Anetsberger Brothers Chrome Grillsの取扱説明書

デバイスAnetsberger Brothers Chrome Grillsの取扱説明書

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Anetsberger Brothers Chrome Grillsの取扱説明書
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Anets GoldenGRILL Series
Chrome Grills
Superior Performance.
Superior Value.



You’re Golden With Anets Superior Cooking Performance Ask any chef who has ever used a chrome grill, and you’ll find out why chrome outshines all the rest. Superior cooking performance delivers pure food flavor and an easy-to-clean mirror-like finish maintains an attractive appearance, perfect for display kitchens. Enhanced Food Quality You get more thorough cooking performance because chrome minimizes heat radiation and maximizes heat conduction. This means more


off, cleanup is a snap. Remarkable In fact, on average, chrome takes nearly half the cleanup Cost Efficiency time standard steel grills take. The At the end of the day—no matter how smooth surface scrapes with ease, and long or how demanding—the Anets the chrome shines like new with a little water and cleanser. GoldenGRILL Chrome Grill adds more money to your bottom line. For added convenience, SGC-LD models feature an exclusive stainless steel side grease drawer that runs the Minima


Customize With Anets Grill Options and Accessories 11"-high backsplash—Great prep tool for rush Stainless steel stands—Don’t give up counter Removable cutting board—Adds prep times. Turn off the side grill burners and hold space for your grill. Casters add mobility. work space right where you need it— precooked foods in the corners. Added height Height is 25”. Width and depth match the next to the grill. Easy to attach and also minimizes grease spatter on the walls and grill dimensi

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