AEG Double Oven DEO76の取扱説明書

デバイスAEG Double Oven DEO76の取扱説明書

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AEG Double Oven DEO76の取扱説明書
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User’s Manual
DEO76 30” Built-in Double Oven -
User’s Manual


Congratulations on the purchase of your AEG appliance. We are sure it will provide many years of great cooking experience. You may find that it has different features and characteristics to your last appliance. It is essential you read this operation manual thoroughly to fully understand all of the various functions and operations. Experiment with your cooking and take advantage of the features your new appliance offers. This manual should be retained for future reference. Shou


A - Installation check and warnings IMPORTANT: Please ensure that the oven cavity, venting and wiring is as specified in the relevant section H of this manual. It is important to the performance of the oven to allow sufficient air circulation around the appliance. All installation, adjustments and maintenance operations must be carried out by qualified technicians in accordance with the enclosed instructions and current installation standards. The manufacturer accepts no liabilit


Do not use water on grease fires Fires or flame should be smothered using flameproof material or extinguished using a dry chemical or other suitable fire retardant. When the cooker is not in use, ensure that all the knobs are in the off position. Furthermore, if it is unused for a period of time, shut off the mains electricity supply for the appliance. B - Accessories Your appliance should come equipped with the following items. Single Oven – B3007M-m, SEO 90  1 x pa


C - Using the appliance for the first time After installation remove all notification labels (not identification or warning labels) and packaging materials. After cleaning make sure cleaned surfaces are thoroughly rinsed and wiped dry using a clean, soft cloth. Power on NOTE: Oven will not operate unless time clock is set When power is first applied the display will flash and shows 00:00. The time of day is displayed in digital 24 hour format (e.g.: 18:00 is 6:00 pm). Pre


D - Electronic Programmer Operation The 24 hour clock allows the setting of automatic cooking options up to 24 hours in advance. 1 - Minus Time Button 2 Mode (Countdown Timer with Alarm, Cooking duration, End Time) 3 + Plus Time Button IMPORTANT – NOTE FOR NEW INSTALLATION AND FIRST OPERATION Setting the time on the 24 hour clock 1- The clock will require setting when you first turn on the power (or following a power failure). 2- At power on, the relay contact is opened.


Adjusting the tone of the electronic timer alarm. There are 3 different tones from which you can select. To change the tone you press the “+” and “-“ simultaneously, then press the Mode button once, Ton will be displayed. Pressing the “-“ button while ton is in the display, will change the tone to the desired setting, then press the mode button once. The electronic timer will store in its memory the last tone activated. Manual cooking Once the time of day is set the POT symbol w


Note: If you have not turned the cooking mode and temperature off, your oven will now continue to operate manually. The AUTO symbol will disappear and the POT symbol will reappear. Fully automatic – (Start Later – Stop Later) Your oven may be programmed to start, cook for the desired time and turn off automatically. This function is particularly useful in the preparation of the evening meal, should you be out during the day, it will be ready on your return home. For example if your cookin


E - Cooking modes and Instructions NOTE: cooking functions will vary from model to model – following is a description of the functions that are available and some or all of these functions will be included on the product you have purchased. Single Oven Double Oven PREHEATING Preheating the oven is not essential, but you will achieve better results if you do. Some foods, particularly cakes and pastry, are better cooked in a preheated oven. Other foods, for example


NOTE: Any food or other cooking utensils placed in the oven during preheating will affect the preheating time. The preheat time may also vary with installations. WARNING When using an alternative cooking mode for fast preheat, be sure to turn the cooking mode to your required setting before placing food in the oven. HINT: To allow for heat loss while placing food into the oven, preheat the oven 10-20°C higher and then reduce the temperature to your required cooking temperature.


Baking guide. These cooking charts are intended as a guide only. Temperature and cooking times may vary to suit individual tastes. 0 Oven Temperature C General Times Foods Suitable 0 130 – under Very slow Small meringues, pavlova, custard, reheating 0 0 130 - 150 Slow Rich fruit cake, light fruit cake 0 0 150 - 180 Moderate Casseroles, deep butter cake 0 0 Shallow butter cakes, sponges, biscuits, meat loaf, 180 - 200 Moderately hot baked fish 0 0 200 - 230 Hot Swiss roll, patty cakes,


STEAM CLEAN ASSIST Traditionally, oven enamels have been porous. This creates a surface that, over time, collects microscopic oil and grime deposits that build up within these pores and become nearly impossible to remove. Thanks to some of the latest technology, we have revolutionary new enamel which is much less porous than predecessors and creates a surface that has glass-like characteristics. Added to this breakthrough technology, we have incorporat


CONVENTIONAL OVEN In this traditional mode, oven heat is provided from the top and under the oven compartment and is most suitable when cooking on a single shelf. For best results, arrange the shelves so the top of the food is near the centre of the oven. If cooking on more than one shelf, always preheat the oven and position the pans to allow as much free circulation of heat as possible. Depending on the food, you may need to rearrange the tray position during cooking. 1- Adj


FAN ASSIST This style of cooking provides traditional cooking heating from top and bottom elements with the assistance of a circulation fan to ensure fast even results. This mode is most suitable for delicate cooking such as cakes, pastries, gateaux, biscuits and yeast dough. Best results when thermostat is set to 150-180 degrees – depending on recipe. Depending on the food, you may need to rearrange the tray position during cooking. 5- Adjust oven shelves to desire


3- Select FAN GRILL mode. 4- Set the oven to the desired temperature. (see note below and refer to FAN GRILL temperature guide). 5- When cooking is complete turn the oven off. NOTE: Large grill pans or roasting dishes can restrict the circulation of air in the oven. To prevent moisture condensing in the cooler lower sections of the oven, preheat the oven for approximately 10 minutes, using CONVENTIONAL OVEN or HIGH BAKE modes, prior to fan grilling. NOTE: The temperature setting in


CLASSIC BAKE (bottom of double oven) In this mode, oven heat is provided from the concealed bottom element. This is most suitable for cooking food which requires a well cooked base or where minimal browning is required. 1- Adjust oven shelves to desired position/s. 2- Select CLASSIC BAKE. 3- Set the oven to the desired temperature. 4- When cooking is complete turn the oven off. PIZZA This function is also excellent as the f


it is safe to do so. Once cool the affected area should be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed using non- abrasive, mild cleaning detergents and water. 2. Care for stainless steel No metal is indestructible and certain procedures should be followed to maintain the finish and durability of stainless steel. Never leave stainless steel items unwashed. The surface responds best to gentle cleaning methods, scouring materials and harsh abrasives should not be used. Frequent washing with water (pref


Routine cleaning Ensure all controls are in the off position and the appliance is cool before cleaning. When wiping stainless steel surfaces with a brushed finish, wipe in the same directions as the brushing. To clean the oven interior, fully open or remove the door/s (top opening type, see opposite page) for better access while cleaning. The shelves and shelf guides can be lifted out for cleaning by removing the relevant thumb screws. The shelves and shelf guides can be washed manually


To re-fit the oven door: i. Holding the door at an angle to the oven, slide the hinges into the oven frame, making sure that on each side the top curved arm fits into the top slot and the lower arm fits into the bottom slot. ii. Make sure the hinges are pushed as far as they will go and the lower arm engages into the plate mounted in the oven frame. iii. Open the door fully and ensure the pin fully disengages from the hole. The door can now be opened and as normal. How to R


7. For Double Oven re-fit the bottom door first by fixing the hinges with their screws; fix also the bracket of the middle spacer profile at the same time 8. Re-fit the top door after having rotated it by 180° 9. Re-fit the two door catches in the appropriate oven front frame position – minor adjustment available later to ensure accurate receipt of door striker pin 10. Re-fit the remaining screws in the thread holes in the oven front frame The changeover is complete – please check th

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