 3. Remove the two screws securing the micro switch to the fire. 4. Replace with a new one and re-assemble in the reverse

Summary of the content on the page No. 16

8.0 SHORT LIST PARTS ÿ PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION 822309 Gas Valve / FSD Assembly 990274 Control Knob 822308 Pilot Assembly (Natural Gas) 993911 Spark Lead 822238 Ignition Unit 992232 Rear Coal 992234 Coal Bed 992169 Loose Coals (9 off) 992178 Left Side Cheek 992179 Right Side Cheek 989882 Issue 2 ROBINSON WILLEY LIMITED Mill Lane, Old Swan, Liverpool. L13 4AJ. England. Telephone: 0151-228-9111 Fax: 0151-228-6661 16

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