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3Com Bard Manufacturing Company 43506の取扱説明書
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Manual: 2100-279
Bryan, Ohio 43506
File: Vol I, Tab 20
Since 1914...Moving ahead, just as planned. Date: 04-19-98
WAG-Series Combination Gas/Electric Wall-Mount™
We're pleased you've chosen our gas furnace to supply your heating needs. Please keep this manual in a
safe, yet readily available place. It contains important and useful information.
ATTENTION, INSTALLER: After installing furnace, give the user:
• User's Information Ma


Contents Section 1 Figures Rating Plate Information ....................................... 1 Figure 1 Typical Gas Piping .............................. 4 Section 2 Figure 2 Step-by-Step Instructions Important Safety Precautions ............................... 1 on Lighting Burners ............................. 6 Section 3 Understanding How Your Furnace Works ............ 3 Figure 3 Filter Locations ................................... 9 Section 4 Figure 4 Location of Access Panels ..............


SECTION 1 • RATING PLATE INFORMATION Record the manufacturer’s name, unit model number and serial number below. These are your furnace rating plate. Record installation date which is important for warranty purposes. YOUR FURNACE INFORMATION Furnace Type ___________________________________________________________________ Manufacturer’s Name _____________________________________________________________ Model Number __________________________________________________________________ Serial Number


WARNING WARNING Any unfamiliar smell can alert you to presence Do not operate furnace with blower door open of gas or aldehydes. If you detect any or removed. Do not alter furnace to allow unfamiliar odor follow instruction in Section operation with blower door removed. Doing 4.B.1. Otherwise, nausea, asphyxiation or fire either could allow combustion products to could occur resulting in damage, injury or circulate throughout the furnace area causing death. nausea, asphyxiation


3.1 BASIC OPERATION – HEATING CYCLE WARNING This furnace is operated by an Electronic Blower Control (EBC) and a gas control system which controls all functions of the furnace. Never store anything combustible near or on your furnace. These include brooms, On a call for heat from the thermostat, the EBC first turns on dustmops, vacuum cleaners, other cleaning the inducer motor. The pressure switch then closes tools or items, plastic or plaxtic containers, signaling the ignition contro


FIGURE 1 – TYPICAL GAS PIPING SECTION 4 • TURNING OFF FURNACE IN AN EMERGENCY WARNING Have a qualified installer, service agency or gas supplier teach you location and operation of gas and electrical shutoff devices. Ask them any questions you have about this section. If you don’t turn off your furnace in an emergency damage, injury or death could result. In an emergency you MUST know how to turn off gas and electricity. Find out how BEFORE THE EMERGENCY. WARNING Should o


c. Your furnace should now be off. If it is, call 4.B POSSIBLE EMERGENCIES AND your service technician or gas supplier. RECOMMENDED ACTIONS d. If your furnace continuers to run, leave your home or building immediately. Call your gas supplier or fire department from a neighbor’s phone for help. WARNING 3. Possible Emergency: Your thermostat is set above If gas or electricity is off due to an room temperature. The blower is on but the air emergency, only a qualified installer, service c


SECTION 5 • OPERATING YOUR FURNACE WARNING After reading the Safety Information and Precautions follow Never use tools to move gas control switch. Operating Instructions on front door of furnace and Only use your hand. If gas control switch will instructions repeated here. not move by hand, do not force it or try to repair it. Call a qualified installer, service agency or gas supplier. Forcing switch can cause gas to leak which could result in fire or explosion. WARNING If


SECTION 6 • PROPER MAINTENANCE OF 6.D KEEP AIR FILTER(S) CLEAN YOUR FURNACE As a user, your personal responsibility is to keep air filter(s) clean. You need special abilities, mechanical skills and tools to maintain your furnace properly. If you are uncertain about your abilities or if you lack proper skills or tools, do not try to maintain or repair you furnace yourself. Instead, contact a CAUTION qualified installer, service agency or gas supplier. A dirty air filter(s) reduces syst


3. Reviewing that the return air duct connection(s) 4. Inspect the vent terminal, observing for any is physically sound, is sealed to the furnace debris from weather, birds, and the like. Clean casing. if necessary. Also check the small cover assembly on Induced Draft Blower Door to make 4. The physical support of the furnace is sound sure it is clear. See Figure 4. without sagging, cracks, gaps, etc. around the unit so as to provide a seal between the unit and the structure. 5. Inspect for


FIGURE 3 MIS-058 FIGURE 4 MIS-059 Manual 2100-279 Page 9


FIGURE 5 FIGURE 6 FLAME SHOULD GROUND ENGULF SENSOR HEAT STRAP EXCHANGER IGNITER SECTION SENSOR OUTER CONE INNER CONE NO LIFTING AWAY FROM BURNER PORTS MIS-1067 SECTION 7 • AIR CONDITIONING START SECTION 8 • FRESH AIR DAMPER UP PROCEDURE CRANKCASE HEATERS ASSEMBLY Single and three phase models have an insertion well-type The fresh air damper assembly permits outside fresh air to heater located in the lower section of the compressor be introduced to the building whenever the main unit hous


SECTION 9 • REPLACEMENT PARTS Replacement parts for the gas/electric units are available through local distributors. A replacement parts list manual is supplied with each unit. When ordering parts or making inquiries pertaining to any of the units covered by these instructions, it is very important to always supply the COMPLETE model number and serial number of the unit. This is necessary to assure that the correct parts (or an approved alternate part) are issued to the service agency. Manu

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