Sony 4-165-481-11(1)の取扱説明書

デバイスSony 4-165-481-11(1)の取扱説明書

デバイス: Sony 4-165-481-11(1)
カテゴリ: ホームシアターシステム
メーカー: Sony
サイズ: 1.59 MB
追加した日付: 8/8/2014
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DVD Home Theatre
Operating Instructions
©2010 Sony Corporation


product shall not be treated as battery, this battery should be household waste. Instead it shall be replaced by qualified service staff WARNING handed over to the applicable only. To ensure that the battery will collection point for the recycling of be treated properly, hand over the Caution – The use of electrical and electronic equipment. product at end-of-life to the optical instruments with By ensuring this product is applicable collection point for the this product will increase d


and DTS Digital Surround are code to complete the registered trademarks and the registration process and learn Precautions DTS logos and Symbol are more about DivX VOD. trademarks of DTS, Inc. © 1996- (Except for United Kingdom On power sources 2008 DTS, Inc. All Rights and North American models.) Reserved. • The unit is not disconnected from the mains as long as it is ® DivX is a registered connected to the AC outlet, even This system incorporates High- trademark of DivX, Inc., and i


DECODING VIDEO IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE About These MPEG-4 VISUAL STANDARD (“MPEG-4 Operating VIDEO”) THAT WAS ENCODED BY A Instructions CONSUMER ENGAGED IN A PERSONAL AND NON- � The instructions in these Operating Instructions COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY AND/OR WAS OBTAINED describe the controls on the remote. You can also use the FROM A VIDEO PROVIDER LICENSED BY MPEG LA TO controls on the unit if they have the same or similar PROVIDE MPEG-4 VIDEO. NO LICENSE IS GRANTED names as those o


Table of Contents Precautions..............................................3 Settings About These Operating Instructions .......4 Changing the Brightness of the Front Playable Discs/Files on a USB Panel Display.................................. 61 Device...............................................6 Setting the Demonstration Mode to Package Contents ..................................11 On/Off ............................................ 61 Index to Parts and Control ....................12 R


Playable Discs/Files on a USB Device Type Disc logo Characteristics Icon DVD VIDEO � DVD VIDEO � DVD-R/DVD-RW in DVD VIDEO format or video mode � DVD+R/DVD+RW in DVD VIDEO format VR (Video � DVD-R/DVD-RW in VR (Video Recording) mode Recording) mode (except for DVD-R DL) VIDEO CD � VIDEO CD (Ver. 1.1 and 2.0 discs) � Super VCD � CD-R/CD-RW/CD-ROM in video CD format or Super VCD format Super Audio CD � Super Audio CD CD � Audio CD � CD-R/CD-RW in audio CD format DATA CD – � CD-R/CD-


Type Disc logo Characteristics Icon USB device – � USB device that contains the following kinds of files. 2)3) 3) –MP3 files or WMA/AAC files 4) – JPEG image files 5) 6) –DivX /MPEG4 video files 1) A logical format of files and folders on CD-ROMs, defined by ISO (International Organization for Standardization). 2) MP3 (MPEG1 Audio Layer 3) is a standard format defined by ISO/MPEG for compressed audio data. MP3 files must be in MPEG1 Audio Layer 3 format. 3) Files with copyright prot


Notes about CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+R/DVD+RW In some cases, CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+R/DVD+RW cannot be played on this system due to the recording quality or physical condition of the disc, or the characteristics of the recording device and authoring software. The disc will not play if it has not been correctly finalized. For more information, refer to the operating instructions for the recording device. Note that some playback functions may not work with some DVD+RWs/DVD+Rs, even if t


� The system can play the following files. File Extension of the file MP3 file “.mp3” 2) WMA file “.wma” 2) AAC file “.m4a” JPEG image file “.jpg” or “.jpeg” 3) DivX video file “.avi” or “.divx” 1) MPEG4 video file “.mp4” or “.m4v” The system will attempt to play any data with the extensions above, even if it is not in MP3/WMA/ 3) 1) AAC/JPEG/DivX /MPEG4 format. Playing this data may generate a loud noise which could damage your speaker system. � The following can increase the time it takes to


Notes about USB devices � This system supports Mass Storage Class (MSC) devices. � This system is not guaranteed to operate with all USB devices or memories. � Although there are variety of complex functions for USB devices, the playable contents of USB devices connected to the system are music, photo, and video contents only. For details, refer to the operating instructions of the USB device. � When a USB device is inserted, the system reads all the files on the USB device. If there are many


Package Contents Main unit Speaker packages � DAV-DZ330 � DAV-DZ730 � Speaker cords (1 set) For DAV-DZ330 (red/ white/green/gray/blue) For DAV-DZ730 (green/ gray/blue) � Foot pads (1 set) � Speaker assembly parts for the tall speakers For DAV-DZ730 (2) (6) Accessories � Remote commander � R6 (size AA) batteries (2) � Calibration mic (1) (remote) (1) � FM wire antenna (aerial) (1) � Speaker-bottom covers (2) � Operating Instructions (DAV-DZ730 only) � Quick Setup Guide � Speaker Installation Guid


Index to Parts and Control For more information, refer to the pages indicated in parentheses. Front panel A Disc tray I FUNCTION Selects the playback source. B Front panel display (page 13) J Play operation buttons C (remote sensor) Receives the remote signal. Point the Z (open/close) remote toward here when using the remote. Opens or closes the disc tray. D MASTER VOLUME control N (play) Adjusts the system’s volume. Starts or re-starts playback. E REC TO USB (page 57) x (stop) Transfers tracks/


Front panel display A Playing status indicator G HDMI indicator Lights up when a signal is established B SLEEP indicator between a TV and the unit via HDMI. Flashes when the sleep timer is set. H Surround format indicator C System status display I NTSC indicator D TUNED indicator (Radio only) Lights up when an NTSC disc is loaded. Lights up when a station is received. J SA-CD indicator E ST indicator (Radio only) Lights up when a Super Audio CD/CD is Lights up when stereo sound is received. lo


Rear panel ANTENNA SPEAKERS SUR R SUR L COAXIAL 75 FM EURO AV EZW-T100 DIGITAL IN ARC OPTICAL FRONT R FRONT L SUBWOOFER CENTER OUTPUT(TO TV) OUT TV SPEAKERS Screws* A SPEAKERS jacks (page 25) * CAUTION B HDMI OUT jack (page 26) (DAV-DZ730 only) C TV (DIGITAL IN OPTICAL) jack Please do not remove the screws unless you are (page 26) installing the EZW-T100. D EZW-T100 slot (DAV-DZ730 only) (page 53) E ANTENNA (COAXIAL 75Ω FM) jack (page 28) F EURO AV T OUTPUT (TO TV) jack (page 26) GB 14


B Buttons with black/white text labels Remote control Function selection buttons (pages 33, 43, 46) Select the playback source. The system is turned on automatically when ONE-TOUCH THEATRE PLAY TV 1 you press the function selection button BRAVIA Sync while the system is turned off. 1 23 DVD/CD FM USB DVD/CD 2,3 4 56 AUDIO FM TV FUNCTION IN 7 89 USB TIME/ SOUND SYSTEM TEXT MODE MENU CLEAR 0 TV INPUT TV AUDIO SUBTITLE ANGLE AUDIO IN D.TUNING MEM SEL DVD DVD FUNCTION TOP MENU MENU MUTING Selects


DISPLAY (pages 17, 30, 33, 35, 39, C Buttons with pink text labels (The 51, 57, 62) following buttons work when you press and hold SHIFT (6).) Displays the playback information on the TV screen. Number buttons (pages 36, 46) Enters the title/chapter numbers, radio * Works with Sony TVs only. Depending on your TV, frequencies, etc. you may not be able to use some of the buttons. CLEAR (pages 35, 39, 59) Clears the entry field. To insert the batteries TV INPUT* Insert two R6 (size AA) batte


Guide to the Control Menu You can use the Control Menu to select a function and to view related information. DISPLAY Press DISPLAY while using the “DVD/CD” or “USB” function. Each time you press DISPLAY, the Control Menu changes: 1 t 2 t 3 t 1 t ... 1 Control Menu 1 2 Control Menu 2 (appears when available) 3 Control Menu off GB 17


Control Menu Example: Control Menu 1 when playing a DVD VIDEO. Currently playing title number Currently playing chapter number Total number of titles Playback status Total number of chapters (N Playback, Control Menu items X Pause, x Stop, etc.) 98( 99) Type of source being 13( 99) DVD VIDEO played T 0: 04: 17 Selected item OFF Playing time OFF DISC TITLE Current setting CHAPTER Options Function name of selected REPEAT Control Menu item ENTER DISPLAY Quit: Operation message List of Contr


[PROGRAM] (page 39) You can select the track to play in the order you want. [SHUFFLE] (page 40) You can play the tracks/files in random order. [REPEAT] (page 40) You can play the entire disc/USB device (all titles/all tracks/all folders/all files) repeatedly or one title/chapter/track/folder/file repeatedly. [A/V SYNC] (page 59) You can adjust the delay between the picture and sound. [DISC MENU] (page 38) You can display the DVD’s menu. [BROWSING] (page 34) You can displa


Getting Started Step 1: Installing the System How to position the system Install the system by referring to the illustration below. A Front speaker (L (left)) AB B Front speaker (R (right)) F C Center speaker D Surround speaker (L (left)) C E Surround speaker (R (right)) F Subwoofer G G Unit DE To attach the foot pads to the subwoofer , Remove the foot pads from the protective cover. Note � Use caution when placing the speakers and/or speaker stands attached to the speakers on a specially treat

# 取扱説明書 カテゴリ ダウンロード
1 Sony 3-285-995-11(1) 取扱説明書 ホームシアターシステム 36
2 Sony 3-298-611-11(1) 取扱説明書 ホームシアターシステム 4
3 Sony 3-299-549-12(1) 取扱説明書 ホームシアターシステム 11
4 Sony 3-283-036-11(3) 取扱説明書 ホームシアターシステム 5
5 Sony 3-094-057-22(1) 取扱説明書 ホームシアターシステム 4
6 Sony 3-295-947-01(1) 取扱説明書 ホームシアターシステム 1
7 Sony 3-283-375-11(2) 取扱説明書 ホームシアターシステム 4
8 Sony 3-299-549-11(1) 取扱説明書 ホームシアターシステム 0
9 Sony 4-130-029-13(1) 取扱説明書 ホームシアターシステム 1
10 Sony 4-178-254-11(1) 取扱説明書 ホームシアターシステム 3
11 Sony 4-147-228-12(1) 取扱説明書 ホームシアターシステム 1
12 Sony 4-178-247-11(1) 取扱説明書 ホームシアターシステム 2
13 Sony 5950DP 取扱説明書 ホームシアターシステム 0
14 Sony 490S 取扱説明書 ホームシアターシステム 5
15 Sony 4-136-121-11(1) 取扱説明書 ホームシアターシステム 1
16 Sony 3-285-995-11(1) 取扱説明書 ホームシアターシステム 36
17 Sony 3-298-611-11(1) 取扱説明書 ホームシアターシステム 4
18 Sony 3-299-549-12(1) 取扱説明書 ホームシアターシステム 11
19 Sony 3-283-036-11(3) 取扱説明書 ホームシアターシステム 5
20 Sony 3-094-057-22(1) 取扱説明書 ホームシアターシステム 4