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Gerät: 3Com 10/100BASE-T4 PCI
Kategorie: Netzwerkkarte
Produzent: 3Com
Größe: 0.64 MB
Datum des Hinzufügens: 2/8/2014
Seitenanzahl: 72
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10/100BASE-T4 PCI
A member of the 3Com Fast EtherLink family
of adapters
Part No. 09-0808-000
Published January 1996

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3Com Corporation n 5400 Bayfront Plaza n Santa Clara, California n 95052-8145 © 3Com Corporation, 1996. All rights reserved. No part of this documentation may be reproduced in any form or by any means or used to make any derivative work (such as translation, transformation, or adaptation) without permission from 3Com Corporation. 3Com Corporation reserves the right to revise this documentation and to make changes in content from time to time without obligation on the part

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LIFETIME WARRANTY ® â â 3Com’s EtherLink , TokenLink , Fast EtherLink, ä ä FDDILink , and 3Com Impact ISDN ISA adapters have a Lifetime Warranty. To ensure the very best 3Com service and support, take the time to complete the product registration card. Any defective 3Com adapter will be repaired or replaced, at 3Com’s option, for as long as the adapter â resides in its original IBM Personal Computer, â Personal System/2 , or compatible computer (driver software is cove

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Customers in the countries shown below should send the completed registration card to the appropriate address. Customers in other non-U.S. locations should send the registration card to the U.S. address on the front of the card. n n Asia Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Malta 3Com Asia Ltd., Marketing Department 3Com Mediterraneo Srl, Room 2506-07, 25/F., Citibank Tower Marketing Department Citibank Plaza, Central Via Michelangelo Buonarroti, 1 Hong Kong 20093 Co

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CONTENTS ABOUT THIS GUIDE Introduction 1 How to Use This Guide 1 Conventions 2 1 INTRODUCTION Adapter Features 1-3 PCI Technology 1-4 2 INSTALLING THE ADAPTER Inspecting the Adapter 2-1 Installing the Boot PROM 2-2 Installing the Adapter 2-2 Connecting to the Network 2-3 3 LOADING THE NETWORK DRIVERS Summary of Driver Loading Procedures 3-1 Using the EtherDisk Diskette 3-2 Accessing DOS 3-2 Using Windows 95 3-3

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Loading NDIS Drivers 3-11 Updating NDIS Drivers 3-12 Auto Select Media Type 3-12 Transcend PC Link SmartAgent Driver Agents 3-13 Desktop Management Interface 3-13 4 PERFORMING TROUBLESHOOTING AND DIAGNOSTIC TESTS Troubleshooting with the Diagnostic Tests 4-1 Before Running the Tests 4-2 Types of Tests 4-2 Starting the Diagnostic Program 4-3 Running the Group 1 Tests 4-3 Running the Group 3 Test 4-4 Setting Up an Echo Server

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C SPECIFICATIONS Adapter Specifications C-1 Network Interface C-1 Physical Dimensions C-1 Environmental Operating Range C-1 Power Requirements C-1 D TECHNICAL SUPPORT On-line Technical Services D-1 3Com Bulletin Board Service D-1 Access by Modem D-1 Access by ISDN D-2 World Wide Web Site D-2 3ComForum on CompuServe D-2 3ComFacts Automated Fax Service D-3 Support from Your Network Supplier D-3 Returning Products for Rep

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FIGURES 1-1 10/100BASE-T4 PCI Adapter 1-2 2-1 PCI Computer with PCI and EISA Slots 2-3 2-2 Connecting Twisted-Pair Cable 2-4 3-1 AutoLink Information Screen 3-7 3-2 Main Menu 3-7 A-1 RJ-45 Connector Pin Assignments A-6 B-1 Multiple Adapter Option Configuration B-3 B-2 Changing Adapter Options B-4

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TABLES 1 Text Conventions 2 2 Notice Icons 2 3-1 Summary of Driver Loading Procedures 3-1 3-2 Accessing DOS from Other Operating Systems 3-3 4-1 Adapter and Diagnostic Program Names (10 Mbps Adapter Only) 4-6 4-2 Fast EtherLink 10/100BASE-T4 PCI Adapter LEDs 4-10 B-1 Option Settings B-2

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ABOUT THIS GUIDE Introduction â â This guide explains how to install the 3Com Fast EtherLink â Parallel Tasking 10/100BASE-T4 PCI adapter. Also included is information about loading drivers, troubleshooting the adapter, and using the diagnostic tests if a malfunction occurs. How to Use This Guide The following table shows where to find specific information in this guide. If you are looking for: Turn to: Overview of the Fast EtherLink 10/100BASE-T4 PCI adapter Chapter 1 Ins

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2 ABOUT THIS GUIDE Conventions The following tables list text and icon conventions that are used throughout this guide: Table 1 Text Conventions Convention Description Text represented as This typeface is used to represent displays that appear on screen display your terminal screen, for example: NetLogin: Text represented as This typeface is used to represent commands that you commands enter, for example: print autolink.log Keys When specific keys are referred

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1 INTRODUCTION â â â The 3Com Fast EtherLink Parallel Tasking 10/100BASE-T4 PCI adapter is a 32-bit adapter for use in a personal computer with a Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) computer bus. It operates whether or not bus mastering is enabled. This adapter (model number 3C595-T4) is a dual-speed adapter that can be connected to an Ethernet or Fast Ethernet network with a single connection over unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cable. The adapter supports all UTP cable types, inclu

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T4 T4 ACT L 10 N K 100 1-2 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION The 10/100BASE-T4 PCI adapter connects your PCI-compliant personal computer to an Ethernet network wired with IEEE 802.3 standard 10BASE-T or 100BASE-T4 twisted-pair cable. For information on the IEEE 802.3 standard as it relates to twisted-pair cable, refer to Appendix A. The adapter interoperates with all 10BASE-T products and all 10/100 T4 adapters and hub products. It is compatible with â 3Com’s SNMP network management software (Transc

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Adapter Features 1-3 Check the documentation provided with the PCI computer to locate the bus master slots. Adapter Features The 10/100BASE-T4 PCI adapter provides the following features: n Parallel Tasking architecture with bus mastering for high throughput and low processor utilization n Automatic selection of 10 or 100 Mbps network operation n Single-slot, 32-bit half-card n Automatic PCI configuration without jumpers n Three status LEDs, shown in Figure 1-1 n Single shielded RJ-45 connec

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1-4 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION PCI Technology The PCI local bus is a high-performance bus that provides a processor-independent data path between the CPU in a PC and high-speed peripherals. This interconnect mechanism is designed specifically to accommodate multiple high- performance peripheral devices that support networking and disk subsystems, graphics, full-motion video, and multimedia. The PCI specification defines two types of PCI devices: a target and a master. A target is a device that a

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INSTALLING THE ADAPTER 2 This chapter discuses the following topics: n Inspecting the Fast EtherLink 10/100BASE-T4 PCI adapter n Installing the boot PROM n Inserting the adapter n Connecting to the network Inspecting the Adapter Before installing the adapter in your computer, you should visually inspect it for damage that might have occurred during shipment from the factory. CAUTION: Each adapter is packed in an antistatic container to protect it during shipment. To avoid damaging any static

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2-2 CHAPTER 2: INSTALLING THE ADAPTER 2 Verify that you have received all items listed in step 1, and inspect each item for damage. If you find any omissions or damage, contact your network supplier and the carrier that delivered the package. Installing the Boot PROM The boot PROM is optional and can be purchased separately. If you are installing it onto the adapter, follow the instructions that accompanied the boot PROM. Installing the Adapter This adapter is equipped with a backplate that a

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Connecting to the Network 2-3 EISA slot PCI slot Figure 2-1 PCI Computer with PCI and EISA Slots The adapter’s backplate should be flush with the computer’s chassis. Be sure that the adapter’s connector fingers are completely seated in the slot. 6 Replace the computer cover and reconnect all previously connected cables. Refer to the documentation provided by the computer’s manufacturer for details on installing expansion boards. Connecting to the Network This section describes how to connec

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T4 T4 ACT L 10 N 100 K 2-4 CHAPTER 2: INSTALLING THE ADAPTER For both 10BASE-T and 100BASE-T4 Ethernet networks, the Fast EtherLink PCI adapter uses Category 3, 4, or 5 unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cable. Refer to Appendix A for more information on cabling. Figure 2-2 shows the backplate of an installed adapter with its RJ-45 connector. RJ-45 connector Figure 2-2 Connecting Twisted-Pair Cable The Fast EtherLink 10/100BASE-T4 PCI adapter is equipped with an on-board transceiver for connec

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Connecting to the Network 2-5 100BASE-T4 connections use all 4 pairs of wire normally contained in a bundle of Category 3, 4, or 5 UTP cable. The “straight through” connection should be made from the Fast EtherLink PCI adapter through the cable and connectors to the hub. No crossover in the cable is required. Refer to Appendix A for RJ-45 connector pin assignments. 2 Align the RJ-45 connector on the end of the twisted-pair cable with the notch on the adapter’s connector and insert it into

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