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Manual do usuário Sony AITi260
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Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 1

AIT Drive
User’s Guide
2002 Sony Corporation

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 2

This document contains proprietary information which is protected by Contents copyright. All rights reserved. No part of this Introduction ....................................... 4 document may be photocopied, Product Features ........................ 4 reproduced or translated to another Precautions ................................ 5 language without prior written consent Installation ......................................... 7 of Sony. SCSI Connection/Setting the The information contained in t

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 3

AITi260 Tape Drive The Sony AITi260 drive is a high capacity data storage device using Advanced Intelligent tape (AIT) technology. The AITi260 drive achieves high data reliability through Read-After-Write, an additional level of Error Correction Code, and other features. The Sony AITi260 drive stores data on tape using a standard format called AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) and ALDC formats. 3

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 4

Introduction Product Features AITi260 Data Capacity 100 GB uncompressed (with AIT-3 230 m tape) 260 GB compressed* (with AIT-3 230 m tape) Transfer Rate (sustained) 12 MB/s uncompressed * Assuming a 2.6 : 1 compression ratio. (The compression ratio varies according to the type of data.) • Supported Format : AIT-1, AIT-2, AIT-3 • Burst Transfer Rate – 12 MB/s Asynchronous – 160 MB/s Synchronous • 18 MB Buffer Memory • 3.5” Standard Height, 5.25” Half Height • Embedded SCSI Interface Ultra 160 Wid

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 5

Precautions Installation Avoid placing the drive in a location subject to: – high humidity – high temperature – mechanical shock and vibration – direct sunlight Operation • Do not move the drive while it is operating. It may cause malfunction. • Avoid exposing the drive to sudden changes from a low to high in temperature. This may cause water condensation to collect inside the drive. If the ambient temperature should suddenly rise while the drive is turned on , wait at least one hour before t

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 6

Notice of SCSI Termination The AITi260 conform to the Microsoft PC97 standard which requires the internal (naked) drive to be terminated with an external terminator. Microsoft PC97 SCSI requirements SCSI peripherals must not terminate the bus. Both internal and external cable ends are instead terminated by plug-in connectors. Host Computer Wide SCSI 68p cable Terminator This drive Example of SCSI set-up 6

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 7

Installation SCSI Connection/Setting the SCSI ID SCSI ID SCSI ID 0 1 SCSI 68pin Connector 2 3 Power Connector Jumpers 4 3 2 1 4 5 5 V GND GND 12 V 6 7 8 Parity 9 Disable 10 Enable 11 12 Note : = CLOSED/Jumper = OPEN/Jumper not 13 installed Don’t care 14 15 Parity Disable Jumper Parity check function can be disabled by Jumper. Parity check is disabled while left end jumper is installed. Parity generate function is always enabled. 7 P.D. N.C. 3 2 1 0 Parity Disable No Connection SCSI ID 3 SCSI I

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 8

Option Switches (DIP Switch) DIP Switch DIP Switch Positions ON 1 Reserved (OFF) 2 Reserved (OFF) 3 Reserved (OFF) 4 Reserved (OFF) 5 Terminator Power (ON) 6 Reserved (OFF) 7 DC Control (1) (ON) 12345678 8 DC Control (2) (OFF) Data Compression Control DIP switch Data compression can be selected by DIP switches. Data compression is enabled while position 7 [DC Control (1)] is ON. Control by host can be disabled when position 8 [DC Control (2)] is ON. 8

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 9

Mounting Holes For 3.5" Standard Height 4.7±0.5 mm (0.185 in) 92.71 mm (3.65 in) 8 mm (0.315 in) 3-M3 (depth 2.5mm (0.10 in) max.) 6-M3 (depth 2.5mm (0.10 in) max.) 94.0±0.3 mm (3.70±0.01 in) 5.0±0.3 mm (0.20 in) 101.6±0.5 mm (4.00±0.02 in) 41.2±0.5 mm (1.62 in) 9 7.0±0.5 mm 155.0±0.5 mm 7.6±0.5 mm (0.28 in) (6.10 in) (0.30 in) 31.0±0.3 mm 42.0±0.3 mm (1.22 in) (1.65 in) 70.0±0.3 mm (2.76 in) 21.0±0.3 mm 90.0±0.3 mm (3.54 in) (0.83 in) 60.0±0.3 mm (2.36 in) 7.4±0.3 mm (0.29 In±0.01 in)

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 10

For 5.25" Half Height 25.46 mm (1 in) 34.75 mm 19.48 mm (1.37 in) (0.77 in) 146±0.5 mm 4.7±0.5 mm (0.19±0.02 in) (5.75±0.02 in) 92.71 mm 8 mm (3.65 in) (0.31 in) 4-M3 4-M3 6-M3 (depth 3mm max.) (depth 0.10 in max.) 9.9±0.5 mm (0.39±0.02 in) 94.0±0.3 mm 21.8±0.5 mm (3.7±0.01 in) (0.86±0.02 in) 101.6±0.5 mm 19.7±0.5 mm (4±0.02 in) (0.78±0.02 in) 139.6±0.5 mm 41.2±0.5 mm (5.5±0.02 in) (1.62±0.02 in) 149.0±0.5 mm (5.87±0.02 in in) 10 7±0.5 mm 7.6±0.5 mm 155.0±0.5 mm (6.1±0.02 in) (0.28±0.02 in) (0

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 11

Remodeling from 5.25" Model to 3.5" Model You can remodel the 5.25" model to the 3.5" model yourself. 1 Remove the 2 screws for each side rail. 2 Take the side rail off. Side Rail (L) Side Rail (R) 11

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 12

Orientation 10° 10° 10° 10° 10 10 ° ° 10 ° 10 ° 12

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 13

Operation Location of 3 LEDs There are three LED indications (Tape Motion, Cleaning Request, Replace Tape) and an EJECT button on the front panel of the unit. Front Panel (for 3.5" Standard Height) Advanced Intelligent Tape 3 TAPE CLEANING REPLACE MOTION REQUEST TAPE EJECT BOTTON LED HARD RESET HOLE LED Indication for Drive Status The LED indicators are defined as follows LED Tape Motion Cleaning Request Replace Tape Sense A Independent Independent Tape Loaded B Independent Independent Tape Acc

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 14

Drive Operation Loading a Cassette Insert a cassette into the slot on the front panel with the arrow on the cassette pointing towards the drive. As the cassette is inserted, the drive takes it and automatically loads it into drive mechanism. Unloading a Cassette The cassette can be removed from the AITi260 either in response to a SCSI Unload Command, or by pressing the eject bottom. By pressing Eject button, the tape goes to BOT, the drive unthreads it, and ejects the cassette from the slot. Wr

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 15

Emergency Cassette Removal Procedure In case the tape is stuck inside the drive, you could remove the tape cartridge manually. 1 Remove the drive from the chassis or enclosure to allow access to the bottom and right side of the drive. 2 Remove the drive’s top cover. 3 Locate the small opening in the bottom of the drive and insert the tip of a precision screwdriver so that the Threading motor shaft can be rotated. 4 Rotate the motor shaft counterclockwise to bring the threading mechanism back to

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 16

7 Return the drive to Sony for repair. 3. Cassette Compartment Motor 2. Reel Motor 1. Loading Motor 16

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 17

A tape guide surface tape guide surface C C detail A Cartridge B Photo-1: The Initial Position of the Threading Mechanism Caution Stop rotating the motor shaft immediately, when the guide B (see detail A of Photo-1) gets to the area below the line C-C (This line is defined by 2 circular tape guide surfaces of the cartridge). Otherwise the gear of the drive can be damaged. 17

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 18

Interface Implementation Supported SCSI Messages Abort Message Parity Error Bus Device Reset Message Reject Command Complete No Operation Disconnect Restore Pointers Extended Message Save Data Pointer – Synchronous Data Transfer Request – Wide Data Transfer Request Identify ( w/&w/o Disconnect ) Ignore Wide Residue Supported SCSI Commands Report Luns Erase Request Block Address Inquiry Request Sense Load/Unload Reserve Unit Locate Rewind Log Sense Seek Block Log Select Send Diagnostic Mode Selec

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 19

Specification Product Specifications Dimensions 3.5" 5.25" Height 41.2 mm (1.62 in) 41.2 mm (1.62 in) Width 101.6 mm (4.0 in) 146 mm (5.75 in) Depth 155.0 mm (6.1 in) 155 mm (6.1 in) Altitude Operating 0 to 10,000 feet Vibration Operating Swept Sine 5 to 500 Hz *0.25 G Peak 1 Octave/min. 3 axes, 3 directions Non-Operating Swept Sine 5 to 500 Hz *0.5 G Peak 1 Octave/min. 3 axes, 3 directions Acoustic Noise (A) curve weight Streaming Write/Read 35 db (A) Insert/Eject 60 db (A) Note The sound-meter

Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 20

Temperature and Humidity Range Temperature Operating 5 ˚C to 40 ˚C (∆ T<10 ˚C/h) Non-Operating (mech.) – 40 ˚C to 70 ˚C (∆ T<20 ˚C/h) Non-Operating (tape) – 40 ˚C to 45 ˚C (∆ T<20 ˚C/h) Humidity Operating 20 to 80% RH, non-condensing Maximum wet bulb temperature = 26 ˚C Non-Operating (mech.) 5 to 95% RH (∆ T<30%/h) Non-Operating (tape) 20 to 80% RH (∆ T<30%/h) Power Requirements Current Voltage Max Ripple Typical Maximum 5 V +/– 5 % 100 mVp-p 2.5 A 2.9 A 12 V +/– 10 % 150 mVp-p 0.4 A 2.0 A Suspe

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