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Bedienungsanleitung Baja Designs Automobile KLX 250 300
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KLX 250/300 Dual Sport Kit

185 Bosstick Blvd. ♦ San Marcos ♦
California ♦ 92069

Phone (760) 560-2252 ♦ Fax (760) 560-0383



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Internet: Warranty: Baja Designs manufactures its own products as well as resells products manufactured by others. Baja Designs makes no express or implied warranties on products not manufactured by Baja Designs including without limitation any warranties or merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. We will however, pass on all warranties made by the manufacturer, who has sole responsibility for performing such warranties. Baja Designs w

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Kawasaki KLX 250/300 Dual Sport Kit Installation Manual 1. Get a degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. (Just kidding!) 2. Remove the seat, side panels, radiator shrouds, and gas tank. 3. Unplug the taillight from the stock wiring harness, remove the three bolts which secure it from the underside of the fender and remove the taillight. Use the hardware (6x25mm flange head bolts) provided to re-attach the fender to the subframe leaving the wire support in place.

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Figure 1 Unplug Lighting Switch Disconnect headlight and kill button grounds here. Unplug headlight and kill button wiring here. Stator Wiring 5. Remove the kill switch. Unplug the black/white wire from the region below the tank and remove the its ground from the ignition coil. Make sure to reinstall the coil and the remaining ground wire. 6. Locate the AC voltage regulator found mounted to the frame just behind the engine on the left hand side of the bike. It is a black finned

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7. A slight modification to the wiring harness of the bike will have to be made in this step because we do not have a mate to the connector that Photo 2 Kawasaki uses for the stator to voltage regulator connection. Follow the stator wires up from the left side of the engine as shown in Figure 1. Locate the two yellow wires in the stator wiring that terminate in a black connector . Unplug the connector, measure 7/8" back from the connector and cut the two yellow wires (Photo 2). Inst

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9. Rear Turn Signal Installation: Turn signal 1-1/ 8 Front Edge of fender where it meets side mounting requires that you drill a 15/32 inch hole in l either side of the rear fender near where it meets the Drill 3/ 8" Dia. side panels to mount the turn signals. You can actually achieve a clean, durable installation using this mounting location. See the color photograph, Photo 5 and Figure 2 for the mounting location. Figure 2: Left Side View of Fender, 1" Turn Signal Mounting Lo

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Bleeding the Brakes: (Do not begin this process unless you have a fresh can of brake fluid) Remove the lid from the brake fluid reservoir. Put the box end of 8mm wrench over the brake bleed nipple and install the bleed hose (supplied) tightly over the nipple. Position the loop on the hose above the nipple as shown in Photo 7 with the other end of the Photo 7 8mm hose in a container to catch the fluid. Wrench Crack the bleed nipple open about 1/8 to a quarter turn keeping the loop in

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12. Voltage Regulator Installation: Install the voltage regulator as shown in Photo 9 the Photo 9. Use the template provided in the Appendix to determine the mounting hole locations. Align the two edges of the template with the airbox and Right transfer drill two 1/4" holes. Use the 6 x Side of 20 mm bolts, nylocks and washers to Airbox Rectifier/Regulator mount the regulator. The wires should exit the regulator toward the rear of the motorcycle. Run the yellow male leads for

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14. Turn Signal Switch Installation: Install the turn signal switch on the left handlebar next to the grip as shown in Photo 11. The switch has a single screw that pinches it together on one side. Two tabs secure the switch halves on the other side. Remove the screw to separate the halves so that it can be installed on the handlebar. When installing the switch to the handle bar, make sure the tabs are seated in their locating holes and then Photo 11 tighten the pinch screw.

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wire back along the stock wiring harness, under the triple clamps, underneath the frame backbone, and cross over to the right hand side of the airbox at the area above the shock (Photo 13 & 14). Run the wires back to the rear of the airbox. Multi-Conductor Cable (Cross-over) Shock Photo 14 Airbox 17. Front Wiring Connections: You will now make all the connections required at the front of the bike. A. Ignition Switch: The only place the Baja Designs kit inter

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Locate the black/white lead Photo 15 Connect coming from the turn signal black/white lead switch. It should be plugged into a to stock black/white & green extension black/white lead found in your small parts bag. wire here The green/yellow lead from the turn signal switch should be Connect green plugged into a green lead with a ground ring terminal on the other end. lead here Connect the black/white extension lead to the black/white lead where the stock kill button plugged in ori

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you want increased lighting capability, contact Baja Designs regarding a stator rewind (See Battery Maintenance Section). 18. Rear Wiring Connections: You will now make all the connections required to the wiring harness at the rear of the bike. Take your time to do a neat job here so that you will have a reliable lighting system. Refer to Photo and the color photographs to copy wiring layout. If you make a mistake in the following steps, the worst that could happen is the bike wi

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G. Connect the black single female terminal from the main wiring harness to the other side of the right turn signal. H. Connect the black double female connector of the main wiring harness to the other side of the left turn signal and Fuse Holder the black wire from the taillight. I. Connect the red double female connector from the harness to the red wire from the taillight and the red wire from the brake light switch. Battery Photo 17 J. Connect the blue wire from t

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20. System Checkout The turn signal switch in Kill Button this kit controls both the lighting and ignition functions in one compact Fourth Position:High package. Using the Beam lighting selector, push the switch to the second Third Position: Low Beam position. The rear taillight should come on. Try the turn signal switch to the right and the left. Both the front and the back signal Second Position: should alternate on and off. Turns on Ignition and running lights Honk the h

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21. Wrapping it Up: It is important that all the wires be properly routed and secured. Double check the photos and sketches with regards to wire routing. Make sure the wires do not pass over any sharp edges, are pulled overly tight, or can be crushed by the seat, tank, fender, etc. Use all the zip ties provided to securely fasten the wires. Any unwanted movement or chafing means early failure when off the road. Note : When zip tying the wires, do so separately of the radiator vent

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while you are riding, however, when you turn the engine off and the lights are still on the battery is being discharged. With the Ni-Cad battery if you forget and leave the lights on, don’t sweat it. You can deep cycle (drain down and charge back up) a Ni-Cad all you want. Riding the bike will recharge a drained battery (good excuse for riding, huh?) (for best results, disconnect the headlight temporarily while the battery recharges) or you can recharge it with a small trickle char

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template/klx250.doc 17

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