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Manual do usuário Apple 6500
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Color StyleWriter 6500
Color ink-jet printer for Mac OS and Windows users

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K Apple Computer, Inc. © 1997 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved. Under the copyright laws, this manual may not be copied, in whole or in part, without the written consent of Apple. Your rights to the software are governed by the accompanying software license agreement. The Apple logo is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Use of the “keyboard” Apple logo (Option-Shift-K) for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Apple may

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Contents Communications regulation information vi Welcome ix 1Setting Up Your Printer 1 Important safety instructions 1 Unpacking the printer 3 Plugging in the printer 5 Turning the printer on and off 6 Installing the ink cartridges 7 Loading paper into the paper tray 10 Printing the sample page 12 Connecting the printer directly to a Mac OS computer 13 Connecting to an Apple LocalTalk network (optional) 14 Connecting the printer to an

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2Printing From a Mac OS Computer 19 Installing the Mac OS printer software 19 Power Macintosh users and virtual memory 23 Using a directly connected Color StyleWriter 6500 24 Using a Color StyleWriter 6500 on a LocalTalk network 25 Aligning the ink cartridges 27 Quick instructions for printing standard documents 30 Detailed instructions for printing documents 31 Using custom paper sizes 39 Creating your own watermarks 42 Desktop printing 43

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5Tips on Paper, Quality, Speed, and Cost 63 Choosing print materials 63 Quality 65 Speed 66 Cost 66 6Troubleshooting 67 Safety precautions 67 General problems and solutions 68 Cleaning the ink cartridges 73 Solutions specific to a Mac OS computer 75 Solutions specific to a Windows/DOS computer 81 Appendix A Technical Information 83 General specifications 83 Apple printer supplies and accessories 86 Appendix B Using Fonts With

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Communications regulation information FCC statement This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device in accordance with the specifications in Part 15 of FCC rules. See instructions if interference to radio or television reception is suspected. Radio and television interference The equipment described in this manual generates, uses, and can radiate radio-frequency energy. If it is not installed and used properly—that is, in strict accordance with App

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Industry Canada statement This Class B device meets all requirements of the Canadian interference-causing equipment regulations. Cet appareil numérique de la Class B respecte toutes les exigences du Règlement sur le matériel brouilleur du Canada. VCCI Class 2 statement Communications Regulation Information vii

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Welcome Congratulations on your purchase of the Apple Color StyleWriter 6500 printer. This manual describes how to set up the printer and how to use it. Main features of the Color StyleWriter 6500 printer The Color StyleWriter 6500 works with Mac OS and Windows/DOS computers. m The Color StyleWriter 6500 prints high-quality color graphics and text on a variety of materials, including plain paper. m The Color StyleWriter 6500 prints up to eight pages per minute in black, four pages per minute in

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System requirements for a Mac OS computer To install the printer software and use the Color StyleWriter 6500 printer with your Mac OS computer, you need m a Mac OS computer with a 68020 or higher central processing unit (CPU), ® any Macintosh except a Macintosh Plus, SE, Classic , Portable, or PowerBook 100 m Macintosh Operating System (Mac OS) version 7.1 or later m at least 4 megabytes (MB) of random-access memory (RAM) for a non-Power Macintosh; if you have a Power Macintosh, 8 MB of RAM is

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 10

1 Setting Up Your Printer This chapter introduces the Apple Color StyleWriter 6500 printer and explains how to set it up. After you follow the instructions in this chapter, you’ll be ready to print. Important safety instructions Always take the following precautions: m Keep the printer cover closed when printing. m Always turn off the printer before unplugging it. m Keep the ink cartridges away from children. m Keep the printer away from sources of liquid, such as washbasins, bathtubs, and showe

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 11

m Don’t use alcohol-based or ammonia-based cleaners on or around the printer. m Always unplug the printer before cleaning it. m Clean the outside of the printer with a damp cloth and, if necessary, a mild soap or detergent. Be careful not to get liquid into the printer or the power cord receptacle. Watch for these situations, and if one occurs pull the plug! m the power cord or plug becomes frayed or otherwise damaged m you spill something into the printer m the printer is exposed to rain or any

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Unpacking the printer 1 Remove everything from the shipping box, but leave the ink cartridges in their packages. Floppy disk Color StyleWriter 6500 CD-ROM disc Color cartridge Black cartridge Macintosh serial cable Power cord 2 Remove the tape and packing material from the outside of the printer. Setting Up Your Printer 3

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3 Open the printer’s cover and remove the packing material from the inside of the printer. There are three white plastic pieces inserted inside of the printer. Remove the two large pieces that are across the top of the carriage. Then follow the next step to remove the third, smaller piece. 4Slide the carrier to the right and remove the white plastic carrier restraint. First, slide the carrier to the right. Then, remove the packing material. Save the carton and the packing material in case you ev

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 14

Plugging in the printer Plug the connector end of the power cord into the printer and then plug the other end into a grounded outlet. IMPORTANT The only way to disconnect power completely is to unplug the power cord. Make sure that at least one end of the power cord is within easy reach so that you can unplug the printer in an emergency. Setting Up Your Printer 5

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 15

Turning the printer on and off To turn on the printer, press the power button. The green power light glows. To turn the printer off, press the power button again. The power light goes out. Resume button Power button WARNING Except in an emergency, make sure the printer is turned off before you unplug it. (When the power light is off, the power is off.) If the printer is plugged into a power strip, never turn off the power strip unless you’ve already turned the printer off. When you turn off the

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 16

Installing the ink cartridges Each ink cartridge contains a print head, which sprays the ink onto the paper. Treat it gently so you don’t damage it. WARNING The carrier holds the ink cartridges and moves them back and forth when you are printing a document. Don’t slide the carrier by hand or you will damage the printer. 1 To turn on your printer, press the power button. The green power light comes on. 2 Open the front cover. The resume light flashes when the power is on and you open the cover. T

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 17

WARNING Use only ink designed for use with the Color StyleWriter 6500. 3 Lift both of the ink-cartridge latches. Ink-cartridge latches 4Grasp each ink cartridge by its sides and carefully remove the tape from the cartridge’s print head. You may safely touch the the black plastic, but be careful not to touch any other part. Color ink cartridge Black ink cartridge Make sure you remove the tape from both cartridges. 8 Chapter 1

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 18

5Slide the ink cartridges down into the carrier, and then close the latch over each cartridge. Press firmly to snap each latch into place. Color ink cartridge Black ink cartridge For the printer to work, you must install both ink cartridges. 6Close the printer’s front cover. When you close the cover, you can hear the carrier move to the right. IMPORTANT If the orange resume light blinks after you close the cover, the ink cartridges are not installed properly. Turn the printer off, then repeat s

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 19

Loading paper into the paper tray The paper tray holds up to 150 sheets of 20-pound paper and feeds the paper automatically into the printer. You can load many sizes of paper and other media into the sheet feeder as described in Chapter 4, but to print the sample page, as described in the next section, use U.S. letter-size or A4 paper. To load paper into the sheet feeder, follow these steps: 1Slide the paper adjusters out as far as you can. Width adjuster Length adjuster 2Make sure the edges are

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 20

3 Load the paper into the lower tray, print side down. The wrapper that the paper comes in usually tells which side to print first. Slide the paper lengthwise into the tray, print side down. 4Slide the paper adjusters in to touch the edges of the stack of paper. Setting Up Your Printer 11

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