Bedienungsanleitung Axis Communications Video Encoder AXIS Q7401

Bedienungsanleitung für das Gerät Axis Communications Video Encoder AXIS Q7401

Gerät: Axis Communications Video Encoder AXIS Q7401
Größe: 3,02 MB
Datum des Hinzufügens: 2013-10-07 15:09:27
Seitenanzahl: 82
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Bedienungsanleitung Axis Communications Video Encoder AXIS Q7401
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AXIS Q7401 Video Encoder

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About this Document Equipment Modifications This document includes instructions for installing the This equipment must be installed and used in strict AXIS Q7401 on your network. Previous experience of accordance with the instructions given in the user networking will be beneficial when installing the documentation. This equipment contains no product. user-serviceable components. Unauthorized equipment changes or modifications will invalidate all applicable Legal Considerations regulato

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ENGLISH AXIS Q7401 Installation Guide Page 3 AXIS Q7401 Video Encoder Installation Guide This installation guide provides instructions for installing a AXIS Q7401 Video Encoder on your network. For all other aspects of using the product, please see the product User’s Manual, available on the CD included in this package, or from Installation steps Follow these steps to install the AXIS Q7401 Video Encoder on your local network (LAN): 1. Check the package contents against the list

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Page 4 AXIS Q7401 Installation Guide Hardware overview Top view Mounting hole LED indicators for power, status and network Mounting hole Rear view Control button Video input Network connector (PoE) PoE switch class 2 and 3 RS-422/RS-485 connector 75 Ohm Power adapter connector termination switch Audio and I/O side view Audio in/out 6-pin I/O terminal SDHC Memory Card side view SD memory card slot Dimensions HxWxD = 32.1 x 98.9 x 118.0 mm (1.3" x 3.9" x 4.7") Weight = 335 g (0.74 lb) (power supp

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ENGLISH AXIS Q7401 Installation Guide Page 5 Install the hardware IMPORTANT! - The casing of the AXIS Q7401 is not approved for outdoor use - the product may only be installed in indoor environments. ! Mount the video encoder The video encoder is supplied with a mounting kit containing screws, plugs, and protective pads for mounting the video encoder to a concrete wall: 1. Place the video encoder against the wall, and mark the location of the two mounting holes (See page 4) through which the

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Page 6 AXIS Q7401 Installation Guide Assign an IP address Most networks today have a DHCP server that automatically assigns IP addresses to connected devices. If your network does not have a DHCP server the AXIS Q7401 will use as the default IP address. AXIS IP Utility and AXIS Camera Management are recommended methods for setting an IP address in Windows. These free applications are available on the Axis Network Video Product CD supplied with this product, or they can be downl

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ENGLISH AXIS Q7401 Installation Guide Page 7 AXIS IP Utility - single camera/small installation AXIS IP Utility automatically discovers and displays Axis devices on your network. The application can also be used to manually assign a static IP address. Note that the computer running AXIS IP Utility must be on the same network segment (physical subnet) as the AXIS Q7401. Automatic discovery 1. Check that the AXIS Q7401 is connected to the network and that power has been applied. 2. Start AXIS IP

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Page 8 AXIS Q7401 Installation Guide AXIS Camera Management - multiple cameras/large installations AXIS Camera Management can automatically find and set IP addresses, show connection status, and manage firmware upgrades for multiple Axis video products. Automatic discovery 1. Check that the encoder is connected to the network and that power has been applied. 2. Start AXIS Camera Management. When the AXIS Q7401 appears in the window, double-click it to open the encoder’s home page. 3. See page

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ENGLISH AXIS Q7401 Installation Guide Page 9 Set the password To gain access to the product, the password for the default administrator user root must be set. This is done in the ‘Configure Root Password’ dialog, which is displayed when the AXIS Q7401 is accessed for the first time. To prevent network eavesdropping when setting the root password, this can be done via an encrypted HTTPS connection, which requires an HTTPS certificate (see note below). To set the password via a standard HTTP co

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Page 10 AXIS Q7401 Installation Guide Setup - Provides all the tools for configuring the encoder to requirements. Help - Displays online help on all aspects of using the encoder. Notes: • HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over SSL) is a protocol used to encrypt the traffic between web browsers and servers. The HTTPS certificate controls the encrypted exchange of information. • The default administrator user root cannot be deleted. • If the password for root is lost or forgotten, the AXIS Q

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ENGLISH AXIS Q7401 Installation Guide Page 11 Other methods of setting the IP address The table below shows the other methods available for setting or discovering the IP address. All methods are enabled by default, and all can be disabled. Use in operating Notes system Windows When enabled on your computer, the video encoder is UPnP™ automatically detected and added to “My Network Places.” MAC OSX Applicable to browsers with support for Bonjour. Navigate to the Bonjour (10.4 or later) Bonj

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Page 12 AXIS Q7401 Installation Guide Unit connectors Network connector - RJ-45 Ethernet connector. Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE). Using shielded cables is recommended. PoE classification switch - Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af), selectable power classification: • Class 2 - max 6.49W • Class 3 - max 12.95W (default) Note: Power classification is performed at power up. If the video encoder does not power the connected analog camera, select PoE Class 2 to inform the PoE switch that the

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ENGLISH AXIS Q7401 Installation Guide Page 13 I/O terminal connector - Used in applications for e.g. motion detection, event triggering, time lapse recording and alarm notifications. In addition to an auxiliary power and a GND pin, the AXIS Q7401 has 4 pins that can be configured as either input or out put. These pins provide the interface to: • Transistor output - For connecting external devices such as relays and LEDs. Connected devices can be activated by AXIS VAPIX API, output buttons

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Page 14 AXIS Q7401 Installation Guide The following connection diagram gives an example of how to connect an auxiliary device to the AXIS Q7401. 1 AXIS Q7401 E.g. push button *12V max 100mA 2 3.3V I/O 3 configured as input I/O 4 configured as output D G S * Note: Same voltage as pin 2 of the power connector

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ENGLISH AXIS Q7401 Installation Guide Page 15 RS-422/RS-485 connector - Two 2-pin terminal blocks for RS-485/422 serial interface used to control auxiliary equipment, e.g. PTZ devices. The RS-485/422 serial port can be configured in the following port modes: • Bidirectional RS-485 half-duplex port for data transmission using two wires, one combined RX/TX pair. • Bidirectional RS-485 full-duplex port for data transmission TX RX/TX using four wires, one RX pair and one TX pair. 1234 • Unidirec

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Page 16 AXIS Q7401 Installation Guide Resetting to the factory default settings This will reset all parameters, including the IP address, to the Factory Default settings: 1. Disconnect the power from the AXIS Q7401, or if PoE is used disconnect the network cable. 2. Press and hold the Control button and reconnect power or the network cable if PoE is used. 3. Keep the Control button pressed until the Status indicator displays amber (this may take up to 15 seconds). 4. Release the Control button.

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FRANÇAIS AXIS Q7401 Guide d'installation Page 17 Encodeur vidéo AXIS Q7401 Guide d'installation Ce guide d’installation vous explique comment installer un Encodeur vidéo AXIS Q7401 sur votre réseau. Pour toute autre question concernant l’utilisation du produit, reportez-vous au Manuel de l’utilisateur du produit, que vous trouverez sur le CD joint ou sur le site Étapes de l'installation Procédez comme suit pour installer l’Encodeur vidéo AXIS Q7401 sur votre réseau local (LAN) :

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Page 18 AXIS Q7401 Guide d’installation Présentation du matériel Vue de dessus Trou de fixation Témoins DEL d'alimentation, d’état et de réseau Trou de fixation Vue de derrière Bouton de commande Entrée vidéo Connecteur réseau (PoE) Commutateur PoE classe 2 et 3 Connecteur RS-422/RS-485 Connecteur d’adaptateur secteur 75 ohms commutateur de terminaison Vue de côté E/S et audio terminal E/S à 6 broches Entrée/sortie audio Vue du Vue de côté carte mémoire SDHC logement de carte mémoire SD Vue du D

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FRANÇAIS AXIS Q7401 Guide d'installation Page 19 Installation du matériel IMPORTANT ! - Le boîtier de votre AXIS Q7401 n'est pas approuvé pour une utilisation extérieure. Le produit doit être uniquement installé en intérieur. ! Montage de l’encodeur vidéo L’encodeur vidéo est fourni avec un kit de montage contenant des vis, des chevilles et des patins de protection pour la fixation de l’encodeur vidéo sur un mur en béton : 1. Placez l’encodeur contre le mur et marquez l’emplacement des deux tr

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Page 20 AXIS Q7401 Guide d’installation Attribution d'une adresse IP Aujourd'hui, la plupart des réseaux sont équipés d’un serveur DHCP qui affecte automatiquement des adresses IP aux périphériques connectés. Si votre réseau en est dépourvu, votre AXIS Q7401 utilisera comme adresse IP par défaut. Il est conseillé d’utiliser AXIS IP Utility et AXIS Camera Management pour configurer une adresse IP sous Windows. Ces deux applications gratuites sont disponibles sur le CD du produit

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