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Manual para o dispositivo Apple iPhone 5 MD645LL/A

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Manual do usuário Apple iPhone 5 MD645LL/A
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User Guide
For iOS 7.1 Software

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Contents 8 Chapter 1: iPhone at a Glance 8 iPhone overview 9 Accessories 10 Multi-Touch screen 10 Buttons 12 Status icons 14 Chapter 2: Getting Started 14 Install the SIM card 14 Set up and activate iPhone 15 Connect iPhone to your computer 15 Connect to Wi-Fi 16 Connect to the Internet 16 Set up mail and other accounts 16 Apple ID 17 Manage content on your iOS devices 17 iCloud 18 Sync with iTunes 19 Date and time 19 International settings 19 Your iPhone name 20 View this user guide on iPhone

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36 Privacy 37 Security 39 Charge and monitor the battery 40 Travel with iPhone 41 Chapter 4: Siri 41 Make requests 42 Tell Siri about yourself 42 Make corrections 43 Siri settings 44 Chapter 5: Phone 44 Phone calls 47 Visual voicemail 48 Contacts 48 Call forwarding, call waiting, and caller ID 48 Ringtones and vibrations 48 International calls 49 Phone settings 50 Chapter 6: Mail 50 Write messages 51 Get a sneak peek 51 Finish a message later 51 See important messages 52 Attachments 53 Work w

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64 Siri and Voice Control 65 iTunes Match 65 Home Sharing 66 Music settings 67 Chapter 9: Messages 67 SMS, MMS, and iMessages 67 Send and receive messages 68 Manage conversations 69 Share photos, videos, and more 69 Messages settings 70 Chapter 10: Calendar 70 Calendar at a glance 71 Invitations 71 Use multiple calendars 72 Share iCloud calendars 72 Calendar settings 73 Chapter 11: Photos 73 View photos and videos 74 Organize your photos and videos 74 iCloud Photo Sharing 75 My Photo Stream 7

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90 Control playback 91 Videos settings 92 Chapter 17: Notes 92 Notes at a glance 93 Use notes in multiple accounts 94 Chapter 18: Reminders 95 Scheduled reminders 95 Location reminders 95 Reminders settings 96 Chapter 19: Stocks 98 Chapter 20: Game Center 98 Game Center at a glance 99 Play games with friends 99 Game Center settings 100 Chapter 21: Newsstand 100 Newsstand at a glance 101 Chapter 22: iTunes Store 101 iTunes Store at a glance 101 Browse or search 102 Purchase, rent, or redeem

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113 Manage calls 114 Chapter 28: Contacts 114 Contacts at a glance 115 Use Contacts with Phone 115 Add contacts 116 Contacts settings 117 Chapter 29: Calculator 118 Chapter 30: iBooks 118 Get iBooks 118 Read a book 119 Organize books 120 Read PDFs 120 iBooks settings 121 Chapter 31: Nike + iPod 121 At a glance 121 Link and calibrate your sensor 122 Work out 122 Nike + iPod Settings 123 Chapter 32: Podcasts 123 Podcasts at a glance 124 Get podcasts 124 Control playback 125 Organize your podc

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145 AssistiveTouch 146 TTY support 146 Visual voicemail 146 Widescreen keyboards 146 Large phone keypad 146 Voice Control 146 Accessibility in OS X 147 Appendix B: International Keyboards 147 Use international keyboards 148 Special input methods 149 Appendix C: iPhone in Business 149 Mail, Contacts, and Calendar 149 Network access 149 Apps 151 Appendix D: Safety, Handling, & Support 151 Important safety information 153 Important handling information 154 iPhone Support site 154 Restart or rese

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iPhone at a Glance 1 iPhone overview This guide describes the features of iOS 7.1, and of iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, and iPhone 5s. iPhone 5s FaceTime FaceTime Sleep/W Sleep/Wake ake LED flash LED flash camera camera button button Receiver/ Receiver/ Status bar Status bar front front microphone microphone iSight iSight camera camera Ring/Silent Ring/Silent switch switch Rear Rear microphone microphone V Volume olume buttons buttons SIM card SIM card tray tray App icons App icons

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Your iPhone features and apps may vary depending on the model of iPhone you have, and on your location, language, and carrier. To find out which features are supported in your area, see Note: Apps that send or receive data over a cellular network may incur additional fees. Contact your carrier for information about your iPhone service plan and fees. Accessories The following accessories are included with iPhone: Apple headset. Use the Apple EarPods wit

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Multi-Touch screen A few simple gestures—tap, drag, swipe, and pinch/stretch—are all you need to use iPhone and its apps. Buttons Most of the buttons you use with iPhone are virtual ones on the touchscreen. A few physical buttons control basic functions, such as turning iPhone on or adjusting the volume. Sleep/Wake button When you’re not using iPhone, press the Sleep/Wake button to lock iPhone. Locking iPhone puts the display to sleep, saves the battery, and prevents anything from happening i

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Home button The Home button takes you to the Home screen, and provides other convenient shortcuts. See apps you’ve opened. Double-click the Home button. See Start at home on page 21. Use Siri (iPhone 4s or later) or Voice Control. Press and hold the Home button. See Voice Control on page 29 and Chapter 4, Siri, on page 41. On iPhone 5s, you can use the sensor in the Home button to read your fingerprint, instead of using your passcode or Apple ID password. See Touch ID sensor on page 38. You ca

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Ring/Silent switch Flip the Ring/Silent switch to put iPhone in ring mode or silent mode . Ring Ring Silent Silent In ring mode, iPhone plays all sounds. In silent mode, iPhone doesn’t ring or play alerts and other sound effects. Important: Clock alarms, audio apps such as Music, and many games play sounds through the built-in speaker, even when iPhone is in silent mode. In some areas, the sound effects for Camera and Voice Memos are played, even if the Ring/Silent switch is set to silent.

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Status icon What it means Do Not Disturb “Do Not Disturb” is turned on. See Do Not Disturb on page 32. Personal Hotspot iPhone is providing a Personal Hotspot for another device. See Personal Hotspot on page 33. Syncing iPhone is syncing with iTunes. Network activity Shows that there’s network activity. Some third-party apps may also use it to show an active process. Call Forwarding Call Forwarding is set up. See Call forwarding, call waiting, and caller ID on page 48. VPN You’re connected to

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Getting Started 2 WARNING: To avoid injury, read Important safety information on page 151 before using iPhone. · Install the SIM card If you were given a SIM card to install, install it before setting up iPhone. Important: A Micro-SIM card (iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s) or a Nano-SIM card (iPhone 5 or later) is required in order to use cellular services when connecting to GSM networks and some CDMA networks. An iPhone 4s or later that’s been activated on a CDMA wireless network may also use a SIM

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You can also restore from an iCloud or iTunes backup during setup. Note: If you turn on Find My iPhone during setup, Activation Lock will be turned on in order to help deter theft. See Find My iPhone on page 39. Some carriers let you unlock iPhone for use with their network. To see if your carrier offers this option, see Contact your carrier for authorization and setup information. You need to connect iPhone to iTunes to complete the process. Additional fees may

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Set up your own Wi-Fi network. If you have an unconfigured AirPort base station turned on and within range, you can use iPhone to set it up. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and look for “Set up an AirPort base station.” Tap your base station and the Setup Assistant will do the rest. Manage an AirPort network. If iPhone is connected to an AirPort base station, go to Settings > Wi-Fi, tap next to the network name, then tap Manage this Network. If you haven’t yet downloaded AirPort Utility, tap OK to o

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Manage content on your iOS devices You can transfer information and files between your iOS devices and computers, using iCloud or iTunes. • iCloud stores content such as music, photos, calendars, contacts, documents, and more, and wirelessly pushes it to your other iOS devices and computers, keeping everything up to date. See iCloud below. • iTunes syncs music, video, photos, and more, between your computer and iPhone. Changes you make on one device are copied to the other when you sync. You

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• Backup—Back up iPhone to iCloud automatically when connected to power and Wi-Fi. All iCloud data and backups sent over the Internet are encrypted. See Back up iPhone on page 156. • Find My iPhone—Locate your iPhone on a map, display a message, play a sound, lock the screen, or remotely wipe the data. Find My iPhone includes Activation Lock, which requires your Apple ID and password in order to turn off Find My iPhone or erase your device. Your Apple ID and password are also required bef

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Tips for syncing with iTunes on your computer Connect iPhone to your computer, select it in iTunes, and set options in the different panes. • In the Summary pane, you can set iTunes to automatically sync iPhone when it’s attached to your computer. To temporarily override this setting, hold down Command and Option (Mac) or Shift and Control (PC) until you see iPhone appear in the iTunes window. • In the Summary pane, select “Encrypt iPhone backup” if you want to encrypt the information store

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View this user guide on iPhone You can view the iPhone User Guide on iPhone in Safari, and in the free iBooks app. View the user guide in Safari. Tap , then tap the iPhone User Guide bookmark. (If you don’t see a bookmark, go to • Add an icon for the guide to the Home screen: Tap , then tap “Add to Home Screen.” • View the guide in a different language: Tap “Change Language” at the bottom of the home page. View the user guide in iBooks. If you haven’t installed iBooks,

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