Instruction d'utilisation Haier 42EP24STV

Instruction d'utilisation pour le dispositif Haier 42EP24STV

Dispositif: Haier 42EP24STV
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Instruction d'utilisation Haier 42EP24STV
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Résumé du contenu de la page N° 1

Please read this manual carefully and completely
before operating the unit, and retain this manual for
future reference.

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 2

WARNING RISK ELECTRIC SHOOK DO NOT OPEN WARNING : To reduce the risk of electric shock do not remove cover or back. No user-serviceable parts inside refer service to qualified service personnel. Safety of operators has been taken into consideration at the design and manufacture phase, but inappropriate operation may cause electric shock or fire. To prevent the product from being damaged, the following rules should be observed for the installation, use and maintenance of th pro

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 3

IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read all of the instructions before using this appliance. When using this appliance, always exercise basic safety precautions, including the following: 1)Save these Instructions ---the safety and operating instructions should be retained for future reference. 2)All warning on the appliance and in the operating instructions should be followed. 3)Cleaning --- Unplug from the wall outlet before cleaning. Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners. Use only dry c

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 4

b.If liquid has been spilled, or objects have been fallen into the unit. c.If the unit has been exposed to rain or water. d.If the unit does not operate normally by following the operating instructions. Adjust only those controls that are covered by the operating instructions, as improper adjustment of other controls may result in damage and will often require extensive work by a qualified technician to restore the unit to its normal operation. e

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 5

Warning..............................................................2 Prog. Switch.......................................................19 Safety Instructions............................................ 3-4 Picture Quality adjust Picture Quality Adjust .........................................20 Introduction Sound Adjustment Controls...........................................................6 Sound Adjust......................................................21 Connection

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 6

Front panel controls EXIT INPUT VOL VOL MENU Menu exit Power On/Off Button Signal source input option Power Standby Indicator illuminates red in standby mode,illuminates blue when the display is turned on Down/Up. Select desired option on MENU or tune to the desired channel. Remote Control Sensor VOLUME Buttons MENU Button 6 Plasma TV

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 7

Real panel controls S-Video Input VGA Input/Audio input DVI Input/Audio input connect your cable/PC through the input Power On/Off Earphone port 0 VGA IN AV IN COMPONENT IN DVI IN AV OUT R L SWITCH AC-INPUT AUDIO OUT VGA AUDIO VIDEO S-VIDEO L-AUDIO-R ANT IN Pr/Cr Pb/Cb Y L-AUDIO-R DVI AUDIO VIDEO L-AUDIO-R Audio/Video Input Connect audio/video DVD/DTV Input output from an external Connect a component video/audio device to these jacks device to these jacks AUDIO output External audio/ Antenna In

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 8

When using the remote control. Aim it towards the remote sensor on the TV. Function introduction FREEZE INPUT Freezes the currently-viewed picture. Ratates the source input mode. SLEEP MUTE Switches the sound on or off Press this key to set sleeptimer. PC PC FREEZE INPUT POWER POWER Select PC source Turns your TV or any other programmed equipment on or off, depending on mode. AUTO AUTO SLEEP MUTE DISPLAY Auto adjust for PC Information display Display of current channel signals, program and syst

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 9

Ensure that the following accessories are included with your plasma display. If an accessory is missing, please contact the dealer where you purchased the product. PC VIDEO INPUT POWER AUTO DVI MUTE DISPLAY MENU DNR AVC EXIT ENTER P.STD VOL+ LOCK CALENDAR VOL- S.STD / SAVING CC ARC SURROUND RATING SLEEP FREEZE ST4X16 (2.5MX2) Screw(x16) Connection cord Speaker unit(X2) Connecting block X4 1 M4X12Screwsx8 2 M4X8Screwsx2 3 M5X16Screwsx4 4 Standx1 5 brace pole x2 6 PMMA baffle x1 - The TV can be i

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 10

- To avoid picture noise (interference), leave an adequate distance between the VCR and TV Do not leave a still picture from a VCR on the screen for a long If the 4:3 format is used, the fixed images on the sides of the screen may remain visible on the screen, if this format is used day after day. This is known as burn-in, it is uneven wear of the screen area. Reduce contrast when displaying fixed images on the screen for a long 1. Connect the audio and video cables from the VCR's output jac

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 11

How to connect Connect the audio and video cables from the external equipment's output jacks to the TV`s AV IN input jacks, as shown in the figure. When connecting the TV to external equipment, match the jack colors (Video = yellow, Audio Left = white, and Audio Right = red). How to use 1. Select the input source by using the INPUT button on the remote control. 2. Operate the corresponding external equipment. Refer to external equipment operating guide. How to connect 1. Connect the DVD video ou

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 12

- To watch digitally broadcast programs, purchase and connect a digital set-top box. Digital Set-top Box How to connect Use the TV`s COMPONENT (Y, Pb, Pr) IN jacks, VGA or DVI IN port for video connections, depending on your set-top box connections available. Then, make the corresponding audio connections. YPbPr/YCbCr Signal VGA DVI 480i Yes Yes No How to use Yes 480p Yes Yes 1. Turn on the digital set-top box. (Refer to the owner`s manual for the digital 720p Yes Yes Yes set-top box.) 1080i Yes

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 13

How to connect 1. To get the best picture quality, adjust the PC graphics card, if necessary. 2. Use the TV`s VGA IN or DVI (Digital Visual Interface) IN port for video connections, depending on your PC connector. If the graphic card on the PC does not output analog or digital RGB simultaneously, connect only one of either VGA IN or DVI IN to display the PC on the TV. If the graphic card on the PC does output analog and digital RGB simultaneously, set the display to either VGA or DVI; (the

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 14

Install the Speakers 1 Face the PDP screen upside down on a clean blanket or a bracket and pay attention not to indent the casing. Lay the two speaker aside of the PDP. 2. Fix 4 ST4X16 screws to the speaker. (position , , and in Figure ) 3. Lean the speaker against the plasma screen, ensuring that the screw holes on the connecting block in line with the screw holes on the plasma screen, and hold the speaker. (position I, II, III and IV in Figure ) 4. Fix the speaker to the plasma scr

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 15

Install the Stand Install the PMMA Baffle After installing the brace pole(see figure below) rip the protective sheet off of the PMMA baffle and put the baffle into the stand. Install the brace pole 1 After put the brace pole to the stand, use the screw 8 M4x12 to fix it. 2 Take care not to touch the stand and the brace pole; 3 Fix the PMMA baffle with the screw 2 M4X8rom the front . Install the Stand to the PDP Face the PDP screen upside down on a clean blanket or the bracket

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 16

* In this manual, the OSD (On Screen Display) may be different from your TV`s, because it is just an example to help you with the TV operation. TV Turning on the TV just after installation. 1. Connect power cord correctly. 2. Press the SWITCH button on back of the TV. At this moment, the TV is switched to standby mode. Press the POWER button on the remote control or button on the TV and then the TV will turn on. Turning on the TV 1. If the TV was turned off with the SWITCH button on

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 17

Basic Function Basic Function Operation Menu 1.Press MENU button to open the main menu. PressVOL+/- button to select PIC., SOU., ADJ., SYS. , FUN. or TIME menu. 2.Press CH+/- button to select submenu, and press VOL+/- button to increase/decrease the value or select the setup. 3.Press MENU to return to the main menu. 4.The setup time in display will disappear automatically when the latest preset time expiries. MENU display time can be set to 5,10,15,20,25,30 and 40 seconds. 5.Press EXIT butt

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 18

System Menu This TV set has three methods to set channels, which are respectively Automatic search, manual search fine tune. In this section, how to use the remote control to set channel is explained. You can also use buttons on the TV set to set channel. Channel Type Before your television can begin memorizing the available channels, you must specify the type of signal source that is connected to the TV (i.e., an antenna or a cable system). 1 Press MENU button and then use VOL+/- button to

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 19

System Menu Color Sys. AUTO Fine Tune Sound Sys. M/N If the picture and/or sound are poor, try using the fine tune feature. Fine Tune 49.75MHz Do not use this feature unless reception is poor. Skip Off Channel Type Cable 1 Repeat step 1-2, then press CH+/- buttons to select "Fine Tune" item. CATV Type STD Auto Scan 2 Press VOL-/+ buttons repeatedly to carry out fine tune, till the best Prog. Switch picture and

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 20

Picture Quality Adjust Picture Quality Adjust Picture Quality Adjust The TV menu gives you an overview of MENU you can select. Note: Depending on the input signal, one or more menu items may not be selectable. 1 Press MENU and then use VOL+/- button to select the PIC. Menu. 2 Press CH+/-button to select the desired items. Mode Custom 3 Press VOL+/- button to adjust the setting. Contrast 50 Brightness 50 4 When you are satisfied with your choice, press MENU button to return to Color 50 the

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