Accessory Power Camera Accessories bg-7dの取扱説明書

デバイスAccessory Power Camera Accessories bg-7dの取扱説明書

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Accessory Power Camera Accessories bg-7dの取扱説明書
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Thank you for purchasing the Accessory Power BG-7D Battery Grip for Canon EOS 7D dSLR Cameras. This battery grip is uniquely constructed with easy to load battery chambers and magazines. This battery grip has been designed to accommodate and exceed the expectations of Professional Photographers and Recreational Enthusiasts alike. Please carefully read this manual before operating your new BG-7D and keep it in a safe place for future reference. There are many helpful diagrams and troubleshoo


Product Diagram 1 - Contact Cap 11 - AF-ON Button 2 - Control Contacts 12 - AF-L Magnify Button 3 - Battery Chamber 13 - AE-L Reduce Button 4 - Battery Chamber Latch 14 - Shutter-Release Button 5 - Mounting screw 15 - Multi-Function Button 6 - Guide Pin 16 - Main Command Dial 7 - Attachment Wheel 17 - Operation Switch 8 - Battery Release Lever 18 - Hand Strap Mount 9 - DC Coupler Cord Mount 19 - Tripod Socket 10 - Battery Chamber Cover 2 1 6 5 4 9 19 11 18 14 13 15 7 12 10 8 3


Operating Instructions: Shutter-Release Button and Command Dials The BG-7D is equipped with a (14) Shutter-Release Button, (15) Multi-Function Button, and (17) Operation Switch for shooting vertically. These controls perform the same functions as the corresponding controls on your Canon dSLR Camera. Please refer to your Canon’s Guide to Digital Photography for more detailed information. AE-L/AF-L Button The BG-7D is equipped with an (12) AF-L Magnify Button, (13) AE-L Reduce Button, and (11


battery-compartment slot for battery cover compartment cover Remove the battery pack if there is one inside your camera. Slide the neck of the BG-7D into your Canon dSLR Camera’s battery compart- ment. Firmly tighten the (7) Attachment Wheel by rotating it in the direction shown by the LOCK Arrow. Inserting Batteries The BG-7D can be used with one or two LP-E6 Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries or with 6 AA batteries inserted in the (b) AA Battery Magazine. Before inserting bat- teries, be sure


Operating Instructions (cont’d) Turn over the (b) AA Battery Magazine so that the inserted batteries are facing downward. Slide the (b) AA Battery Magazine into the (3) Battery Chamber until the (8) Battery Release Levers lock into place. Firmly close the (10) Battery-Chamber Cover. Be sure to close the (10) Battery Chamber Cover until it clicks into place. Turn your Canon dSLR Camera’s power ON, and check the battery level in the control panel or viewfinder. If the LP-E6 batteries are no


Troubleshooting If you are having trouble attaching the BG-7D to your Canon dSLR Camera, please try the following: - Make sure that you have completely removed your Canon dSLR Camera’s battery compartment cover. You may refer to your Canon User’s Manual. - Be sure that you tighten the (5) Mounting Screw on the BG-7D into the tripod screw hole on the bottom of your Canon dSLR Camera. You may tighten the con- nection of the BG-7D and your Canon Camera by twisting the (7) Attachment


Cautions - The BG-7D battery grip was intended for use with Canon EOS 7D dSLR Cameras. - Please only operate this device with the batteries and battery magazines men- tioned in this manual. The BG-7D is compatible with LP-E6 equivalent Li-Ion bat tery packs, Ni-MH or Alkaline AA batteries, and the included battery magazines. - To prevent electrical shorts caused by metal objects touching the Metal Con- tacts of the BG-7D, please place the (1) Contact Cap over the (2) Control Contacts

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