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Whistler LASER/RADAR DETECTOR user manual
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13016 N. Walton Blvd.
Bentonville, AR 72712
TEL: 479.273.6012 FX: 479.273.2927
P/N 260020 © The Whistler Group, Inc. 2006

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INTRODUCTION If you have questions concerning the Dear Whistler Owner, operation of this Whistler product please call: Whistler has developed a complete and comprehensive laser-radar solution for “TUNERS”. This unit allows laser-radar protection that CuSTOmer SeRVICE complements other automotive gauges installed in the vehicle. 1-800-531-0004 Not only does this unit provide a stealthy installation but also delivers Monday - Friday • 8:00 am - 5:00 pm CT very powerful protection from the newest

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TABLE OF CONTENTS WHISTLER FEATURES Whistler FUZION Model Features Summary....................................................3 - 4 Operation ............................................................................4 - 15 • Power On And Self-Test Power/Volume Button • FUZION Display • Programmable Text Display • Engaging/Disengaging VG-2 • Backlight Settings • City Modes ™ • Stay Alert • Option Select Mode Voice Module • Teach Mode Quiet/Menu Button • Aux Out B/L Button City Button • Memory/B

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

WHISTLER FEATURES—OPERATION OPERATION • Programmable Blue Backlit Text Display - Create your own Power On And Self-Test custom 10 character text display. The easy to read provides Each time your Whistler detector is turned on, an automatic distinct visual confirmation of signals detected, signal strength, self-test sequence confirms that the audio and visual and indicates engaged modes of operation. displays are functional. • Outside Temperature & Battery Voltmeter - Monitors the • Press P/V

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OPERATION OPERATION NOTE: The features listed above can be programmed Ice Warning Mode: ON or OFF in Option Select Mode. If one or more are When temperature drops to 32˚F display shows: programmed OFF, that area will be blank. See example of all programmed OFF below: Displays “Freezing” then “Temp” Ice Warning Mode Unit then gives a unique warning tone and the backlight Currently the laser-radar information is centered in the will flash. This will only happen once after the unit is first displa

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OPERATION OPERATION To modify the text: Engaging/Disengaging VG-2 Press and hold the Quiet button to enter Option Select mode (see page 12 ). See option select mode to turn this feature on/off. Once “USER TEXT” is displayed press and hold the Quiet button until the display shows “__ WHISTLER ” with a cursor under the first of 10 changeable Note: Selecting “POP OFF” turns VG-2 ON. characters. Backlight Settings Note: The cursor indicates that this is the first letter ready to be changed. The

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

OPERATION OPERATION City/City 1/City 2 Mode Stay Alert™ Feature Whistler’s Three Stage City Mode is designed to reduce the The Stay Alert™ Feature is designed to test a driver’s annoyance of automatic door openers, intrusion alarms and alertness. To engage (when unit is not alarming): other devices which share frequencies with police radar. • Press and hold City for 2 seconds. Display shows: Generally X band is used for these devices. • Press City to engage City. • Press City a second time to

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

OPERATION OPERATION Option Select Mode 11th time K BAND ON B/L = ON Turns K Band ON Entering Option Select Mode allows you to customize C = OFF Turns K Band OFF ® options such as Tone Select, Real Voice , Abbreviated 12th time Ka BAND ON B/L = ON Turns Ka Band ON Power Up Sequence test and VG-2 Mode. When selecting C = OFF Turns Ka Band OFF options, B/L=yes, City (C)=no, Quiet (Q)=next selection. Any one of these must be pressed within 20 seconds or options 13th time Laser

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OPERATION OPERATION Aux Out • Press and hold P/V and the volume will go to the max level (7), Three options can be used with this unit; LED output, Tone then proceed to lower the volume to level (0). Continuing output and Voice output (included). to hold the P/V button will repeat the volume steps above. LED - The LED will flash to indicated signal detection. The Auto Level Adjustment (Voice Option - Std) faster the flash rate, the stronger or closer the laser/radar Adjust the desired volume us

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

RADAR ALERT SAFETY RADAR-LASER ALERTS Speed Radar Audio/Visual Alerts Safety Warning System™ Text When X, K or Ka is detected, the band ID and signal Example: Poor Road Surface: strength is displayed. The audio alert is continuous and has a geiger counter-like pattern. The faster the beep, or the flash of the LED,the closer or stronger the radar source. Example: 1 = weak signal, 9 = strong signal ® Pulse Protection When a pulse type signal (instant-on strong signal) is detected an urgent 3 sec

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

VG-2 ALERTS RESET FEATURES/CARE & MAINTENANCE VG-2 Audio/Visual Alerts Reset Features Note: You must turn the POP feature OFF in option select mode All user features can be reset to factory settings. before it will detect VG-2. • Remove Power from unit. When a VG-2 signal is detected, the detector “hides” its • Press and hold P/V and Quiet. own radiated signal and becomes undetectable by the VG-2. • Apply power to the unit. • Wait for display to show “Factory Reset”. Text message confirms detec

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COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE Your Whistler detector is expertly engineered and designed to Communication Breakdown exacting quality standards to provide you with reliable, trouble-free If a problem arises between the control panel and the operation. If your unit has been correctly installed following the laser/radar antenna, the unit will give a unique audio tone, guidelines in this manual, but is not operating optimally, please and the B/L will go to full brightness. refer to

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

ARE DETECTORS LEGAL? SPEED MONITORING TECHNOLOGIES In Most States YES! Radar Facts Laser-Radar detectors are completely legal in every state, A radar gun operates by transmitting radio waves at certain (with the exception of Virginia and Washington, D.C., frequencies which reflect off objects and are picked up by which have local regulations restricting the use of radar the radar gun’s receiving section. When a radar beam receivers in any vehicle), when used in automobiles or light reflects off

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SPEED MONITORING TECHNOLOGIES WARRANTY INFORMATION can cover more than a four-lane highway at a distance of losing their radar detector and receiving a fine. In addition, 1,000 feet, compared with a laser transmission which covers instant-on radar is almost always used in combination with a RDD, leaving unsuspecting motorists vulnerable to about 3 feet at the same distance. For best protection, keep receiving two tickets — one potentially for speeding, the these points in mind: other for possess

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WARRANTY INFORMATION WARRANTY INFORMATION When returning a unit for service under warranty , follow these instructions: Service Out Of Warranty 1. Ship both the control panel and antenna (CAUTION: DO NOT Units will be repaired at “out of warranty” service rates when: CUT WIRES when removing the antenna as this will void the • The unit’s original warranty has expired. warranty.) in the original carton or in a suitable sturdy equivalent, fully • A dated store receipt is not supplied. insured, wi

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ACCESSORIES NOTES • Dimensions: Antenna: 1.4"H x 4.0"W x 3.6"L Control Panel: 3” L x 2.062” Diameter Laser Module: 1.9” H x .9” W x .7” L • Weight: Antenna: 8.1 oz. Control Panel: 5 oz. Laser Module: 1.4 oz. • Laser Wavelength: 905 ± 50 nanometers (nm) • Radar Frequencies: 10.500 - 10.550 GHz (X Band) 24.050 - 24.250 GHz (K Band ) 33.400 - 36.000 GHz (Ka Superwideband) • Operating Temperature Range: -20˚ C to +80˚ C (-4˚ F to +176˚ F) • Power Requirements: Operational 12 to 15 volts DC, 200mA no

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