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Gerät: Apple Boxlight Projector 9000
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Bedienungsanleitung Apple Boxlight Projector 9000
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Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 1

Copyright © 1998 by Boxlight Corporation.
Poulsbo, Washington. All rights reserved.

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FCC Warning This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful interference to radio communi- cation

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Declaration of Conformity Manufacturer: Boxlight Corporation 19332 Powder Hill Place, Poulsbo, Washington USA We declare under our sole responsibility that the Boxlight 9000 Projector conforms to the following directives and norms: Directive 89/336/EEC, Amended by 93/68/EEC EMI: EN 55022 (1992) Class A EMC: EN 50082-1 (1992) IEC 801-2, IEC 801-3, IEC 801-4 Directive 73/23/EEC, Amended by 93/68/EEC Safety: EN 60950: 1992 + A1 + A2 + A3: 1995 March, 1998

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 4

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 5

TABLE OF CONTENTS Safety Summary iii Introduction 1 Image Resolution 1 Compatibility 1 Unpacking the Projector 1 Usage Guidelines 4 If You Need Assistance 4 Warranty 4 Setting up the Projector 5 Connecting an IBM-Compatible Computer Using the CablePro Lite Cable 11 Connecting a Macintosh Computer Using the CablePro Lite Cable 12 Connecting a Computer Using a VESA cable 13 Connecting a Computer using BNC cables 13 Connecting a Video Player 14 Connecting an External Speaker 15 Connecting the Rem

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 6

Ta b l e o f C o n t e n t s Maintenance and Troubleshooting 35 Cleaning the Lens 35 Cleaning the Fan Intake Filter 35 Replacing the Projection Lamp 37 Replacing the Batteries in the Remote Control 39 Using the Kensington Lock 39 Troubleshooting 40 Solutions to Common Problems 40 Appendix 45 Specifications 45 Accessories 47 Portable and Laptop Activation Chart 49 Using Video Mirroring with a PowerBook Computer 53 Projected Image Size for Optional Lenses 54 Connection Pin Assignments 55 RS232 Ter

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 7

SAFETY SUMMARY Please read these instructions carefully before using your projec- tor. Failure to comply with them could result in fire, electrical shock, personal injury or damage to equipment. These graphics are used throughout this manual to draw your attention to important information about the projectors. NOTE: Additional useful details or tips. CAUTION: Steps to take to avoid damage to your equipment. WARNING: Steps to take to avoid personal injury. These graphics are used on the proj

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Sa fet y Su mmar y Grounding The projector is grounded through the grounding conductor on the power cord. To avoid electric shock, plug the power cord into a properly wired receptacle. Do not defeat the purpose of the grounding-type plug. Lamp To avoid overheating and unacceptable image quality, replace the projection lamp with a lamp of the specified type. Refer to page 45 for lamp specifications and to page 37 for instructions on replacing the lamp. Lamp Compartment To avoid burns, do no

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 9

INTRODUCTION The Boxlight 9000 is an XGA multimedia projector designed for fixed installations. It allows 3 computer and 2 video inputs, along with RS-232 control. Image Resolution The Boxlight 9000 can display VGA, SVGA, XGA, and SXGA images. The native resolution of the projected image is XGA NOTE: The projector automati- 1024x768. Screen resolutions between 1024x768 and 1280x1024 cally expands 640x480 and are compressed to 1024x768. The projector cannot compress 800x600 images to fill

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 10

In tr o d uc ti on NOTE: For model 9000-INT: To use video input, an optional video board must be installed in the projector. Contact Boxlight for more information. 2 1 3 9 5 4 8 7 6 FIGURE 1 Shipping box contents 1. Boxlight 9000 projector 6. computer audio cable 2. Boxlight 9000 User’s Guide 7. CablePro Lite computer cable 3. power cord 8. VESA computer cable 4. remote and batteries 9. lens cap 5. VCR cable (RCA A/V cable) Not shown: Quick Start card NOTE: Long throw and short throw lenses are

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power cord connector leveling Kensington Lock lamp compartment foot FIGURE 2 Side view of projector remote control receivers lens shift knob zoom ring focus ring FIGURE 3 Front view of projector 3

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 12

In tr o d uc ti on Usage Guidelines  Do not look directly into the projection lens when the projector is turned on. The bright light may harm your eyes.  Do not block the grills on the projector. Do not place the projec- tor on cloth table coverings, as they may get sucked up to the vents. Restricting the air flow can cause the projector to over- heat and turn off.  Handle the projector as you would any product with glass components. Be especially careful not to drop it.  Avoid leaving th

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 13

SETTING UP THE PROJECTOR 1 Place the projector on a flat surface.  The projector must be within 7.5 feet (2.3 m) of your power source.  If you are installing the projector on the ceiling, refer to the Ceiling Mount Installation Guide that comes with the Ceiling Mount Kit for more information. To turn the image upside down, see “Ceiling” on page 34. The Ceiling Mount Kit is sold separately; see page 48. 2 Position the projector the desired distance from the screen.  The distance from the

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S e tti ng up t h e Pr oj ec to r zoom adjustment range: 18.5-14’ 90º 90º minimum L: 14’ maximum L: 18.5’ distance between lens and screen: L FIGURE 4 Projected image size for 10’ diagonal image size The projector is equipped with a lens shift feature that allows you to adjust the projection height (move the image along the wall) without moving the projector, while still maintaining a perfectly square image. Turn the lens shift knob on top of the projector to make this adjustment (see Figur

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10’ high lens center image H bottom of image 5’ below lens FIGURE 5 Lowest image projection angle 10’ high image bottom of image 2.5’ above lens H lens center FIGURE 6 Highest image projection angle Once you know the diagonal image size, you can figure out the width and height using these formulas: width (inches) = diagonal (inches) x 0.8 height (inches) = width (inches) x 0.75 7

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 16

S e tti ng up t h e Pr oj ec to r The following tables give the lens shift values for desktop and ceiling-mounted setups for various image sizes. The lower lens shift position represents the highest the projector can be above the bottom of the screen; the upper lens shift position represents the lowest the projector can be below the bottom of the screen. Table 2: Lens Shift Positions for Desktop Setup Distance from lens center to lower edge of screen (H) Diagonal Lower lens Upper lens Ima

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lens center H high edge of screen H lens center FIGURE 7 Lens shift with ceiling-mounted projector Now you’re ready to connect your equipment. Steps for connecting the different types of equipment are given on the pages listed below. Equipment you want to connect Page IBM-compatible computer with page 11 CablePro Lite Macintosh computer with CablePro page 12 Lite Computer with VESA cable page 13 Computer with BNC cables page 13 Video player page 14 External speaker page 15 Remote cable page 16

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 18

S e tti ng up t h e Pr oj ec to r NOTE: For model 9000-INT: To use video input, an optional video board must be installed in the external Computer 3 speaker Computer 2 Video 2 Video 1 projector. Contact Boxlight for Computer 1 more information. s-video CablePro HD 15 composite wired remote 5 BNCs VESA video-RCA FIGURE 8 Connector panel The projector has the following audio/video inputs: NOTE: For the connection pin Source Video Audio assignments, see page 55. Computer 1 3 Single-ended analog RGB

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 19

Connecting an IBM-Compatible Computer Using the CablePro Lite Cable The CablePro Lite cable provides a computer connection. If you want audio, mouse control, or monitor loop-through, purchase the optional CablePro. See “Optional Accessories” on page 47. This input is designated Computer 3. 1 Plug the end of the CablePro Lite computer cable into the video connector on your computer. 2 Plug the end of the CablePro Lite computer cable into NOTE: Many laptop computers the Computer 3 connect

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 20

S e tti ng up t h e Pr oj ec to r Connecting a Macintosh Computer Using the CablePro Lite Cable The CablePro Lite cable provides a computer connection. If you want audio, mouse control, or monitor loop-through, purchase the optional CablePro. See “Optional Accessories” on page 47. This input is designated Computer 3. Plug the end of the CablePro Lite computer cable into the 1 Boxlight Macintosh adaptor (sold separately). NOTE: Some PowerBooks require the Apple-supplied video-out cable Plug

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