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Gerät: Apple MC007LL/A 27" LED LCD Monitor MC007LL/A
Größe: 2,14 MB
Datum des Hinzufügens: 2013-03-30 14:33:00
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Bedienungsanleitung Apple MC007LL/A 27" LED LCD Monitor MC007LL/A
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Apple LED Cinema Display

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 Apple Inc. Apple, the Apple logo, Apple Cinema Display, iChat, iMovie, © 2010 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. iPhone, iPod, iSight, Mac, MacBook, MagSafe, and Photo Booth are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Under the copyright laws, this manual may not be copied, in whole or in part, without the written consent of Apple. Apple Store is a service mark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. The Apple logo is a trademark of Apple Inc.,

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Contents 5 Getting Started 6 Setting Up Your Display 8 Using Your Display 12 Care and Safety 14 Ergonomics 15 Troubleshooting Your Display 16 Learning More, Service, and Support 17 Specifications 18 Premiers contacts 19 Installation du moniteur 21 Utilisation du moniteur 25 Entretien et sécurité 27 Ergonomie 28 Dépannage du moniteur 30 Informations, services et assistance 31 Spécifications 32 Primeros pasos 33 Instalación de la pantalla 35 Utilización de la pantalla 3

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39 Mantenimiento y seguridad 41 Ergonomía 42 Solución de problemas con la pantalla 44 Más información, servicio y soporte 45 Especificaciones 46 Introdução 47 Como Configurar o seu Monitor 49 Como usar o seu monitor 53 Cuidado e Segurança 55 Ergonomia 56 Como solucionar os problemas do seu Monitor 58 Mais informações, serviços e suporte 59 Especificações 60 Regulatory Compliance Information 61 Apple and the Environment 4 

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Getting Started Y ourA ppleLEDC inemaD is pla yisde signedt ow or kseamle ssly withM acc omput erstha tha v eaM iniD is pla yP or tc onnec t or .  I tf ea tur e sanLED-back litwide scr eendis pla y , aM agS af e c onnec t ort ochar gey ourM acB o okc omput er , abuilt-iniSigh t c amer a, amicr ophone , andas p eak ersy st em.  The instructions on the following pages help you set up and use your new display. Learn how to: Â Connect your display to your

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S ettingU p Y ourD is pla y Follow these steps to set up your Apple LED Cinema Display: 1 Remove the protective film from the display and cables. 2 Insert the power cord into the display, and then insert the AC plug into a grounded power outlet. 3 Plug the MagSafe connector into the MagSafe power port on your MacBook to charge the battery and provide power to your computer. Apple LED Cinema Display Grounded MacBook power outlet Mini MagSafe DisplayPort USB 4 Connect the USB cable to your c

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Setting Up Your MacBook with the Lid Closed You can close the lid of your MacBook and use just your Apple LED Cinema Display. Follow the setup instructions on the previous page and make sure the MagSafe connector from the display is plugged into the MagSafe power port on your MacBook. To use your Apple LED Cinema Display with your MacBook lid closed: 1 Connect an external USB keyboard and mouse to a USB port on your display, or use the Bluetooth® Setup Assistant to set up a wireless keyboard

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U sing Y ourD is pla y Your Apple LED Cinema Display has a built-in iSight camera, microphone, and speaker system. The USB connection between the display and your computer is required for these features. Built-in Microphone iSight camera Speaker system Using the Built-in iSight Camera and Microphone You can use the built-in iSight camera and microphone to capture still images, video, and sound using applications such as iChat, iMovie, and Photo Booth. To set up the camera and microphone wi

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Setting Up Sound Input and Output You can listen to music, movies, games, and multimedia files through the speaker system on your display. You can use the microphone to record sounds, or talk with friends using iChat. Use Sound preferences to manage sound input and output. To set up sound input: 1 Choose Apple () > System Preferences, and then click Sound. 2 Click the Input tab in Sound preferences. 3 Choose Display Audio to input sound through your display’s microphone. To set up sound ou

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Setting Up Your Apple LED Cinema Display as an Additional Display When you leave the lid on your MacBook open, you can mirror the same desktop image on both displays or use the additional display as an extension of your desktop. Use Displays preferences to set up video mirroring or extended desktop. To set up video mirroring or extended desktop: 1 Choose Apple () > System Preferences, and then click Displays. 2 Click the Arrangement tab and follow the onscreen instructions. Adjusting the Re

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Using the USB Ports and Security Slot Your Apple LED Cinema Display has three powered USB ports on the back. Use these ports to connect a mouse, keyboard, iPhone, iPod, or other USB peripheral. Imp or tan t:   You can use these USB ports to charge your iPhone or iPod, even when your display isn’t connected to a computer. If you use one of these ports to sync information between your computer and an iPhone or iPod, make sure the display’s USB cable is connected to your computer. USB ports Sec

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Using a VESA Mounting Solution with Your Display You can attach your display to an alternative mounting solution, using the VESA Mount Adapter Kit available from the Apple Online Store at Use the kit to attach your display to any available VESA-compatible mounting solution. Simply follow the instructions included with the kit. C ar eandS af et y Before you lift or reposition your display, you may need to disconnect the cables and power cord. Use correct lifting techn

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Don’t operate your display in areas with significant amounts of airborne dust, or smoke from cigarettes, cigars, ashtrays, stoves, or fireplaces, or near an ultrasonic humidifier using unfiltered tap water. Tiny airborne particles produced by smoking, cooking, burning, or using an ultrasonic humidifier with unfiltered water may, in rare instances, enter the ventilation openings of your display and, under certain conditions, result in a slight haze on the inside surface of the glass panel th

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E r gonomics Here are some guidelines for adjusting your display to reduce glare and to accommodate your physical size and shape. Â Arrange the display so that the top of the screen is slightly below your eye level when you’re sitting at the keyboard. The best distance from your eyes to the screen is up to you, although most people tend to prefer 18 to 28 inches (45 to 70 cm). Â Position the display by tilting it up or down to minimize glare and reflections from overhead lights and nearby w

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T r ouble sho oting Y ourD is pla y Before performing any of these steps, make sure your computer is turned on, the display is plugged into an outlet, all the cables are connected properly to your computer and display, and your computer is not in sleep mode. If the screen doesn’t have an image: Â Check the cables and connectors again to make sure they are connected properly to your computer and the display. Â Make sure your computer is turned on and is not in sleep mode. If the lid on your

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If the built-in iSight camera, microphone, speaker system, or USB ports on the display aren’t working: Make sure the USB cable from the display is firmly plugged into the USB port on your computer. The display’s camera, microphone, speaker system, and USB ports work only when this cable is connected to your computer. More Troubleshooting Information You can find more troubleshooting information on the Displays support website at: L ear ningM or e , S er vic e

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Sp ecific a tions  Model number: A1316  Resolution: 2560 x 1440 @ 60 Hz  Ports: Three high-speed USB 2.0 ports on the back  Camera and microphone: Built-in iSight camera with microphone  Speakers: Built-in 2.1 speakers with 49 W output Dimensions:  Weight: 23.5 lb. (10.7 kg)  Height: 19.2 inches (488.1 mm)  Width: 25.65 inches (651.7 mm)  Depth (with stand): 8.2 inches (208.13 mm)  Viewable: 27 inches (685.8 mm) diagonal Operating environment:  Operating temperature: 50° to

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Premiers contacts V otr emonit eurA ppleLEDC inemaD is pla ye stc onçup our f onc tionnerpar fait emen ta v ecle sor dina t eursM acp ossédan t unc onnec t eurM iniD is pla yP or t. I lc ompr endunmonit eurà écr anlar geàrétr o-éclair agepardio deélec tr olumine sc en t e ,  unc onnec t eurM agS af ep ourr echar gerv otr eor dina t eur M acB o ok, unec amér aiSigh tin tégrée , unmicr oetun sy stèmedehaut-par leurs .  Les instructions des pages

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Installa tiondumonit eur Suivez les étapes suivantes pour configurer votre Apple LED Cinema Display : 1 Retirez le film protecteur du moniteur et des câbles. 2 Branchez le câble d’alimentation sur le moniteur, puis la fiche CA dans une prise de courant avec mise à la terre. 3 Branchez le connecteur MagSafe sur le port secteur MagSafe de votre MacBook pour recharger la batterie et alimenter votre ordinateur. Moniteur Apple LED Cinema Display Prise de courant MacBook avec mise à la terre Mini

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 20

Installation de votre MacBook avec le couvercle fermé Vous pouvez fermer le couvercle de votre MacBook et utiliser votre Apple LED Cinema Display. Suivez les instructions d’installation à la page précédente et assurez-vous que le connecteur MagSafe du moniteur est branché sur le port secteur MagSafe de votre MacBook. Pour utiliser votre Apple LED Cinema Display avec le couvercle de votre MacBook fermé: 1 Branchez un clavier et une souris USB sur le port USB de votre moniteur ou utilisez l’A

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