3Com 3C389の取扱説明書

デバイス3Com 3C389の取扱説明書

デバイス: 3Com 3C389
カテゴリ: ネットワークカード
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® ™
TokenLink Velocity
Token Ring LAN
PC Card User Guide
A member of the 3Com TokenLink family of
network interface cards
Part No. 09-0536-002
Published June 1997


3Com Corporation n 5400 Bayfront Plaza n Santa Clara, California n 95052-8145 Copyright © 3Com Corporation, 1997. All rights reserved. No part of this documentation may be reproduced in any form or by any means or used to make any derivative work (such as translation, transformation, or adaptation) without permission from 3Com Corporation. 3Com Corporation reserves the right to revise this documentation and to make changes in content from time to time without obliga


CONTENTS ABOUT THIS GUIDE How to Use This Guide 1 Conventions 2 1 INTRODUCTION Product Features 1-1 Overview of Point Enablers, Socket Services, Card Services, and Super Client Drivers 1-2 Point Enablers 1-4 Socket Services 1-5 Card Services 1-5 Super Client Drivers 1-7 Card Services Enabler 1-7 Card and Socket Services Versus Point Enablers 1-7 Autoset Mode 1-8 2 INSTALLING THE TOKENLINK VELOCITY PC CARD Kit Con


OS/2 NDIS 2 Device Driver Using LAN Adapter Protocol Support (LAPS) 3-9 DOS Client 16 for Novell NetWare 4.01 and Above Installation 3-11 Using Memory Management 3-12 OS/2 NDIS 2 Device Driver Using Multiprotocol Transport Service (MPTS) 3-12 IBM LAN Support Program/Native Installation 3-14 Using Memory Management 3-15 4 LANAID AND IBM LAN CLIENT LANAID 4-1 Net Address 4-2 IBM LAN Client 4-2 Installing LANAID 4-3 Using LANAID to Install IBM


A USING A MEMORY MANAGER Memory Managers with Point Enabler A-1 Memory Managers with Card and Socket Services A-2 Expanded Memory Specification A-4 B SYSTEMSOFT CARD AND SOCKET SERVICES SPECIFICS C HOT-PLUGGABILITY AND SUSPEND/RESUME Windows 95 (NDIS 3) C-2 DOS ODI Hot-Pluggability and Suspend/Resume C-3 DOS NDIS Hot-Pluggability C-3 OS/2 NDIS Hot-Pluggability and Suspend/Resume C-4 D TECHNICA


FIGURES 1-1 PC Card Software Interfaces 1-3 2-1 Attaching the Cable to the 3C389 PC Card 2-2 2-2 Inserting the 3C389 PC Card 2-3 2-3 Modular UTP Cable for the 3C389 PC Card 2-4 2-4 RJ-45 to STP Connector 2-4 vii


TABLES 1 Notice Icons 2 2 Text Conventions 2 4-1 Clients and Protocol Descriptions 4-5 5-1 DOS ODI Error Codes 5-4 5-2 DXMCSMOD Error Codes, Explanation, and Action 5-6 5-3 Phase Nibble Explanations 5-12 5-4 Error Condition Nibble Explanations 5-12 5-5 Actions for Open Errors 5-13 5-6 Recommended Actions Key 5-16 ix


LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY ® ® 3Com’s EtherLink , Fast EtherLink, TokenLink , ™ ™ TokenLink Velocity , ATMLink PCI, and ™ FDDILink network interface cards have a Lifetime Limited Warranty. For further details, please see 3Com’s Limited Warranty statement in this guide. To ensure the very best 3Com service and support, take the time to complete the product registration card.


Customers in the countries or regions shown below should send the completed registration card to the appropriate address. Customers in other non-U.S. locations should send the registration card to the U.S. address on the front of the card. n Asia n Japan 3Com Asia Ltd., Marketing Department 3Com Japan, Marketing Department Room 2506-07, 25/F. Shinjuku Sumitomo Building 23F Citibank Tower 2-6-1 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Citibank Plaza, Central Tokyo 163-02 Hong K


ABOUT THIS GUIDE This guide describes how to install and configure the 3Com 3C389 TokenLink Velocity PC Card, and is intended for the token ring network administrator, operator, or hardware installer. A knowledge of token ring networks and microcomputer hardware configuration procedures is required. If the information in the README.TXT file or the Release Notes differs from the information in this guide, follow the information in the README.TXT file first, the Release Notes second, and the u


2 ABOUT THIS GUIDE Conventions Table 1 and Table 2 list conventions that are used throughout this guide. Table 1 Notice Icons Icon Notice Type Alerts you to... Information note Important features or instructions Caution Risk of personal safety, system damage, or loss of data Warning Risk of severe personal injury Table 2 Text Conventions Convention Description Commands The word “command” means you must enter the command exactly as shown in text and press the Return or Enter key. Example


INTRODUCTION 1 The 3Com TokenLink Velocity PC Card (referred to as the 3C389 PC Card) is a network interface card (NIC) that provides an interface between PCs and token ring networks. The 3C389 PC Card is designed to operate in PCs with PC Card slots that comply with the standards of the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) Release 2.1, Type II slots. Product Features n Fully compatible and up to 90% faster than the 3Com TokenLink III PC Card. n Remote Program


1-2 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION See the README.TXT files on the TokenDisk diskettes for information on 3C389 PC Card features not documented in the user guide. Overview of Point Enablers, Socket Services, Card Services, and Super Client Drivers Computers that support PC Cards have one or more PC Card slots, known as A, B, C... or 1, 2, 3.... Communication between the LAN device driver and the PC Card is enabled by a software layer which may include one or more of the following programs: n Poin


Overview of Point Enablers, Socket Services, Card Services, 1-3 and Super Client Drivers PCMCIA 2.1 Point enabled LAN device LAN device driver driver Card Point services enabler Socket Socket services controller Socket controller Socket services Card services enabled enabled LAN device LAN device driver driver Socket services Card services enabler enabler Socket Card services services Socket Socket controller services Socket controller Figure 1-1 PC Card Software Interfaces


1-4 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION Point Enablers Windows NT currently uses a point enabler called PCMCIA.SYS, which currently ships with Windows NT. OS/2 requires Card Services. Point enablers are small programs that provide an interface directly to the PC Card controller; therefore, they must be written to support a particular type of controller. For the 3C389 PC Card, there are point enablers for the Intel chip (most PCs) and for the chip installed in the Toshiba 3300SL. In the DOS environmen


Socket Services 1-5 When configuring two or more PC Cards, you must allocate memory and interrupt resources manually. Socket Services This is a BIOS-type interface that provides a way to gain access to the PC Card sockets (slots) of a PC. It identifies how many sockets your PC has and detects the insertion or removal of a PC Card while the PC is switched on. It has an interface to Card Services. Socket Services is part of the PCMCIA Specification. The Socket Services device driver is usually


1-6 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION If the installation program detects Card and Socket Services in your PC, it will default to Autoset mode. Autoset mode allows your LAN driver to negotiate with Card Services for memory space and interrupts. This helps to prevent conflicts with other PC Cards that are installed in your PC; however, you will not know exactly what memory addresses and interrupts have been given to you. Card Services requires Socket Services. The Card Services interface is usually


Super Client Drivers 1-7 Super Client Drivers Many notebook PC vendors are providing customers with super client drivers that can enable many different PC Cards. PC-DOS 6.1 includes one called PCMSCD.EXE, for example. They are best used for modems and other PC Cards that do not have a Card Services client driver of their own. If you use a super client driver, try to disable support for the PC Card and use the 3Com client driver. 3Com drivers have been written to take advantage of Card Ser


1-8 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION For point enablers, you have to specify the slot in which a particular PC Card will be used and you have to specify memory locations, interrupt levels, and other parameters. This is not difficult unless you use several PC Cards at different times, in which case you need to make certain that what you specify does not conflict with any other PC Cards installed in your PC. Autoset Mode Card and Socket Services turns out to be most helpful when you have a number of P


INSTALLING THE 2 TOKENLINK VELOCITY PC CARD Kit Contents In addition to this manual, your kit contains the following items: n 3Com 3C389 TokenLink Velocity PC Card n Token ring PC Card RJ-45 cable n Five TokenDisk diskettes n An shielded twisted pair (STP) connector for connection to STP network wiring The 3C389 PC Card cable can be purchased separately. If you want additional cables, contact your 3Com marketing representative or your place of purchase. Installation Tips If you plan to use

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12 3Com 3C990B-TX-M 取扱説明書 ネットワークカード 0
13 3Com 3C905C-TX-M, 3C905C-TX 取扱説明書 ネットワークカード 60
14 3Com 3C986-T 取扱説明書 ネットワークカード 2
15 3Com 3CRWE154A72 取扱説明書 ネットワークカード 0
16 Sony BTA-NW1A 取扱説明書 ネットワークカード 2
17 Sony BKMW-E3000 取扱説明書 ネットワークカード 2
18 Sony AC-SQ950D 取扱説明書 ネットワークカード 0
19 Sony BBV RX100 取扱説明書 ネットワークカード 3
20 Sony CLIE A-AVZ-100-11 取扱説明書 ネットワークカード 1