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Manual do usuário Alesis BassFX
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User Manual

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Table Of Contents Introduction................................................................................3 About the BassFX ............................................................................... 4 BassFX Basics .................................................................................... 4 How to Use This Manual .................................................................... 6 Important Safety Instructions...................................................7 I

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1 Introduction Welcome! Thank you for making the Alesis BassFX a part of your setup. Since 1984, we’ve been designing and building creative tools for the audio community. We believe in our products, because we’ve heard the results that creative people like you have achieved with them. One of Alesis’ goals is to make high-quality music equipment available to everyone, and this user manual is an important part of that. After all, there’s no point in making equipment with all kinds

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Introduction 1 About the BassFX The first thing you’ll probably notice about the BassFX is its size—it’s not much larger or smaller than most other effect pedals for bass guitars. But don’t let that fool you. The BassFX does much more than most pedals you’ll find on the market today (and for an unbeatable price too). We’ve packed a lot of effects (more than 40!) and features into this unit. Here’s a glimpse: BassFX Key Features • 40 preset patches that you can fully edit, store a

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Introduction 1 Effect Modules If you were to think of the BassFX as a series of individual pedals linked together, then each pedal in that series would be considered an effect module. The BassFX has nine separate effect modules, as shown below: You can assign one effect to each of these modules and adjust its parameters accordingly. On the face of the unit, you’ll see a list of possible effect types for some of these modules. For more on effect modules, see chapter 10. Effe

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Introduction 1 How to Use This Manual This manual is divided into the following sections describing the various functions and applications for the BassFX. While it’s a good idea to read through the entire manual once Helpful tips and advice carefully, if you already have general knowledge about effects, are highlighted in a you should use the table of contents to look up specific shaded box like this. functions. Chapter 3: Getting Started shows you how to get the unit connec

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2 Important Safety Instructions Important Safety Instructions (English) Safety symbols used in this product This symbol alerts the user that there are important operating and maintenance instructions in the literature accompanying this unit. This symbol warns the user of uninsulated voltage within the unit that can cause dangerous electric shocks. This symbol warns the user that output connectors contain voltages that can cause dangerous electrical shock. Please follow t

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Important Safety Instructions 2 10. Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched, particularly at plugs, convenience receptacles, and the point where they exit from the apparatus. 11. Use only attachments or accessories specified by the manufacturer. 12. Use only with a cart, stand, bracket, or table designed for use with professional audio or music equipment. In any installation, make sure that injury or damage will not result from cables pulling on the apparatus and its

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Important Safety Instructions 2 Instructions de Sécurité Importantes (French) Symboles utilisés dans ce produit Ce symbole alèrte l’utilisateur qu’il existe des instructions de fonctionnement et de maintenance dans la documentation jointe avec ce produit. Ce symbole avertit l’utilisateur de la présence d’une tension non isolée à l’intérieur de l’appareil pouvant engendrer des chocs électriques. Ce symbole prévient l'utilisateur de la présence de tensions sur les raccordeme

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Important Safety Instructions 2 10. Evitez de marcher sur le cordon secteur ou de le pincer, en particulier au niveau de la prise, et aux endroits où il sor de l’appareil. 11. N’utilisez que des accessoires spécifiés par le constructeur. 12. N’utilisez qu’avec un stand, ou table conçus pour l’utilisation d’audio professionnel ou instruments de musique. Dans toute installation, veillez de ne rien endommager à cause de câbles qui tirent sur des appareils et leur support. 13. Débranch

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Important Safety Instructions 2 Lesen Sie bitte die folgende Sicherheitshinweise (German) Sicherheit Symbole verwendet in diesem Produkt Dieses Symbol alarmiert den Benutzer, daß es wichtige Funktionieren und Wartung Anweisungen in der Literatur gibt, die diese Maßeinheit begleitet. Dieses Symbol warnt den Benutzer der nicht isolierten Spannung innerhalb der Maßeinheit, die gefährliche elektrische Schläge verursachen kann. Dieses Symbol warnt den Benutzer, dem Ausgabestecke

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Important Safety Instructions 2 10. Verlegen Sie das Netzkabel des Gerätes niemals so, daß man darüber stolpern kann oder daß es gequetscht wird. 11. Benutzen Sie nur das vom Hersteller empfohlene Zubehör. 12. Verwenden Sie ausschließlich Wagen, Ständer, oder Tische, die speziell für professionelle Audio- und Musikinstrumente geeignet sind. Achten Sie immer darauf, daß die jeweiligen Geräte sicher installiert sind, um Schäden und Verletzungen zu vermeiden. Wenn Sie einen Rollwagen

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Important Safety Instructions 2 CE Declaration Of Conformity See our website at FCC Compliance Statement This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits

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3 Hookup Diagram The first thing we’ll show you is how to get your BassFX up Although you can and running. The following diagram shows you the most experiment with common method of hooking up your BassFX, but there are different types of other ways of doing it. For example, you may decide to run instruments, the the BassFX straight into your mixer or recording device BassFX performs best instead of an amplifier (that’s what we had in mind when we with a bass guitar, as it crea

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4 A Tour of the BassFX Top Panel Display This LED display is made up of two digits and two decimal When either of the points. In PLAY mode, the digits indicate the current bank decimal points on the letter and program number. When you turn the EFFECT display is flashing, knob to a module or parameter, the two digits display the battery power is low setting of the selection. Descriptions of settings for each and about to run out. mode an

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A Tour of the BassFX 4 BassFX’s tuner to help indicate the pitch of a note you’re playing, and the EDITED decimal point lights up when you have changed the settings of the current program. You can read more about these in chapter 6, “Editing Programs,” and chapter 7, “Using the Tuner.” EFFECT knob The EFFECT knob is used for selecting effect modules, parameters and other settings to edit. Around the knob, you’ll see the names of sixteen different settings, including nine effect mod

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A Tour of the BassFX 4 Rear Panel The rear panel is where you’ll connect the power source, your bass and amplifier and an optional control pedal. It’s important that you use the right types of plugs in these jacks. Be sure to follow these guidelines. 17

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5 Selecting Programs After you’ve plugged everything in, you’ll probably want to check out the factory presets we programmed into the BassFX. This chapter shows you how to do that. To Select Programs 1 1. Make sure the BassFX is hooked up properly and turned on, as outlined in chapter 3. 2. Make sure you’re in PLAY mode (turn the EFFECT knob to PLAY). 3 3. Change programs in one of 2 these two ways: Foot pedals This is the easiest way to switch programs, especially whi

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6 Editing Programs To Edit a Selected Program 1. Select a program to edit using the foot pedals or VALUE knob. 2. Turn the EFFECT knob to the effect module or parameter you wish to modify. 2 1 3. Turn the VALUE knob to select 5 an effect type or value for the 4 3 module. As soon as you change the value, the EDITED decimal point on the display lights up to show you a change has been made to the current program. 4. If the module has a parameter 1 such as DRIVE or PARAM, tu

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7 Using the Tuner To Tune Your Bass 1. In PLAY mode, enter BYPASS mode by pressing both foot pedals at the same time once, or 2 3 enter MUTE mode by holding them both down for more than half a second. The display will now show tuning information. 2. Make sure your bass is connected to the BassFX, and play the open string you wish to tune. The left digit of the display indicates the pitch nearest that of the open string. If the # decimal point is lit, the note is a sharp. I

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