Bedienungsanleitung Sony SPP-A2470

Bedienungsanleitung für das Gerät Sony SPP-A2470

Gerät: Sony SPP-A2470
Kategorie: schnurloses Telefon
Produzent: Sony
Größe: 1.29 MB
Datum des Hinzufügens: 5/16/2013
Seitenanzahl: 72
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Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 1

3-227-620-11 (1)
with Answering System
Operating Instructions
©2000 Sony Corporation

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 2

Owner’s Record The model and the serial numbers are located at the bottom of the unit. Record the serial number in the space provided below. Refer to these numbers whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. Model No. SPP-A2470 Serial No. ________________ US 2

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 3

IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS When using your telephone equipment, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and injury to persons, including the following: 1. Do not use this product near water, for example, near a bath tub, wash bowl, kitchen sink, or laundry tub, in a wet basement, or near a swimming pool. 2. Avoid using a telephone (other than a cordless type) during an electrical storm. There may be a remote risk of electric shock from li

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 4

If your telephone is equipped INFORMATION FOR with automatic dialers GENERAL TELEPHONES When programming emergency numbers and 1. This equipment complies with Part 68 of the (or) making test calls to emergency numbers: FCC rules. On the bottom of this equipment 1. Remain on the line and briefly explain to is a label that contains, among other the dispatcher the reason for the call. information, the FCC certification number and ringer equivalence number (REN) for this 2. Perform such activities

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 5

Table of contents 41 Turning on the answering Getting Started function 6 Read this first 43 Playing back messages 7 Step 1: Checking the package 45 Erasing messages contents 46 Screening incoming calls 8 Step 2: Setting up the base unit 47 Recording a memo 11 Step 3: Preparing the battery pack 49 Operating from an outside 14 Step 4: Entering the area code phone 17 Changing the language of the 49 Setting the remote ID code display and the voice guidance (security code) 18 Identifying the pa

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 6

Getting Started Read this first Before you use your phone, you must set it up. Here’s a quick way to set up your phone: Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4. Step 1 (page 7) First, unpack the phone and the supplied accessories. Step 2 (pages 8 to 10) Next, you need to do three things to set up the base unit, including finding the best location for the base unit. Base unit Step 3 (pages 11 to 12) Then, you need to insert the battery pack into the handset and charge it for more than 12 hours. Step 4 (pages 1

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 7

Getting Started Step 1 Checking the package contents Make sure you have received the following items in the package. If anything is missing, contact your local Sony dealer. Base unit AC power adaptor (AC-T46) Handset Telephone line cords (2) Wall bracket/stand Rechargeable battery for base unit pack (BP-T31) US Getting Started 7

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 8

Step 2 Setting up the base unit Do the following steps: • Choose the best location • Connect the base unit • Choose the dialing mode Choose the best location Where you place the base unit affects the reception quality of the handset. Away from noise sources such as a window by a street with heavy traffic Away from television sets and other Away from heat sources, such as radiators, electronic equipment airducts, and sunlight Away from a microwave oven Away from excessive moisture, extremely l

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 9

Getting Started Connect the base unit If you want to hang the base unit on the wall, see page 60. Display 4 Hook the cord. To AC outlet To DC IN 9V 3 AC power adaptor (supplied AC-T46) 1 Align the f marks. To LINE Telephone line cord To 2 (supplied) telephone outlet 1 Attach the wall bracket to the bottom of the base unit as illustrated to use it as a stand. 2 Connect the telephone line cord to the LINE jack and to a telephone outlet. 3 Connect the AC power adaptor to the DC IN 9V jack and to an

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 10

Step 2: Setting up the base unit (continued) Notes • Use only the supplied AC-T46 AC power adaptor. Polarity of the plug Do not use any other AC power adaptor. • Connect the AC power adaptor to a continuous power supply. • Place the base unit close to the AC outlet so that you can unplug the AC power adaptor easily. Tip Modular If your telephone outlet is not modular, contact your telephone service company for assistance. Choose the dialing mode For the telephone to work properly, select an appr

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 11

Getting Started Step 3 Preparing the battery pack Charge the battery pack for more than 12 hours before you start using your phone. 1 Slide open the battery compartment lid of the handset. 2 Insert the battery pack into the battery compartment. BP-T31 3 Close the battery compartment lid. 4 Place the handset on the base unit. You can place either side facing up. The CHARGE lamp lights up when the handset is properly seated on the charge terminals of the base unit. Charge the battery pack for more

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 12

Step 3: Preparing the battery pack (continued) Battery duration A fully charged battery pack lasts for about: • Approx. 2.5 hours when you use the handset continuously • Approx. 7 days when the handset is in standby mode. Notes • The battery pack will gradually discharge over a long period of time, even if not in use. • If you leave the battery pack in the handset without charging it, the battery pack will be completely discharged. It may require several times of charging to recover to its full

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 13

Getting Started Handset spare battery usage As only one battery pack is supplied with this unit, it is necessary to purchase an additional battery pack (optional) for use as a handset spare battery pack. 1 Open the battery compartment lid of the base unit. 2 Insert the battery pack (optional) into the battery BP-T31 compartment. 3 Close the battery compartment lid. The SPARE BATTERY lamp lights up. Charge the battery pack for more than 24 hours so that the battery is fully charged. The SPARE BAT

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 14

Step 4 Entering the area code When you use this phone for the first time, or move to an area that has a different area code, you must enter the area code. Otherwise, you cannot use some functions of this phone and the Caller ID functions. This is also necessary because the phone must be able to select an area code to properly dial call from the Caller ID list. Depending on your region, enter 3-digit area code as follows: Case 1. If 7-digit dialing (no area code) is accepted for local calls in yo

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 15

Getting Started Notes • If the home area code is already entered, it appears on the display in step 3. To enter a different home area code, see “To change the home area code” below. • Do not allow more than 20 seconds to elapse during the operation procedure. • If the area code has not been entered, calling back from the Caller ID list and storing the Caller ID data into the Phone Directory cannot be performed. Tips • You may press Jog Dial instead of (PGM) in step 5. • To check the current home

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 16

Step 4: Entering the area code (continued) 4 Select the number (”#1“ to ”#5“) to enter the local area code by turning Jog Dial. 5 Press Jog Dial. ”ENTER AREA CODE“ appears on the display. 6 Enter the three digits of the local area code using the dialing keys. 7 Press (PGM). You hear a long confirmation beep. Notes • If the local area code is already entered, it appears on the display in step 4. To enter a different local area code, see “To change the local area code” below. • Do not allow more

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 17

Getting Started Changing the language of the display and the voice guidance You can choose English or Spanish as the display and the voice guidance language by following the procedure below. To change the language from Spanish to English 1 Press (PGM). Turn Press 2 Turn Jog Dial down to make “ELEGIR IDIOMA” flash, and then press Jog Dial. ENGLISH ESPA OL 3 Press Jog Dial. ENGLISH NO YES 4 Select “YES” by turning Jog Dial to change the language, and then press Jog Dial. You will hear a long

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 18

Identifying the parts Refer to the pages indicated in parentheses for details. Base Unit 1 2 qs 3 4 5 qd 6 qf 7 qg qh 8 qj 9 qk 0 ql qa w; 1 ERASE button (p. 37, 45) 9 CHARGE lamp (p. 11) Erases the recorded greeting or Lights while the battery is being messages. charged. 2 MEMO button (p. 47) 0 IN USE lamp (p. 22) Records a memo message. Lights when the handset is in use. 3 GREETING REC button (p. 35) qa MIC (microphone) (p. 35, 47) Press to record a greeting. qs Antenna (p. 9, 60) 4 GREETING P

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 19

Getting Started Display The display on the base unit shows the answering machine operation. 12 3 4 wa ws wdwf wgwhwj ql HANDSET LOCATOR button 1 Memory capacity indicator (p. 32) (p. 40) Allows you to page the handset. Indicates the available memory capacity, fromE (Empty) to F (Full), w; PLAY/STOP (MAILBOX 1, 2, 3) for recording. The bars increase as buttons (p. 43) the available memory capacity decreases. Plays back the messages in each mail box. 2 MAILBOX indicator (p. 43) wa DIAL MODE switch

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 20

Identifying the parts (continued) Handset 1 2 qf 3 4 5 qg 6 qh 7 qj 8 qk 9 ql 0 w; qa qs wa ws qd 1 Antenna 8 PGM (Program) button (p. 14, 26, 28) 2 Speaker [EZfit] (p. 23) Used to store numbers for one- 3 OFF button (p. 22) touch dialing or in Phone Directory. Allows you to disconnect the call. 9 REVIEW button (p. 44) 4 Jog Dial (p. 14, 26, 52) Keep the button pressed for a playback review of the current 5 TALK button (p. 22) message. Lets you make or receive a call. 0 Dialing keys (p. 22) 6 R

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