Bedienungsanleitung Sony BVM-L230

Bedienungsanleitung für das Gerät Sony BVM-L230

Gerät: Sony BVM-L230
Kategorie: Car Video
Produzent: Sony
Größe: 0.81 MB
Datum des Hinzufügens: 7/3/2013
Seitenanzahl: 16
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Professional Master Monitor

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Fulfilling Your Master Monitoring Needs Even Further – the BVM-L230 TRIMASTER LCD Monitor 02 Responding to the continued demands For monitor setup and control, the TRIMASTER Technology for a true master monitor, Sony BVM-L230 retains the same operational introduces the BVM-L230, a 23-inch* convenience as the BVM CRT series, TRIMASTER technology is a design LCD master monitor that uses Sony including its remote-control panel archi tecture used to bring out the full ™ exclusive TRIMAS

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03 > Colour Management System > W ide Colour Gamut > Digital Unifor mity Adjustment Accurate Colour Reproduction Quality Precision Picture Imaging Consistency > High Resolution & W ide Colour Gamut > Accurate Signal Processing > High Motion Pictur e Processing > Pr ecise Display Calibration System > Accurate Pixel Mapping > New Colour Feedback System

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Main Features The BVM-L230 incorporates three unique technologies that have been customised for exclusive use in this monitor: a high-grade 23-inch* full resolution LCD panel, a precision backlight system, and a unique professional display engine not found in any other monitor. This has resulted in the highly reliable BVM-L230, which offers the accurate colour reproduction, precision imaging and quality picture consistency required by today’s most demanding master monitoring applications

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Main Features 05 Multi-format Signal Support Dual-Link HD-SDI Interface Input Versatility The BVM-L230 can accept almost any SD or HD video format, both analogue and digital, plus PC signals from VGA to WUXGA (1920 x 1200). In addition to a DVI-D interface equipped as standard, four option board slots are offered to configure the BVM-L230 according to different user needs. The optional analogue interfaces accept composite, Y/C, Y/PB/PR, RGB. Digital interfaces accept SD-SDI, HD-SDI, and Dua

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Main Features Input Board Slots 06 Flexible Input Configuration Like the BVM-A Series CRT monitors, the BVM-L230 uses a modular slot design, so inputs can be configured according to individual needs. Four input board slots are available. Optional input boards* can be installed in any board slot, and in any combination, allowing easier configuration and better cost-per-input value. These option boards utilise only one slot each, so up to four cards can be installed for maximum flexibility. * T

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Main Features Three Key Devices Enabling Master Monitor Picture Quality Customised LCD Panel – 23-inch* Precision Backlight System Professional Display Engine Full HD Resolution 07 The high-precision signal processing The LCD panel has been developed Using Sony-designed high-purity LEDs, engine has been developed to fulfill exclusively for use on the BVM-L230, the precision backlight system is also master monitor criteria and is optimised based on strict master monitor criteria. a develo

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Operational Convenience The BVM-L230 is equipped with the same acclaimed functions and operational conveniences of its predecessors, the BVM-A Series and BVM-D Series CRT master monitors. However, it also has some additional unique features, which are only made possible by Sony flat-panel technology. 08 The BVM-L230 monitor and the BKM-16R controller attached with the BKM-37H attachment stand. Modular Monitor Control Unit (BKM-16R) Like the earlier BVM Series, the monitor and control panel are

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Operational Convenience 09 Picture & Picture (Side by Side, Butterfly, Wipe and Blending)* * A Future Feature (by spring 2008) The unique Picture & Picture function Native Scan (pixel to pixel display) of the BVM-L230 allows simultaneous Conventional flat-panel monitors re- display of two input signals on its LCD produce images using scaling and I/P screen. This function is extremely conversion due to their fixed pixel counts convenient for making instant adjust- and progressive s

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Operational Convenience 10 Variety of Display Modes Most flat-panel monitors can only Interlace Display* +12dB Chroma Up function display progressive images at the in- The Interlace Display mode of the A “Chroma UP” button located on put signal’s frame rate. In addition BVM-L230 can display interlace input the BKM-16R front panel allows the to this conventional display method, signals as interlace fields. As with the Chroma Level to be boosted by +12 dB. the BVM-L230 has two unique disp

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Operational Convenience BVM-L230 with the 16:9 Mask 16:10 Mask 11 16:9 Mask Marker Settings Marker Examples Screen Size: 16:9 Like the earlier BVM Series CRT moni- Aspect Mode: 2.35:1 tors, the BVM-L230 monitor can display Aspect Marker Colour : Magenta various markers, including an aspect Marker Brightness: 90IRE marker, safe area marker, and centre Width: Thick marker. In addition to this flexible selec- Safe Area: Shape A Area Size: 80% tion of marker types, detailed display Centre Marke

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Easy Setup and Adjustment / Other Features 12 Easy Setup and Adjustment Auto White Balance The colour temperature and white bal- ance of the BVM-L230 monitor can be automatically adjusted by the Auto White Balance function using the specified colour temperature probes*, such as the Konica Minolta CA-210, DK-Technologies PM5639/06 and X-Rite Eye-One Pro. * Requires a connector to connect each of the colour analysers. Auto Chroma/Phase Adjustment An Auto Chroma/Phase/Matrix setup functi

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Easy Setup and Adjustment / Other Features 13 Other Features > S-LOG GAMMA ™ > VESA Mounting (200 x 100 mm pitch) > Blue Only > Mono > H Delay/V Delay > NTSC Setup Level (0%, 7.5%) > Component Level (SMPTE/EBU-N10 or Betacam) > Aperture > Serial Remote (Ethernet) > Parallel Remote (D-sub 9-pin) > Tally Lamp (Amber) > EXT Sync (for RGB/YUV) 5° Tilt Forward 10° Tilt Backward

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BVM-L230 Specifications 3 565.5 (22 /8) Front 3 270 (10 /4) BVM-L230 1 460 (18 /8) Picture Performance Type a-Si TFT Active Matrix LCD 7 200 (7 /8) M4* Picture Size (Viewable Area) Approx. 483.8 x 302.4 mm (Approx. 19 1/8 x 12 inches) (H x V) (Diagonal) 570.6 mm (22 1/2 inches) Rear Aspect 16:10 Resolution (H x V) 1920 x 1200 pixels (WUXGA) Pixel Efficiency 99.99% Backlight High-purity LEDs 14 Preset Brightness 100 cd/m2 (D-Cine: 48 cd/m2) (when 100% white signal is input) Panel drive RGB 10

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Optional Accessories BKM-16R Monitor Control Unit BKM-243HS BKM-220D BKM-229X HD-SDI/SD-SDI Input Adaptor SD-SDI 4:2:2 Input Adaptor Analogue Component Adaptor 15 BKM-227W BKM-37H SMF-700 NTSC/PAL Input Adaptor Controller Attachment Stand Monitor Interface Cable BKM-220D BKM-243HS Input / Output Input / Output BNC x 2, Digital Component Signals Sampling BNC x 2, Digital Component Signals Serial Digital Interface Frequency: SD-SDI: Y/R-Y/B-Y: 13.5 MHz, HD-SDI: Serial Digital Interface Samplin

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Sony Specialist Dealers receive extensive training on all our products and services. They combine this with an in-depth knowledge of the market, ensuring you get advice that meets your needs before and after purchase. To find your nearest Sony Specialist Dealer visit our “dealer locator” at: Services from Sony: working with you, working for you. Recognising that every company and every challenge is unique, we offer a complete and compre- hensive range of services all the w

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