321 Studios DeviceNet Network Scanner DVP-0204520-03の取扱説明書

デバイス321 Studios DeviceNet Network Scanner DVP-0204520-03の取扱説明書

デバイス: 321 Studios DeviceNet Network Scanner DVP-0204520-03
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私たちの目的は、皆様方にデバイス321 Studios DeviceNet Network Scanner DVP-0204520-03の取扱説明書に含まれたコンテンツを可能な限り早く提供することです。オンラインプレビューを使用すると、321 Studios DeviceNet Network Scanner DVP-0204520-03に関してあなたが抱えている問題に対する解決策の内容が素早く表示されます。


説明書321 Studios DeviceNet Network Scanner DVP-0204520-03をこちらのサイトで閲覧するのに不都合がある場合は、2つの解決策があります:

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321 Studios DeviceNet Network Scanner DVP-0204520-03の取扱説明書
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DeviceNet Network Scanner
Operation Manual




DeviceNet Network Scanner DVPDNET-SL Warning Please read this instruction carefully before use and follow this instruction to operate the device in order to prevent damages on the device or injuries to staff. Switch off the power before wiring. DVPDNET-SL is an OPEN TYPE device. Therefore it should be installed in an enclosure free of airborne dust, humidity, electric shock and vibration. The enclosure should prevent non-maintenance staff from operating the device (e.g. key or speci


DeviceNet Network Scanner DVPDNET-SL 4 CONFIGURATION OF DVPDNET-SL.................................................................................................... 8 4.1 Configuration through DeviceNet Builder Software ...........................................................................8 4.1.1 Selection of Communication Channel......................................................................................... 8 4.1.2 Setup of Scan Module ....................................


DeviceNet Network Scanner DVPDNET-SL 1 Introduction 1) Thank you for choosing Delta DVPDNET-SL. To ensure correct installation and operation of DVPDNET-SL, please read this chapter carefully before using your DVPDNET-SL. 2) DVPDNET-SL running on the left side of PLC can serve as the DeviceNet master or slave with PLC MPU together. It can be configured through DeviceNet software. 1.1 Features Serves as DeviceNet master by connecting to PLC MPU and Supports standard DeviceNet protocol.


DeviceNet Network Scanner DVPDNET-SL 1.3 Specifications PLC that DVPDNET-SL supports Item Specification DVPDNET-SL supports PLC MPU which can be extendable in its left side PLC Model g. DVP-SV, DVP-EH2_L, DVP-SX2, DVP-SA2, DVP10MC11T etc. ) DeviceNet Interface Item Specification Transmission CAN method Electrical 500V DC isolation Interface Removable connector (5.08mm) Transmission TAP-CB01 cable and TAP-CB02 cable are recommended. (The shielded wire cable must be grounded and


9 9 8 8 7 7 6 6 DeviceNet Network Scanner DVPDNET-SL 2 Product Profile & Outline 2.1 Dimension DVPDNET MS NS 5 1 x10 5 0 x10 DR 1 DR 0 IN 1 IN 0 2.2 Product Profiles 1. Model name 2. Extension port 3. Power, MS, NS LED 4. DIN rail clip 5. Digital indicator 6. Extension clip 7. Address switch 8. Function switch 9. DeviceNet connection port 2.3 DeviceNet Connection Port The connector is used on the connection to DeviceNet. Wire by using the connector enclosed with DVPDNET-


9 9 8 8 7 7 6 6 DeviceNet Network Scanner DVPDNET-SL 2.4 Address Switch The switch is used on setting up the node address of DVPDNET-SL on DeviceNet. Range: 00 ~ 63 (64 ~ 99 are forbidden). Switch setting Content 5 5 0 … 63 Valid DeviceNet node address 64…99 Invalid DeviceNet node address Example: If you need to set the node address of DVPDNET-SL to 26, simply switch the corresponding 1 0 switch of x10 to 2 and the corresponding switch of x10 to 6. Note: Please set up the node addres


DeviceNet Network Scanner DVPDNET-SL 2.6 Digital Indicator The digital indicator provides the following two functions: DVPDNET POWER MS NS 1) Displaying the node address and error messages of DVPDNET-SL . 2) Displaying the error message of slave. Note: When the module works normally, the digital displayer will show its own node ID. When "E1" and "03" are on display continuously, it indicates that the error that "E1" refers to occurs in the slave of node 03. When the error c


DeviceNet Network Scanner DVPDNET-SL 3 Installation 3.1 Connecting DVPDNET-SL to DVP-SV MPU Adjust the extension clip on the left side of DVP-SV. Meet the extension port of the MPU with DVPDNET-SL as shown in the figure below. Fasten the extension clip. DVPDNET DVP28SV RUN STOP 3.2 Installing DVPDNET-SL and DVP-SV MPU on DIN Rail Use 35mm DIN rail. Open the DIN rail clip on DVP-SV and DVPDNET-SL. Insert DVP-SV and DVPDNET-SL onto the DIN rail. Clip up the DIN rail clips on DVP-


DeviceNet Network Scanner DVPDNET-SL 3.3 Connecting to DeviceNet Connection Port The colors on the PINs on the DeviceNet connection port match the colors of the connection cables. Make sure you connect the cable to the right PIN. We recommend you also apply Delta’s power module in the connection. DVP-PLC Operation Manual 7


DeviceNet Network Scanner DVPDNET-SL 4 Configuration of DVPDNET-SL 4.1 Configuration through DeviceNet Builder Software Before DVPDNET-SL starts to work normally, it must be configured through DeviceNet Builder software. 4.1.1 Selection of Communication Channel Max 8 DVPDNET-SL modules can be connected to the left side of PLC and every DVPDNET-SL is a communication channel. When there are three DVPDNET-SL modules connected to PLC’s left side and DeviceNet Builder software is on line, the


DeviceNet Network Scanner DVPDNET-SL 4.1.2 Setup of Scan Module The following dialog is for setting DVPDNET-SL’s current mode: master mode or slave mode. Parameter Explanation Master For setting DVPDNET-SL as master mode. mode Scan The cycle time for master to send and receive the real time data after real-time interval data connection is successful. time The result value of the parameter multiplied by 4. (Unit:ms) Timeouts Master assumes that the slave is offline if it receiv


DeviceNet Network Scanner DVPDNET-SL 4.1.3 Setup of Scan List Double click the existing icon of DVPDNET-SL in the DeviceNet Builder interface and then the following dialog box appears for configuring the scan module. Parameter Explanation All already scanned slaves appear in “Available list”. Available After the configuration information is downloaded to DVPDNET-SL, the slave in node “Available node” will not conduct the real-time data exchange with DVPDNET-SL. After the configurat


DeviceNet Network Scanner DVPDNET-SL 4.1.4 Input Table and Output Table Select the device in “Scan list” and then the data length of input and output of the device will be displayed respectively in the lower part of the following dialog box. Parameter Explanation PLC MPU’s registers and the corresponding output data are shown in “Output list”. Output The values in PLC’s registers will be sent to slave in real time as the control data Table of slave. PLC MPU’s registers and the corr


DeviceNet Network Scanner DVPDNET-SL 4.2 Data Mapping Areas The data mapping introduced in this chapter is the data mapping between PLC MPU and DVPDNET-SL. The mapping relation is unchanged and user has no right to revise this area. Max 8 PLC DVPDNET-SL modules can be connected to PLC’s left side. After all DVPDNET-SL are connected to DVP-SV, DVP-SV will distribute data mapping areas to every DVPDNET-SL. DVPDNET DVPDNET DVPDNET DVPDNET DVPDNET DVPDNET DVPDNET DVPDNET DVP28SV RUN STOP Th


DeviceNet Network Scanner DVPDNET-SL Note: If the unit No. is 2, the number of the registers above will all be added by 500 respectively; if the unit No. is 3, the number of the registers above will all be added by 1000 respectively; if the unit No. is 4, the number of the registers above will all be added by 1500 respectively and so on. 4.4 I/O Mapping Table (as slave mode) As DVPDNET-SL serves as slave mode, the data mapping areas are distributed as below table and these registers are a


DeviceNet Network Scanner DVPDNET-SL 5 Sending Explicit Message from Ladder Diagram DVPDNET-SL supports the sending of explicit messages through WPL programs. 5.1 The Principle of Explicit Message Sending 1 Explicit request message (PLC DVPDNET-SL) 4 Explicit response message (DVPDNET-SL PLC) DVPDNET DVP28SV RUN STOP Explicit request message from master 2 DeviceNet DNA02 RJ12 VFD-B Explicit response message from slave 3 ①: DVP-SV MPU sends out explicit request message to DVPDNET-SL a


DeviceNet Network Scanner DVPDNET-SL 5.2 Structure of Explicit Message You can edit explicit messages in “explicit request message editing area” and “explicit response message editing area”. See the table below for the corresponding relation between the two areas and PLC devices. If you transmit the request message to be sent out to D6250 ~ D6281, DVPDNET-SL will fill the response message to D6000 ~ D6031. PLC device Mapping area Mapping length D6000 ~ D6031 Explicit response message edit


DeviceNet Network Scanner DVPDNET-SL 2) Structure of response message See the table below: Response Message PLC device 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 D6000 ReqID Status D6001 Message Header Port Size D6002 Service Code MAC ID D6003 ~ 6031 Message Data Service Response Data The definitions of ReqID, Port, Service Code and MAC ID are the same as their definitions in request message. Size: The length of the message, starting from D6003. Max. 58 bytes. Errors will occur when the


DeviceNet Network Scanner DVPDNET-SL 4) Application example (I) Target When M0 = On, read Class 1>>Instance 1>>Attribute 1 of IFD9502 1> The connection DVPDNET DVP28SV RUN STOP Node Address:00 DeviceNet Node Address:02 RJ12 Note: IFD9502, a Delta DeviceNet slave module can connect VFD AC motor drive to DeviceNet network. 2> Compulsory settings and explanations on devices Compulsory settings in DVPDNET-SL Parameter Set value Explanation Node address 00 Set the node address of DVPDN

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