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Bedienungsanleitung LG Electronics 32-3DCH-UA
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Hospital TVs
Commercial Mode Setup Guide
Note: All features shown within this guide
may not be available on all models.
Experienced Installer
Commercial Mode Setup
page 7
Cloning Information
pages 29 / 30 / 31-32-33
© Copyright 2008, LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc.

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For Customer Support/Service, please call: RECORD Model and SERIAL NUMBER The model and serial number of this TV is located on the 1-888-865-3026 back of the cabinet. For future reference, we suggest that you record those numbers here: Model No._________________Serial No. _______________ WARNING RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN WARNING: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT REMOVE COVER (OR BACK). NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. REFER TO QUALIFIED SERVICE

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IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Important safeguards for you and your new product This product has been manufactured and tested with safety in mind. However, improper use can result in potential electrical shock or fire hazards. To avoid defeating the safeguards that have been built into the new product, please read and observe the following safety points when installing and using the new product, and save them for future reference. Observing the simple precautions discussed in

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IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS (Continued from previous page) short-out parts that could result in a fire or electric shock. Never spill liquid of any kind on the product. 14. Outdoor Antenna Grounding 19. Servicing If an outside antenna or cable system is connected to the product, be sure the antenna or cable system is grounded so as Do not attempt to service this product yourself as opening or to provide some protection against voltage surges and built-up removing covers may expose you to dange

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Table of Contents Use this page as a reference to find pages or sections to go to and set up the TV features. Go to page 7 to begin the Commercial Mode Master TV setup. 1. Connect TV to RF signal and Auxiliary sources. 2. Customize TV features and set up other operational controls in the Installer’s menu. 3. Copy the Master TV setup into the clone programmer. 4. Transfer the Master TV setup from the clone programmer to identical TVs. Warnings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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C Setup Checklist Installation and Setup Checklist TV Menus Configuration __ Unpack TV and all accessories. Configure TV features for the end user. __ Install batteries in remote control. __ Channel (Auto Tuning Channel Search) __ Make all connections to signal and Aux __ Picture sources that will be available. __ Audio __ Install TV on Vesa Mount or Stand __ Option Note: It may be advisable to make all hard- __ Time wire connections before installing on Vesa __ Lock mount or stand, as appropria

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Commercial Mode Setup for Master TV This page provides an overview of the TV configuration. See the pages referenced for more specific, detailed instructions at each step; how to access and use the Installer menu etc. Note 1: Disconnect all Aux inputs. Under certain conditions, Auto Tuning (Channel search) is disabled if there is an Aux input active. Overview: Commercial Mode Setup Procedure 1. Set Installer Menu Items HOSPITAL PTC INSTALLER MENU (Enter TV Installer Menu, see Installer menus

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C Typical Connections Panel UPDATE RESET Hardware reset to Software downloads and PTC microcontroller. debug mode enable/disable. USB IN RS-232C IN Restricted to service use only. Provided for updating TV software. HDMI/DVI IN PORT PILLOW SPEAKER Connect to output jacks from INPUT PORT HDMI / DVI device. Connect pillow speaker here. UPDATE RESET USB IN PILLOW NORMAL RS-232C IN HDMI/DVI IN SERVICE ONLY SPEAKER SPEAKER SERVICE ONLY ..... ...... .......... .... RGB IN (PC) R-AUDIO-L (MONO) VIDEO

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A/V Input 2: Side Connections Panel / RF Antenna Connection Headphone Output Port Connect headphone to this port. L/MONO-AUDIO-R IN Connect to audio output jacks from external device. For only mono audio output, connect to Left audio input. VIDEO IN Connect to video output port on external device. AV IN 2 RF Antenna Connection Antenna or CATV RF ANTENNA Connect to Antenna / Cable input on MPI card. ANTENNA /CABLE M.P. I. 206-4071 PAGE 9 L/MONO-AUDIO-R H/P VIDEO

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DC IN MPI Card Slot The MPI card is equipped with an RF jack for antenna/cable signal source connection. The slot is also available for installing a PPV (Pay-Per-View) card. MPI Card Removal / PPV Card Installation 1. Remove the two MPI card retainer screws. 2. Pull out current MPI card far enough so that the RF cable can be detached from the old card. 2. Detach RF cable. 3. Place new PPV card into slot and slide it in far enough to reconnect RF cable. 4. Reconnect RF cable. 5. Insert card all

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Vesa Standard TV Mounts General Guidelines: Choosing a Location for installing a VESA Standard Mount To the right are some examples of VESA standard mounts. Since there are numerous types of stands and mounts available, only a few are shown here. Refer to the instructions provided with the TV stand that will be used to mount Typical Wall Stud Type Mount with Swivel the TV. Be sure the style of stand selected is Bracket capable of supporting the weight of the TV and is appropriate for the applica

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Installer Overview HOSPITAL PTC INSTALLER MENU Operating Installer Menu To set up the controls for the TV you will need to know how to enter the TV Installer menu and make changes to the default values. If 000 INSTALLER SEQ 000 necessary, familiarize yourself with the TV Installer menu and how to make and save changes to the items in the menu. UPN 000-000-000-000 FPGA E0F1 LG Installer Remote PTC V1.00.000 CPU V3.06.00 You will need an LG Installer remote control similar to the one s

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TV Overview Notes • See the Installer’s menus to set up the operational features of the TV. The Installer’s section content is intended to be used pri- marily by qualified TV electronics technicians. • Reference is made to installer remote controls used for menu operation within the manual. The remote information is provided for reference only. The typical installer remote control shown for reference in this manual may be different than the actual remote control used to configure the TV. • For

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Typical Installer Multi-Brand Remote Control INPUT MODE TV TV POWER LG Multi-brand Remote Control INPUT DVD MULTI VCR Use the MODE button to select TV and put installer remote into TV operating mode. EZ PIC EZ SOUND SWAP INFO Notes: This remote is not supplied with the TV. This typical LG multi- brand remote control is shown for reference. See next page for typical key functions in TV operating mode. CC RATIO MENU EXIT SAP Follow the instructions provided in the Installer menu section to confi

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Installer Remote Control Typical Key Functions Remote Control Key Functions. To put remote into TV operating mode, select TV with the MODE key. Notes: This remote is not supplied with the TV. This typical LG multi-brand remote control is shown for refer- ence. Follow the instructions provided in the Installer menu section to access the Installer menu. TV INPUT/INPUT MODE Select available input sources. Selects remote operating mode: TV, VCR, or DVD. INPUT MODE Select these other operating modes

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Pillow Speaker Connections Set up Pillow Speaker after commercial mode setup and cloning procedures are complete Pillow Speaker Control Pillow Speaker Setup Pillow Speaker Interface Pillow Speaker used in your system? PILLOW NORMAL This connector furnishes three control lines and an SPEAKER SPEAKER - Connect pillow speaker and slide con- audio output. A patient-pendant remote control, or entertainment audio and nurse call system may be trol switch to ‘Pillow Speaker’ to con- connected here. Al

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Basic TV Features Setup The onscreen menus allow the Installer to set up the basic TV features CHANNEL Move Enter Auto Tuning Manual Tuning Channel Edit Channel Label PICTURE Move Enter Aspect Ratio : 16:9 Picture Mode : Vivid - Backlight 100 -Contrast 100 - Brightness 50 - Sharpness 50 - Color 50 - Tint 0 AUDIO Move Enter CHANNEL PICTURE Auto Volume : Off AUDIO Clear Voice : Off Balance

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Channel Menu The Channel menu contains the channel search and channel scanning setup options CHANNEL PICTURE AUDIO TIME OPTION LOCK Purpose Move Enter CHANNEL Auto Tuning Searches for analog and digital channels. Manual Tuning Gives the Installer the option to manually add channels to Channel Edit channels list in TV memory. Channel Label Shows signal strength for selected channel. Allows Installer to add/delete channels in channel memory. Adds an identifying logo to channel time OSD. Channel Me

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Picture Menu The Picture menu settings control the appearance on the TV picture CHANNEL PICTURE AUDIO TIME OPTION LOCK Purpose PICTURE Move Enter Sets the picture proportion. Aspect Ratio : 16:9 Picture Mode : Vivid Selects factory preset picture options. - Backlight 100 Also allows the Installer to specify custom picture setups. -Contrast 100 - Brightness 50 - Sharpness 50 - Color 50 Note: There are additional menu o

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Audio Menu The Audio menu configures the TV sound options CHANNEL PICTURE AUDIO TIME OPTION LOCK AUDIO Purpose Move Enter Auto Volume : Off Enables and disables the Auto Volume option.* Clear Voice : Off Enables and disables the Clear Voice option. Balance : 0 : Sound Mode : Standard Gives the Installer the option to set the sound output more - SRS TruSurround XT :Off to the Left or to the Right speaker. - Treble 50 - Bass

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