Manual de instrucciones de LG Electronics DGK588XB

Manual de instrucciones del aparato LG Electronics DGK588XB

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Manual de instrucciones de LG Electronics DGK588XB
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Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 1

Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product,
please read this instruction booklet carefully and completely.
Internet Address:
»ÌÙÓχˆËÓÌ̇ˇ ÒÎÛÊ·‡ LG Electronics (095)771-76-76

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CAUTION concerning the Power Cord CAUTION Most appliances recommend they be placed upon RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN a dedicated circuit; That is, a single outlet circuit which powers only that appliance and has no additional outlets or branch CAUTION: THESE SERVICING circuits. Check the specification page of this owner's INSTRUCTIONS ARE FOR USE BY manual to be certain. QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL ONLY. Do not overload wall outlets. Overloaded wall outlets, TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC

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Still Picture and Frame-by-Frame Playback . . .17 Contents Slow Motion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17 Random . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17 Repeat A-B . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17 Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Repeat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17 Symbol used in this Manual . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 3D Surround . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17 About the Symbol Dis

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 4

Introduction About the Symbol Display To ensure proper use of this product, please read this owner’s manual carefully and retain for future “ ” may appear on your TV display during reference. operation and indicates that the function explained in this owner’s manual is not available on that specific This manual provides information on the operation DVD video disc. and maintenance of your DVD player. Should the unit require service, contact an authorized service location. Notes on Discs Symbol Us

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Types of Playable Discs Regional code This DVD player is designed and manufactured for playback of region “5” DVD 5 encoded DVD software. This unit can (8 cm / 12 cm disc) play only DVD discs labeled “5” or “ALL”. Video CD (VCD) (8 cm / 12 cm disc) Notes on Regional Codes Audio CD • Most DVD discs have a globe with one or more (8 cm / 12 cm disc) numbers in it clearly visible on the cover. This number must match your DVD player’s regional code or the disc cannot play. In addition, this unit

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 6

PBC: Playback Control (Video CD only) Disc-related terms Playback control is available for Video CD (VCD) version 2.0 disc formats. PBC allows you to interact DVD ±R / DVD ±RW with the system via menus, search functions, or other DVD -R and DVD +R are two different standards for typical computer-like operations. Moreover, still recordable DVD drives and discs. This format allows pictures of high resolution can be played if they are information to be recorded onto the DVD disc only included in t

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 7

Front Panel 1. POWER Switches the player ON and OFF. 2. PLAY ( N ) DKE575XB Starts playback. 123 4 5 6 3. STOP ( x ) Stops playback. 4. Disc Tray Insert a disc here. 798 5. OPEN / CLOSE ( Z ) Opens or closes the disc tray. 6. Display window DKE578XB Shows the current status of the player. 7. Remote Sensor 123 4 5 6 Point the DVD Player remote control here. 8. Microphone volume control Adjusts microphone volume. 9. Microphone jack(s) 98 7 Connect a microphone(s) to MIC socket(s). 7 Introduction

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AAA Remote Control OPEN / CLOSE TV Control Buttons Opens and closes the disc tray. TV POWER: POWER Turns the TV on or off. Switches DVD Player ON and OFF. TV PR/CH +/–: 0-9 number buttons Selects TV’s channel. Selects numbered items in a menu. TV VOL +/–: CLEAR Adjusts TV’s volume. Removes a track number on the AV: program list or a mark on the Selects the TV’s source. MARKER SEARCH menu. SKIP (. / >) SCAN ( m / M ) Go to next chapter or track. Search backward or forward. Returns to beginning o

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Installation and Setup Video and Audio Connections to Your TV Setting up the Player Make sure the DVD player is connected directly to the The picture and sound of a nearby TV, VCR, or radio TV and not to a VCR, otherwise the DVD image could may be distorted during playback. If this occurs, be distorted by the copy protection system. position the player away from the TV, VCR, or radio, or turn off the unit after removing the disc. Video: Connect the VIDEO OUT jack on the DVD player to the video

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 10

Amplifier equipped with 2-channel analog stereo Audio Connection to Optional Equipment or Dolby Pro Logic ll / Pro Logic: Connect the left and right AUDIO OUT jacks on the DVD player to the Connect the DVD player to your optional equipment audio left and right IN jacks on your amplifier, for audio output. receiver, or stereo system, using the audio cables (A). Amplifier equipped with 2-channel digital stereo Rear of DVD player (PCM) or audio / video receiver equipped with a multi-channel decoder

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Example: On-Screen Display during On-Screen Display playing DVD Video You can display the general playback status on the TV screen. Some items can be changed using the menu. Items Selection Method To use the on-screen display: b / B,Numbers Title Number 1 / 3 ENTER 1. Press DISPLAY during playback. b / B,Numbers Chapter Number 1 / 12 2. Press v / V to select an item. ENTER The selected item is highlighted. Numbers, ENTER Time search 0:20:09 3. Press b / B to change the setting. You can also A

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LANGUAGE Initial Settings LANGUAGE By using the Setup menu, you can make various Menu Language English adjustments to items such as picture and sound. You Disc Audio Original can also set a language for the subtitles and the Disc Subtitle Off Setup menu, among other things. For details on each Disc Menu Original Setup menu item, see pages 12 to 15. To display and exit the Menu: Move Select Press SETUP to display the menu. A second press of SETUP will take you back to initial screen. M

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 13

Progressive Scan TV Output Select Progressive Scan Video provides the highest quality Set the player’s TV Output Select options according to pictures with less flickering. the TV connection type. If you are using the Component Video jacks for YPbPr: When your TV is connected with the connection to a TV or monitor that is compatible with COMPONENT VIDEO OUT/PROGRESSIVE SCAN a progressive scan signal, set Progressive Scan to jacks on the DVD player. On. RGB: When your TV is connected with the SC

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DVD DivX DivX Dynamic Range Control (DRC) DivX(R) VOD You can display the DivX DRM (Digital Rights With the DVD format, you can hear a program’s Management) Registration code for your unit only. soundtrack in the most accurate and realistic presentation possible, thanks to digital audio technology. However, you may wish to compress the dynamic range of the audio output (the difference between the loudest sounds and the quietest ones). This allows you to listen to a movie at a lower volume witho

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 15

Password (Security Code) LOCK (Parental Control) LOCK You can enter or change password. Rating Unlock 1. Select Password on the LOCK menu then press B. Password New Area Code SE R U 2. Follow step 2 as shown left (Rating). “Change” or “New” is highlighted. 3. Enter the new 4-digit code, then press ENTER. Input it again to verify. Move Select 4. Press SETUP to exit the menu. DVD Rating If you forget your Security Code Some movies contain scenes that may not be suitable for childre

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 16

Operation General Features Playing a DVD or Video CD Note: Unless stated otherwise, all operations described use Playback Setup the remote control. Some features may also be 1. Turn on the TV and select the video input source available on the Setup menu. connected to the DVD player. 2. Turn on the audio system (if applicable) and select DVD Moving to another TITLE the input source connected to the DVD player. When a disc has more than one title, you can move to 3. Press OPEN/CLOSE to open th

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 17

Still Picture and Frame-by-Frame Playback DVD VCD1.1 DivX Repeat DVD VCD DivX You can play a title/chapter/all/track on a disc. 1. Press PAUSE/STEP on the remote control during Press REPEAT during playback to select a desired playback. Advance the picture frame-by-frame by repeat mode. pressing PAUSE/STEP repeatedly. DVD Video Discs - Repeat Chapter/Title/Off 2. To exit still motion mode, press PLAY. • Chapter: repeats the current chapter. • Title: repeats the current title. DVD VCD DivX • Off

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 18

Special DVD Features Zoom DVD VCD DivX Use zoom to enlarge the video image. Checking the contents of DVD discs: Menus 1. Press ZOOM during playback or still playback to DVDs may offer menus that allow you to access activate the Zoom function. The square frame special features. To use the disc menu, press DVD appears briefly in the right bottom of the picture. MENU. Input the corresponding number or use the 2. Each press of the ZOOM button changes the TV bB v V buttons to highlight your select

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 19

Playing an Audio CD or MP3/WMA MP3 / WMA disc compatibility with this player is limited as follows: Disc • Sampling frequency: within 8 - 48 kHz (MP3), within 32 - 48kHz (WMA) The DVD player can play MP3/WMA formatted • Bit rate: within 8 - 320kbps (MP3), recordings on CD-ROM, CD-R, or CD-RW discs. 32 - 192kbps (WMA) • The player cannot read an MP3/WMA file that has Audio CD a file extension other than “.mp3” / “.wma”. Once you insert an audio CD a menu appears on the • CD-R physical format sho

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 20

CD MP3 WMA Audio CD and MP3 / WMA Disc Random Features 1. Press RANDOM during playback. Random Playback begins immediately and RANDOM appears on the menu screen. CD MP3 WMA Pause 2. To return to normal playback, press RANDOM repeatedly until RANDOM disappears from the 1. Press PAUSE/STEP during playback. menu screen. 2. To return to playback, press PLAY, ENTER or press PAUSE/STEP again. Tip: By pressing SKIP > during random playback, the unit selects another track and resumes random playback. C

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