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Gerät: Albatron Technology KI51PV-754
Größe: 8,11 MB
Datum des Hinzufügens: 2014-07-25 14:11:37
Seitenanzahl: 58
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Bedienungsanleitung Albatron Technology KI51PV-754
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KI51PV-754 ® nVIDIA nForce4 C51PV & MCP51 Supports Socket 754 TM TM ® AMD Athlon 64/ Sempron Processor (The power consumption for the aforementioned processors must be rated at 65W or less.) User’s Manual Dimensions (Micro-ATX Form-Factor): 170mm x 170mm ( W x L ) Operating System: Windows® 2000/ XP

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Things You Should Know The images and pictures in this manual are for reference only and may vary from the product you received depending on specific hardware models, third party components and software versions. This mainboard contains very delicate IC chips. Always use a grounded wrist strap when working with the system. Do not touch any IC chip, lead, connector or other components. Always unplug the AC power when you install or remove any device on the mainboard or when

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Table of Contents CHAPTER 1. GETTING STARTED ....................................................1 INTRODUCTION....................................................................................................... 1 SPECIFICATION ....................................................................................................... 2 CONFIGURATION .................................................................................................... 5 Layout of KI51PV-754 (Right Side)......

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Mainboard KI51PV-754 Chapter 1. Getting Started Introduction ® Congratulations on choosing the KI51PV-754 Mainboard. It is based on the nVIDIA nForce4 ® C51PV Northbridge chipset and the nVIDIA nForce4 MCP51 Southbridge chipset; with TM possessing integrated graphics feature. The mainboard supports the AMD Athlon 64/ TM Sempron processor (The power consumption for the aforementioned processors must be rated at 65W or less.) socket 754 with FSB (Front Side Bus) frequencies of 8

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Mainboard KI51PV-754 Specification CPU: Supports Socket 754 TM TM Supports AMD Athlon 64/ Sempron Processor (The power consumption for the aforementioned processors must be rated at 65W or less.) TM Supports Hyper-Transport Link Technology Supports 800 MHz (1600 MT/s) FSB (Front Side Bus) Frequencies Chipset: ® ® TM Northbridge Chipset – nVIDIA nForce4 C51PV ( nVIDIA GeForce 6150) ® TM - Integrated nVIDIA Pure Video Technology - Supports TV Encoder - Supports 47

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Mainboard KI51PV-754 IDE Connector: Two IDE connectors, support up to four IDE devices can be set Supports Ultra ATA 66/100/133 Supports high capacity hard disk drives Serial ATA II Connector: Four SATA II connectors, support up to four SATA II HDDs can be set Supports SATA 2.0 specification and provides 3 Gbps transfer rate Supports RAID 0/1/ 0+1/ JBOD/ 5 mode Onboard I/O facilities: One PS/2 mouse port and one PS/2 keyboard port One DVI connector One VG

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Mainboard KI51PV-754 BIOS: Phoenix-Award™ BIOS Supports APM 1.2 Supports ACPI 2.0 power management Green Function: Supports Phoenix-Award™ BIOS power management function Supports system-wake-from-power-saving-mode by keyboard or mouse touching Shadow RAM: The onboard memory controller provides the shadow RAM functionality and ROM BIOS functionality Flash Memory: Supports flash memory functionality Supports ESCD funtionality Hardware Monitor Function: Mon

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Mainboard KI51PV-754 Configuration Layout of KI51PV-754 (Right Side) 5

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 10

Mainboard KI51PV-754 Layout of KI51PV-754 (Back Side) 6

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Mainboard KI51PV-754 Hardware Installation This section will assist you in quickly installing your system hardware. Wear a wrist ground strap before handling components. Electrostatic discharge may damage your system components. CPU Processor Installation TM TM This mainboard supports AMD Athlon 64/ Sempron processor using Socket 754. Before building your system, we suggest you visit the AMD website and review the processor installation procedures. CPU S

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Mainboard KI51PV-754 FAN Headers: CPUFAN, CHASFAN There are two fan headers available for cooling fans. The cooling fans play an important role in maintaining ambient temperatures in your system. The CPUFAN header is attached with a CPU cooling fan. The CHASFAN header is attached with other cooling fans. Pin Assignment 1 1 Ground 2 Power (+12V) CPUFAN/ CHASFAN 3 FAN RPM rate sense Attention You can avoid damaging your CPU due to high tempe

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Mainboard KI51PV-754 2. Align a memory on the socket such that the notch on the memory matches the break on the socket. 3. Lower the memory vertically into the socket and press firmly by using both thumbs until the memory snaps into place. 4. Repeat steps 1, 2 & 3 for the remaining memory and DIMM sockets setup. * The pictures shown above are for reference only. The actual inst allation m

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Mainboard KI51PV-754 PS/2 Mouse & PS/2 Keyboard Ports: KB/MS This mainboard provides a standard PS/2 mouse port and a PS/2 keyboard port. The pin assignments are described below. Pin Assignment Pin Assignment 1 Data 4 +5 V (fused) 2 N/A 5 Clock 3 Ground 6 N/A DVI & VGA Connectors: DVI, VGA The mainboard provides one DVI connector and one VGA connector on the back panel of the computer case. DVI connector delivers

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Mainboard KI51PV-754 Audio Ports: Sound This mainboard provides three audio ports, the Mic-in, Line-in and Line-out. These are the standard audio ports that provide basic audio function. Line-In (Blue) This port is for audio input and connects to external audio devices such as CD player, tape player, etc. When the Super 5.1 Channel Audio Effect is enabled, this port will output audio for the rear speakers. Line-Out (Green) This port is an output audio port used for

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Mainboard KI51PV-754 SATA II Connector: SATA1/SATA2/SATA3/SATA4 The four SATA II connectors support 3 Gbps transmit rate and RAID 0/1/ 0+1/ JBOD/ 5 mode. One SATA II connector only can attach one SATA II HDD of each time using SATA cables. Pin Assignment Pin Assignment 1 Ground 2 TX+ 1 3 TX- 4 Ground SATA1~4 5 RX- 6 RX+ 7 Ground This mainboard supports RAID 0/1/0+1/JBOD/5 modes, refer Appendix II for more information.

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Mainboard KI51PV-754 Hard Drive LED Header (Red): HD_LED If your case front panel has a hard drive LED cable, attach it to this header. The LED will flicker when there is hard disk drive activity. Reset Switch Header (Blue): RST_SW This header can be attached to a momentary SPST switch (reset button) cable on your case front panel. The switch is normally left open. When the switch closed, it will cause the mainboard to reset and run the POST (Power-On Self Test). Po

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Mainboard KI51PV-754 Attention If you are using a USB 2.0 device with Windows 2000/ XP, you will ® need to install the USB 2.0 driver from the Microsoft website. If you ® are using Service pack 1 (or later) for Windows XP, and using Service pack 4 (or later) for Windows® 2000, you will not have to install the driver. TV OUT Header: TV_OUT Attach the TV OUT cable (Optional) which the product provided onto this header. Then through a

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Mainboard KI51PV-754 Serial Interface Header: COM1/COM2 This mainboard provides two COM headers for you to connect external serial connectors on the back panel of your case. Attaching the serial connector cables (Optional) onto these two headers, then you can use the serial connectors to attach with a mic, modem or other peripheral devices. Pin Assignment Pin Assignment 1 RIN1 2 RIN3 3 DOUT2 4 DOUT3 5 Ground 6 RIN2 COM1/2 7 DOUT1 8 RIN4 9 -XRI1 10 N/A

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Mainboard KI51PV-754 USB Power Selection Header: JP2 USB devices attached to USB ports of the back panel can awaken the system from sleep mode. In order to enable this functionality, you must adjust the jumper caps on JP2 header for +5V or +5VSB mode depending on which USB port that the USB device is attached to. JP2 Assignment Assignment S1 sleep mode (CPU stopped, DRAM +5V refreshed, system running in low power 1 mode) Pin 1-2 Close S3/S4/S5 sleep modes (no power

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