Apacer Technology AP-SRFD255AXXXXR-Gの取扱説明書

デバイスApacer Technology AP-SRFD255AXXXXR-Gの取扱説明書

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Apacer Technology AP-SRFD255AXXXXR-Gの取扱説明書
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Serial ATA Flash Drive

RoHS Compliant
Serial ATA RAID Flash Drive
Specifications for SRFD

April 25, 2008


Apacer Technology Inc.

9/F, No. 100, Hsin Tai Wu Rd., Hsichih, Taipei Hsien 221, Taiwan

Tel: +886-2-2696-1666 Fax: +886-2-2696-1668


© 2008 Apacer Technology Inc.


Serial ATA Flash Drive AP-SRFD255AXXXXR-G Features:  Interface  OS Support – Serial ATA 2.5 (Gen. 2) - Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP – SATA II, 3.0 Gbps – ATA command set compatible  Auto Standby and Sleep modes supported  Performance – Burst read/write: 300 MB/sec  Temperature ranges – 0°C ~ 70°C for operation  Capacities – -40°C ~ 100°C for storage – 1 GB+ for each slot with Ultra DMA mode support  Supply voltage – 5


Serial ATA Flash Drive AP-SRFD255AXXXXR-G Table of Contents 1. General Description .................................................................................................4 1.1 Functional Block Diagram .............................................................................................................................. 4 1.2 Appearance ...............................................................................................


Serial ATA Flash Drive AP-SRFD255AXXXXR-G 1.. General Description .. The Apacer 2.5” SRFD is the first SATA RAID Flash Drive introduced to the market. SRFD increases data reliability and security by utilizing an SATA interface and saving data into two CompactFlash cards. It offers capacity expansion, ultimate performance, reliability and simplicity with a variety of hardware RAID modes. 1.1 Functional Block Diagram The Functional Block SA


Serial ATA Flash Drive AP-SRFD255AXXXXR-G 1.2 Appearance This section describes the appearance of the SRFD. It contains the LED indication, mode configurations, expansion slots, and interfaces. SATA connector R/W LED (D2) Power connector Link LED (D1) RAID Mode Configuration Table CF Slot 2 5 © 2008 Apacer Technology Inc. Rev 0.


Serial ATA Flash Drive AP-SRFD255AXXXXR-G 1.3 Mode Configuration Apacer SRFD supports 4 static pins that can be used to program a normal operating state. The configuration of each node uses a combination of the Configuration pins and the Pushbutton (Reset) pin. Table 1-1: Mode Configuration Configuration Pin 1 2 3 4 Mode Example 0100 0 1 0 0 RAID 0 1100 1 1 0 0 RAID 1 1.3.1 Definition The following method can be used to define the


Serial ATA Flash Drive AP-SRFD255AXXXXR-G 1.4 LED Mode The following table shows LED Mode status and descriptions. Table 1-2: LED Status H/D Signal Color Indication Description D1 Red SATA Link SATA Link ready Host D2 Green Read/Write Host/device Access (active) D3 Yellow LED_D0_N1 CF 1 See table as below D4 Green LED_D0_N0 D5 Yellow LED_D1_N1 CF 2 See table as below D6 Green LED_D1_N0 Table 1-3: CF 1 and CF 2 LED LED_Dx_N1 LED_Dx_


Serial ATA Flash Drive AP-SRFD255AXXXXR-G 2. Functions 2.1 Overview  Compatible with SATA Gen1 and Gen2 host controllers  OS independent, Driverless, Auto Configuration  FAST (RAID 0), SAFE (RAID 1) support  Embedded fast RAID Processor  Virtualization engine to simplify and improve utilization of storage devices  Ultra-fast 3Gbps host and device port capability 2.2 Intelligent SATA RAID Processor Unit  Automatic Failover in RAID 1 m


Serial ATA Flash Drive AP-SRFD255AXXXXR-G 2.6 Virtualization Virtualization is a mechanism, where the HBA can have an alternate view of the physical drives. The RAID Processor allows various access strategies to the connected Hard Disks and may be configured to represent n-drives as m-drives to the user. This provides the user with a simple way of partitioning storage resources according to use. For example, the processor could represent one driv


Serial ATA Flash Drive AP-SRFD255AXXXXR-G The RAID Processor supports a definition of Safe (RAID-1) set. The HBA (Host Bus Adapter) does not need to know anything about the physical arrangement of the data. To the HBA, the virtualized drive behind RAID Processor is a normal drive that just happens to be safer (fault tolerant). All error handling and Data rebuild is managed by the RAID Processor. The two physical partitions used for mirroring must


Serial ATA Flash Drive AP-SRFD255AXXXXR-G recovery is needed, while the first one is not complete, then the new request is converted to a Disk Rebuild Request. 2.9.2 Disk Rebuild First of all, the Disk Rebuild is really a Physical Partition Rebuild. Only then the Physical Partition spans the entire Physical Disk, the entire Physical Disk is rebuilt. Disk Rebuild is a procedure, to copy all of the contents from the “Good” Physical Partition to


Serial ATA Flash Drive AP-SRFD255AXXXXR-G 3. Pin Assignments Table 3-1: Signal segment Pin Signal Description S1 Ground S2 RxP Serial Data Receiver S3 RxN S4 Ground S5 TxN Serial Data Transmitter S6 TxP S7 Ground 12 © 2008 Apacer Technology Inc. Rev 0.2 (Preliminary)


Serial ATA Flash Drive AP-SRFD255AXXXXR-G Table 3-2: Power segment Pin Signal / Description P1 Not Used (3.3V) P2 Not Used (3.3V) P3 Not Used P4 Ground P5 Ground P6 Ground P7 5V Pre-charge P8 5V P9 5V P10 Ground P11 Ground P12 Ground P13 Not Used P14 Not Used (12V) P15 Not Used (12V) 13 © 2008 Apacer Technology Inc.


Serial ATA Flash Drive AP-SRFD255AXXXXR-G 4. Environmental Specification The environmental specification follows the US Military Standard MIL-STD-801F. Table 4-1: Environmental Specifications (Plan) 0°C ~ 70°C for operation Temperature -40°C ~ 100°C for Storage Humidity 5% ~ 95%R.H (non-condensing) A) Sine wave: 5~55~5Hz , X,Y,Z axes Vibration B) Random: 10~2000Hz, 16.3g, X, Y, Z 3 axes. A) Acceleration 1,500G , 0.5ms Shock - Opera


Serial ATA Flash Drive AP-SRFD255AXXXXR-G 5. Physical Characteristics 5.1 Dimension Unit: mm Tolerance: ± 0.2 15 © 2008 Apacer Technology Inc. Rev 0.2 (Preliminary)


Serial ATA Flash Drive AP-SRFD255AXXXXR-G 6. Product Ordering Information 6.1 Product Code Designations A P – SRFD 25 5 A XXXX R – G Blank = Standard RoHS Device Housing/OEM Product Type 2.5 inch SATA RAID Flash Drive Apacer Product Code 16 © 2008 Apacer Technology Inc. Rev


Serial ATA Flash Drive AP-SRFD255AXXXXR-G Revision History Revision Description Date 0.1 Initial release. Preliminary specification. Jan. 07, 2008 0.2 Updated features and function modes Apr. 25, 2008 17 © 2008 Apacer Technology Inc. Rev 0.2 (Preliminary)


Serial ATA Flash Drive AP-SRFD255AXXXXR-G Global Presence Apacer Technology Inc. Taiwan (Headquarters) 9F, 100, Sec. 1, Hsin Tai Wu Rd., Hsichih, 221 Taipei Hsien Taiwan, R.O.C. Tel: +886-2-2696-1666 Fax: +886-2-2696-1668 amtsales@apacer.com Apacer Memory America, Inc. U.S.A. 386 Fairview Way, Suite102, Milpitas, CA 95035 Tel: 1-408-586-1291 Fax: 1-408-935-9611 sa@apacerus.com Apacer Technology Corp. Japan 5F, Matsura Bld

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