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Bahco Sandflex 3840 user manual
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Abstracts of contents
Summary of the content on the page No. 1

BA_04-0016_MBT10001_ENG 04•02•06 14.44 Sidan 3
Perfect for
New Bahco generation of
reciprocating sawblades.

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

BA_04-0016_MBT10001_ENG 04•02•06 14.44 Sidan 4 Perfect performance. A truly professional reciprocating sawblade should not only be strong and easy to use. It should also have ground teeth that deliver a powerful bite for coping with even the most difficult application. The new Bahco generation of reciprocating sawblades easily meets all these requirements. A unique range of reciprocating sawblades. The new range offers many important improvements and new product addi- tions. As well as consid

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

BA_04-0016_MBT10001_ENG 04•02•06 14.44 Sidan 5 Perfect for every kind of job. Whatever the task, you´ll find the correct reciprocating sawblade in the new range. A complete family of professional-class tools with features that make them 1. the natural choice in virtually any situation. 1. Demolition work. 3840 ® SANDFLEX DSL. 2. Cutting of roofing tiles. 3846 Carbide. 3. Metal cutting. ® 3840 SANDFLEX ST. 2. 4. Cutting of thick wood with ® nails. 3840 SANDFLEX SL. 3. 5. Cutting of glazed tile

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

BA_04-0016_MBT10001_ENG 04•02•06 14.44 Sidan 6 ® 3840 SANDFLEX ST/SL/SC ® Strong, flexible SANDFLEX bi-metal blades have powerful teeth of hardened, high-speed steel – beam-welded onto a flexible, spring-steel backing. Universal toothing for straight and rapid sawing in metal, plastic, wood, and wood with nails. Also available in a range for contour sawing. ST For straight and quick cutting of metal, plastic, laminates and SL for all-round cutting of metal, plastic, laminates and wood with w

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

BA_04-0016_MBT10001_ENG 04•02•06 14.44 Sidan 7 ® 3840 SANDFLEX DSL Extra heavy-duty bi-metal blade with coarse teeth for building and demolition work. The increased thickness (1.6 mm) makes this blade ideal for cutting almost any building material, such as heavy wood with large-dimension nails. Product EAN code Blade Blade thick- Teeth code 731151+ length mm ness mm per inch 5-PACK Blade length: 150, 228 and 300 mm. 3840-150-5/8-DSL-5P 8236212 150 1.6 5/8 Toothing: 5/8 teeth per inch. 3840

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

BA_04-0016_MBT10001_ENG 04•02•06 14.44 Sidan 8 3846 Carbide Blade with carbide-tipped teeth. Ideal for demanding building and industrial applications, such as cutting of bricks, porous concrete, Leca, Siporex, fiber-glass and plastic laminates. Product EAN code Blade Blade thick- Teeth code 731151+ length mm ness mm per inch Blade length: 228 and 300 mm. 1-PACK Toothing: 3 and 6 teeth per inch. 3846-150-6-SL-1P 8236359 150 0.9 6 3846-228-3-ST-1P 8236397 228 1.3 3 3846-228-6-ST-1P 8236373 228

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

BA_04-0016_MBT10001_ENG 04•02•06 14.43 Sidan 1 Practical packaging. 1 2 Bahco´s new generation of reciprocating sawblades are also available in industrial packs containing 5, 10 or 100 blades depending on the type of blade. 3 New packaging gives users all relevant product information for quickly choosing the correct reciprocating sawblade for the task at hand. 1. Easy-to-understand graphics showing application, toothing and capacity. Packaging also includes a practical, transparent 2. Tear ini

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

BA_04-0016_MBT10001_ENG 04•02•06 14.44 Sidan 2 ® SANDFLEX. Bi-metal tools for professionals. ® When SANDFLEX bi-metal blades were introduced more than 30 years ago they were not only the world’s first bi-metal saw blades. They also represented a breakthrough for the unique technology that has made ® SANDFLEX bi-metal products internationally renowned for superior durability and unique performance. We make these products in our own factories, to guarantee perfect performance and the highest pos

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