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Manual do usuário AllTrade 540010
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Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 1

Model / Modéle / Modelo
Do Not Return Your Compressor to the Store! Call 1-800-423-3598 For Help!
Ne Pas Retourner le Compresseur au Magasin ! Pour Toute Assistance, Appeler le 1-800-423-3598 !
¡No Deveulva su Compresor de Aire a la Tienda! ¡Llame al 1-800-423-3598 para Solicitar Ayuda!
* * *

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 2

Instruction Manual It is the owner and/or operator's responsibility to study all WARNINGS, operating, and maintenance instructions contained on the prod- uct label and instruction manual prior to operation of this unit. The owner/operator shall retain product instructions for future reference. The owner and/or operator is responsible for maintenance, maintaining all decals or warning labels and while in use, maintaining the unit in good working order. If the owner and/or operator is not fluent i

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 3

THE FOLLOWING SIGNAL WORDS ARE USED TO EMPHASIZE SAFETY WARNINGS THAT MUST BE FOLLOWED WHEN USING THIS AIR COMPRESSOR: DANGER Indicates an imminently hazardous situation that, if not avoided, WILL result in death or serious injury. WARNING Indicates a potentially hazardous situation that, if not avoided, COULD result in death or serious injury. CAUTION Indicates a potentially hazardous situation that, if not avoided, MAY result in minor or moderate injury. NOTICE Indicates important information,

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 4

Protect your eyes. The operation of any air compressor can result in foreign objects being thrown into the eyes, which can result in severe eye damage. Always wear eye protection that meets ANSI Z28.1 specifications during air compressor operation. Eyeglasses are not always safety glasses. Be responsible for your hearing. Wear hearing protection during extended periods of operation. Use the right tool. Use tools properly and for their intended task. Do not force a small tool to do the job of a h

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 5

WARNING DRAIN LIQUID FROM AIR TANK DAILY - Use the drain valve located on the bottom of the air tank to drain. Failure to properly drain liq- uid from the tank will cause rust from moisture buildup, which weakens the tank and could lead to a violent tank explosion. Periodically inspect the tanks for unsafe conditions such as corrosion, cracked welds, and leaks. Release air slowly when draining moisture or depressurizing the air compressor. Fast moving air will stir up dust, dirt and debris that

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 6

WARNING RISK OF FLYING OBJECTS - Do not direct compressed air stream at people or pets. The powerful compressed air stream can damage exposed skin and easily propel loose dirt and other small objects at high-speed, resulting in serious injury. Always wear eye protection that meets ANSI Z28.1 specifications. Use only OSHA approved air blowguns. Never leave a pressurized air compressor unattended. Shut off air compressor and relieve pressure before performing maintenance or repairs. Do not move th

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 7

GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS This product should be grounded. In the event of an electrical short circuit, grounding reduces the risk of electric shock by providing an escape wire for the electric current. This product is equipped with a cord having a grounding wire with an appropriate grounding plug. The plug must be plugged into an outlet that is properly installed and grounded in accordance with all local codes and ordinances. DANGER Improper installation of the grounding plug can result in a risk

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 8

3. AUTOMATIC ON/OFF PRESSURE SWITCH: This compressor is equipped with an automatic on/off pressure switch. The compressor will only run when the switch is in the “I” (ON) position. Once the tank has reached the desired preset pressure (“cut-out” pres- sure), the pump motor will automatically shut off. While the switch is in the “I” (ON) position, the pump motor will automatically turn back on once the pressure in the tank drops below the minimum preset pressure (“cut-in” pressure). WARNING DO NO

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 9

CAUTION IT MAY BE NECESSARY TO BRACE OR SUPPORT ONE END OF THE AIR COMPRESSOR WHEN ATTACHING THE WHEELS AND THE RUBBER FEET, BECAUSE THE AIR COMPRESSOR WILL HAVE A TENDENCY TO TIP. Installing Wheels: The wheels must be installed prior to operating the compressor. 1. Insert supplied wheel bolt through hole in center of wheel. 2. Place the end of the bolt on the wheel subassembly through the corresponding hole in the wheel ground iron located on the base of the air tank. 3. Slide lock washer over

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 10

WARNING DO NOT OPERATE THE COMPRESSOR WITHOUT LUBRICANT, OR WITH LOW LUBRICATION LEVEL. ALLTRADE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE CAUSED TO THE COMPRESSOR DUE TO OPERATION WITHOUT PROPER LUBRICATION. STEP 5 - INSPECTION CHECK Assembly Check: In order to complete the assembly of your new air compressor, a careful inspection should be made to ensure that all of the parts are properly aligned and securely fastened. 1. Inspect wheels to ensure that they are properly mounted and secured to ground irons.

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 11

WARNING TOO MUCH AIR PRESSURE CAUSES A HAZARDOUS RISK OF BURSTING. CHECK THE MANUFACTURER'S MAXIMUM PRESSURE RATING FOR AIR TOOLS AND ACCESSORIES. THE REGULATOR OUTLET PRESSURE MUST NEVER EXCEED THE MAXIMUM PRES- SURE RATING. 7. Before connecting the compressor to the grounded outlet, check oil level, check for broken components and accessories, and check for damage to the hose. 8. Plug power cord directly into a properly grounded power source of the correct voltage (see Grounding Instructions o

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 12

Check for oil leaks. Check for unusual noise and/or vibrations Check that all fasteners are secure. Check for air leaks+. Wipe compressor clean. Weekly: Inspect and clean air filter. Clean breather holes on oil fill plug. Monthly: Check for air leaks. Check safety relief valve. Six months or 200 operating hours*: Change compressor oil. Use only SAE 30 weight non-detergent air compressor oil. Replace oil more frequently when used in dusty operating environments. * The pump oil must be changed aft

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 13

7. Clean filter element with warm soapy water. Rinse the filter and air dry before reinstalling. Replace filter element if it cannot be cleaned sufficiently. 8. Reinsert filter element into filter body and reinstall filter faceplate. 9. Screw the filter body into pump head by turning clockwise until the filter is hand tight. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. MOISTURE IN COMPRESSED AIR Moisture is a normal by-product of compressing air. As the moisture builds during compressor use, it can be carried though th

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 14

TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE Problem Encountered Possible Cause Possible Solution The compressor does not Power cord not plugged in. Plug cord into grounded outlet. start or restart: Motor/Pressure switch in "OFF" position Move switch to "AUTO" position. Motor thermal overload switch has tripped. Turn air compressor off, wait until the motor is cool, then press motor thermal overload (red) button firm- ly until click is heard. Fuse blown or circuit breaker has tripped. Replace fuse or reset circuit bre

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 15

Problem Encountered Possible Cause Possible Solution When in the Start/Stop Motor/Pressure switch does not shut off Move the motor/pressure switch to the "OFF" posi- option, motor runs continu- motor when air compressor reaches "cut-out" tion. If the motor does not shut off, unplug the air ously: pressure and safety relief valve activates. compressor. If the electrical contacts are welded together, replace the pressure switch. Air compressor is incorrectly sized. Limit the air pressure to the ca

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 16

Problem Encountered Possible Cause Possible Solution Insufficient pressure at air Pressure regulator knob is not turned to high Adjust pressure regulator knob to proper setting. tool or air accessory: enough pressure. Defective motor/pressure regulator switch. Replace. Restricted air intake filter. Clean or replace the filter element. Air leaks. Check for leaks by applying soap solution to all fit- tings and connections. Bubbles will appear at leak- age points. Tighen or replace leaking fittings

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