Instruction d'utilisation AL-KO 426 036

Instruction d'utilisation pour le dispositif AL-KO 426 036

Dispositif: AL-KO 426 036
Catégorie: Tondeuse
Fabricant: AL-KO
Dimension: 3.38 MB
Date d'addition: 10/4/2014
Nombre des pages: 25
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Do not start the engine if anyone is standing in Safety instructions front of the cutter bar – the cutter and wheel drives must not be engaged. General comments Use the mower on grassy areas only. Read the operating instructions carefully. Familiarise yourself with the correct operation of The cutter drive must be disengaged when the the mower. mower is not on a mowable surface. Keep the operating instructions for later use and The blade guard must be mounted on the cutter for

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For reasons of safety, replace a damaged petrol Spare parts and accessories tank and/or tank cap. Use genuine spare parts and accessories only. We reserve the right to make changes to the design and construction without prior notice. Risk of burns! The exhaust as well as the areas around the Explanation of the symbols exhaust may be very hot. on the mower Replace damaged mufflers. Before using the mower for the first Do not change the governor settings of the time, rea

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Operating times: Setting the cutting height Please comply with any municipal regulations The cutting height is adjusted using the skids (2). on the operation of lawn mowers ! 3 Standard cutter bar Monday – Saturday: Sunday and public holidays: steplessly adjustable cutting height up to approx. 6 cm 7.00 – 12.00 a.m. not permitted 3.00 – 7.00 p.m. • Loosen nuts . • Move the skids to the required height. Assembly • Retighten t

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11 Maintenance and servicing Quickly pull out the starter cable and then allow it to slowly rewind. Before carrying out any maintenance or As soon as the engine is running, set the throttle cleaning work, pull off the spark plug lever between the "start" and "stop" positions connector! according to the desired engine speed. Do not spray the mower with water. Water that To start mowing, move the lever to the enters the ignition system or the carburettor may position -

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• Carry out a test mow – if the cutting power Engine: is insufficient, screw in the grub screw a Changing the oil / air filter / spark plug little. See the operating manual supplied by b) ESM cutter bar the engine manufacturer. 15 • Remove screws – spring washer and washer under the screw head! Adjustment of the Bowden cables • Pull out part forwards. 19 a) Cutter bar (without a lock nut) When remounting part observe 20 b) Wheel drive mounting directi

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Warranty We will rectify any material or production faults The following items are excluded from the on the mower during the statutory period of warranty: limitation for claims based on defects in accordance with our choice of repair or • Paint damage due to normal wear. replacement. • Natural wear and parts that are identified with The period of limitation is determined by the laws a frame XXX XXX (X) on the spare parts card. of the country in which the mower was purchased.

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Ausgediente Geräte nicht über den P ístroje, které již dosloužily, nelikvidujte v D CZ Hausmüll entsorgen! domácím odpadu! Verpackung, Gerät und Zubehör sind aus Balení, p ístroj a p íslušenství jsou z recyclingfähigen Materialien hergestellt und recyklovatelných materiál a musí se likvidovat entsprechend zu entsorgen. p edepsaným zp sobem. Do not dispose of worn-out units through Opotrebované prístroje nelikvidujte cez GB SK the household garbage! domový odpad! The appliance, its p

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Land Firma Tel Fax A AL-KO Kober Ges.m.b.H. (+43) 3578/2515227 (+43) 3578/251538 AUS AL-KO International PTY. LTD (+61) 3/9767-3700 (+61) 3/9767-3799 B Eurogarden NV (+32) 16/805427 (+32) 16/805425 CH AL-KO Kober AG (+41) 56/4183150 (+41) 56/4183160 CZ AL-KO Kober (+420) 382/210381 (+420) 382/212782 D AL-KO Geräte GmbH (+49) 8221/203-0 (+49) 8221/203-138 DK AL-KO Ginge A/S (+45) 98 82 10 00 (+45) 98 82 54 54 E ANMI (+34) 93/3002618 (+34) 93/3001769 F AL-KO S.A.S. (+33) 3/85

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GB Assembly BM 5001-R (B&S) Assembly of the double wheels Fill the mower with engine oil and Carry out the following steps on both petrol only after it has been i drive wheels. completely assembled! Pull off the spark plug connector 13. Remove screw before starting the assembly! hexagonal screw M8 x 45 hexagonal nut M8 self-locking The number printed on the left before 14. Mount axle extender i 3 the text (e.g. ) refers to the diagrams. Re-insert screw and r

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