Bertazzoni Oven F30PROXTの取扱説明書

デバイスBertazzoni Oven F30PROXTの取扱説明書

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Bertazzoni Oven F30PROXTの取扱説明書
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FROM THE DESK OF THE PRESIDENT Dear new owner of a Bertazzoni product, I want to thank you for choosing one of our beautiful products. We know that you have many brands and products to choose from and we are thrilled that you have decided to take one of our products into your home. We take as much pride in making our products as we hope you will in owning them. My family started manufacturing cooking appliances in 1882. Each of our products is a blend of Italian design finesse a


TABLE OF CONTENTS     APPLIANCE INFORMATION ______________________________________________ 4  WARRANTY AND SERVICE _______________________________________________ 5  IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ______________________________________ 6  PRODUCT SPECIFICATION _______________________________________________ 9  INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS __________________________________________ 11  CARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT ________________________________________ 11  WIRING DIAGRAM ______________________


APPLIANCE INFORMATION MODEL _____________________________________________________ DATE INSTALLED _____________________________________________________ DEALER _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ INSTALLER _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ SERVICER _____________________________________________________ ________


WARRANTY AND SERVICE All Bertazzoni products are covered by a 2 years parts and labor warranty. Service on all Bertazzoni products shall be carried out by factory-trained professionals only. For warranty service please contact Customer Service at the numbers indicated below. CUSTOMER SERVICE English/Spanish hotline (866) 905-0010 French hotline (800) 561-7625 Fax (714) 428-0040 Email BERTAZZONIHELP@SERVICEPOWER.COM Mailing address SERVICEPOWER 1503 South Coast drive Sui


IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read these instructions before installing or using the oven for the first time. Save these instructions and review them periodically. Keep the instructions in a safe place and transfer them to any future user. General This appliance complies with current safety requirements. The appliance is intended for domestic use only: cooking, baking, roasting, broiling, defrosting and heating of food. It is not designed for industrial or laboratory use. Only use the


Oven use WARNING! Ovens can produce high temperatures that can cause burns. Prevent children from touching the appliance while in use. Use heat-resistant potholders when placing items in the oven, turning them, or removing them from the oven. The upper heating element and oven racks can become very hot and cause burns. To prevent burns, always place oven racks at their desired height while the oven is cool. Open the door carefully to allow hot air or steam to escape before placing or re


consistency of the food, and recipe. Germs present in the food are killed off only at a sufficiently high temperature (> 158F / 70C) and after a sufficiently long time (10 minutes or longer). Select a longer cooking time if you are unsure whether the food is thoroughly heated. To ensure temperature is distributed evenly, stir food before serving. It is recommended to cover all cooked food that is left in the oven to be kept warm. This will prevent moisture from condensing on the interior o


PRODUCT SPECIFICATION PROFESSIONAL SERIES OVENS (PRO MODELS) Electrical requirements 120/240V - 5500W (24 A max) or 120/208V – 4400W (21 A max). Upper heating element 3400W Lower heating element 2100W Convection heating elements 2 x 1650W 9


PRODUCT SPECIFICATION DESIGN SERIES OVENS (CON MODELS) Electrical requirements 120/240V - 5500W (24 A max) or 120/208V – 4400W (21 A max). Upper heating element 3400W Lower heating element 2100W Convection heating elements 2 x 1650W 10


INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS INSTALLER: PLEASE LEAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS WITH THE OWNER. Electrical connection CAUTION: Before installing the oven, disconnect the power supply by either removing the fuse, shutting off the power main or manually tripping the circuit breaker. Installation work and repairs should only be performed by a qualified technician in accordance with all applicable codes and standards. Repairs and service by unqualified persons could be dangerous and may void the w






CUT-OUT DIMENSIONS IMPORTANT Kitchen cabinets shall be made of materials capable of withstanding temperatures at least 117°F (65°C) above room temperature in order to avoid possible damage to the cabinets during oven usage. The oven must be installed into cabinetry and be supported from underneath. The oven vent at the bottom of the door must be left unobstructed. A Vent cut-out 16” x 4” (406mm x 102mm) in the base of the cabinet B Cut-out for power cord min. 1" x 1” (2.54 x 2


INSTALLING THE OVEN STEP 1 Fix the supplied skid plates to the cabinet floor. STEP 2 Prepare the door for removal. Flip up the locking clamps on each door hinge. Slowly shut the door until the protruding clamps stop the movement. Pull oven door upwards and remove. STEP 3 Connect the oven to the electrical supply. STEP 4 Slide the oven into the cabinet and align. STEP 5 Reinstall the oven door. STEP 7 Open the oven door and locate the two mounting screw holes in the oven frame.


GETTING STARTED 1 Control Panel (KNOBS only presents on PRO models) 2 Cooling exhaust 3 Self-clean cycle door lock 4 Lights 5 Food probe port (XT (models only) 6 Convection fans 7 Seven level shelf supports 8 Data plate 9 Oven door COOLING FANS Two cooling fans are concealed in the upper portion of the oven. They activate each time the internal temperature reaches 390F (200C) and continue to operate until the temperature drops to 230F (160C). Therefore the cooling


When inserting a rack, always check that the safety notches are at the back. To remove racks, raise them upwards and pull out. TELESCOPIC RACKS The oven is also equipped with full-extension telescopic racks that extend on ball bearing glides. The telescopic racks must be securely fastened to the side runners. Additional racks can be purchased as accessory (part # 901267). To change shelf position: - extract the rack out of the oven - lift the rack to disengage the runners - pull the r


USING THE LCD DISPLAY DESIGN SERIES OVENS (CON MODELS) PROFESSIONAL SERIES OVENS (PRO MODELS) A Touch control areas B LCD Display C Temperature knob D Cooking modes knob START The LCD display can be operated 1 minute after the power supply is connected. To activate the display: DESIGN SERIES OVENS (CON MODELS) Tap for 2 seconds any of the touch control areas (A). The following icons will appear: Timer Settings Light Start PROFESSIONAL SERIES OVENS


ICONS LEGEND Timer Light Settings menu Start Scroll left/right and up/down Confirm selection Remove selection or leave menu Stop cooking Set cooking time, delay start/end time, food probe Modify cooking mode Modify cooking temperature


SETTINGS Activate SETTINGS menu with Select field with and confirm Set the desired values with and confirm Leave menu Notes ECO mode: this setting reduces energy consumption by: ‐ turning off the oven before the end of a cooking program and using residual heat to complete the cooking ‐ switching off the oven light during cooking ‐ switching off the display in stand-by mode. Audio Level Level 1 to 3. Level 1 is NO AUDIO Metric /Imperial Metric: Celsius/Kg/24 hour

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