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Dispositivo: LG Electronics CWL-6200
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Manual do usuário LG Electronics CWL-6200
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Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 1

CopyWriter Live
Audio Disc Recorder

Instruction Manual

Microboards Technology LLC
8150 Mallory Court
Chanhassen, MN 55317
Version 2.3

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Microboards CopyWriter Live 2

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Microboards CopyWriter Live Table of Contents Introduction....................................................................................................................... 5 What’s Included:............................................................................................................... 5 Controls.............................................................................................................................. 6 Connections .................................

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Microboards CopyWriter Live Important Safety Instructions • Read the User’s Manual completely • Observe all warnings • Do not connect or disconnect the power cord when your hands are wet • Keep unit and power cord aware from any heat source, such as radiators, stoves, or heat registers. • Do not attempt to repair the AC cord in any way. • Do not modify the AC plug. The grounding plug is designed for your safety. • Do not remove or otherwise modify the power cord for any reason. •

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Microboards CopyWriter Live Introduction The CopyWriter Live combines the flexibility of cassette tapes with the quality and longevity of CDs, in one low-cost, easy to use unit. You can record from practically any audio source, including live feed from a microphone, a cassette deck, a mixer and many others. Make a high quality CD on the first try, every time. You can span from disc to disc to record non-stop for hours on end, or burn to 2 discs simultaneously from one audio input.

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Microboards CopyWriter Live Controls 11 13 7 9 3 1 2 4 5 17 19 12 15 18 20 8 16 6 10 14 21 1) Left CD Recorder Drive 12) Play Mode Button 2) Eject for Left CD Recorder Drive 13) Display Screen 3) Right CD Recorder Drive 14) Display Button 4) Eject for Right CD Recorder drive 15) Previous Button 5) Power Button Playback 16) Next Button 6) Disc Change Button Controls 17) Play/Pause Button 7) Yes/Setup Button 18) Stop Button 8) No Button 19) Recor

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Microboards CopyWriter Live Connections Important Note: Make sure the power is turned off to the CopyWriter Live system when connecting or disconnecting any cables. Back Panel: XLR, RCA Output, RCA Input 1, and Power Input connections can be made to the XLR connection on the back, or to the RCA Input 1 connection. The power connection is also on the back. Audio monitoring can be done either from the Headphone jack on the front of the CopyWriter Live, or from the Output RCA jacks o

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Microboards CopyWriter Live Rack Mount Installation To mount the rack mount brackets on your CopyWriter Live system, please follow these steps: 1) If you system is turned on, turn off power and unplug the power cord from the back of the system. 2) Turn the system over and remove the four feet from the bottom of the CopyWriter Live. 3) With the system upside down, mount the brackets in place. The L shape of each bracket will wrap around the side and bottom of the CopyWriter Live. 4) Sec

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 9

Microboards CopyWriter Live If your audio source volume is too low, the meter may show little or no activity. In that case, you should increase your input volume by pressing the Vol Up button. If your audio source volume is too high, the meter will indicate this by displaying an asterisk ( * ) as the right bar symbol, and the input volume should be reduced by pressing the Vol Down button. Once you have your input volume set for your particular source, you are ready to record. 3. Start p

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Microboards CopyWriter Live Copying a Disc To copy a disc, all you need to do is place a blank disc in one drive and the master disc in the other drive. It does not matter which drive contains the master and which drive contains the blank. Press the Disc Copy button on the CopyWriter Live front panel and the copy process will begin. Please follow these steps to copy a disc. 1. Place your master disc you wish copied into either of the two recorders. The display for that drive will c

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Microboards CopyWriter Live In order for a recorded disc to play back correctly in other players, the disc must be closed. If you press Stop to stop your recoding, then the disc is closed and can be played on other playback devices. If you press Pause while recording a disc, recording will stop, but the disc is not closed. Playback of this disc is only possible on the CopyWriter Live system. If you press Pause while recording a project and then decide you do not want to record any add

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Microboards CopyWriter Live Track Extraction This menu option allows you to extract tracks from one master and burn them to a blank disc. To use this feature, follow the directions below: 1. Press Yes/Setup at the Track Extraction menu selection in the Setup menu to begin. 2. The display will read Extraction OK? Press Yes/Setup, and the drives will eject. Place the master disc in one drive and a blank in the other and close the drive trays. The master will run through a track analy

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Microboards CopyWriter Live In the Setup menu, press the No button until System Update is selected. Press the Yes/Setup button and the left drive will eject, prompting you to place the firmware disc in the drive with the message Insert Program Disc. Place the disc in the drive and close the tray The new firmware will be read by the system and then copied into the CopyWriter Live. After the firmware is updated, you will need to shut the CopyWriter Live off and restart it. Once the syste

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 14

Microboards CopyWriter Live Troubleshooting Playback is not appearing on the screen. Confirm the RCA connections are correct. No Audio playback Confirm the RCA connections are correct. Check the playback volume and make sure it is not too low. Disc will not play back on other player Confirm the recorded disc is Closed. Check compatibility of player (Supports CD Recordable media). Playback volume too high or too low on burned CD. Check input volume. Default settings for I

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 15

Microboards CopyWriter Live Contact Information For technical questions or support issues, contact Microboards Technology technical support: United States Europe Japan PH: 952-556-1639 PH: +44 (0) 845 230 7800 PH: 03-3561-2266 FAX: 952-556-1628 Technical Specifications Advanced Features • Standalone CD Duplication with automatic format detection • Record and Pause to create multiple trac

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