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デバイスAEG COMPETENCE 311704300の取扱説明書

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AEG COMPETENCE 311704300の取扱説明書
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Built-under Electric Multifunction Double Oven
Installation and Operating Instructions


IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION These warnings are provided in the interests of your safety. Ensure that you understand them all before installing or using the appliance. Your safety is of paramount importance. If you are unsure about any of the information in this book contact the Customer Care Department. Telephone 0870 5 350350. INSTALLATION You must ensure that the grill control is in the 'OFF' position when the timer control has been The appliance must be installed according to the set for


Main Oven Cooking Chart 27 CONTENTS Roasting Chart 28 Pizza 29 FOR THE USER Using Pizza 29 Important Safety Information 2 Things to Note 29 Description of the Appliance 4 Hints and Tips 29 Getting to Know Your Appliance 5 Fan Controlled Defrosting Main Oven 30 Grill and Oven Furniture 6 Using Fan Controlled Defrosting 30 Before Using the Appliance 7 Things to Note 30 Rating Plate 7 Hints and Tips 30 Preparing to use your Appliance 7 When First Switching On 7 Speedcook 31 The Cooling Fan for the


DESCRIPTION OF THE APPLIANCE BUILT-UNDER ELECTRIC DOUBLE OVEN Electronic Timer Second Oven/Grill Control Panel Multifunction Main Oven Your built-under appliance comprises of an oven with conventional and fan assisted option and dual grill in the top compartment. The multifunction oven can be automatically controlled by the electronic timer. 4


GETTING TO KNOW YOUR APPLIANCE THE CONTROL PANEL Electronic timer Fan Selector Indicator Fan Selector button for Neon Second Oven Second Oven / Dual Grill Control Second Oven Indicator Neon Main Oven Temperature Control Main Oven Indicator Neon Main Oven Multifunction Selector Oven Light Rotitherm Roasting Speedcook Fan Controlled Defrosting Pizza Conventional Cooking Ventitherm ® Fan Operated Cooking Main Oven Single Economy Grill Main Oven Full Width Dual Grill 5


GRILL AND OVEN FURNITURE The following items of oven furniture have been supplied with the appliance:- 1 grill pan 1 grill pan handle 1 grill pan grid 2 straight shelves for grilling and Second Oven cooking 2 straight shelves for Main Oven cooking 6


BEFORE USING THE APPLIANCE RATING PLATE POP IN POP OUT CONTROLS This is situated on the lower front frame of the These control knobs can remain flush with the control appliance and can be seen upon opening the door. panel when not in use, or pushed and released to Alternatively the rating plate may also be found on stand out from the panel for easy operation. the back or top of some models (where applicable). The appliance must be protected by a suitably rated FAN SELECTOR BUTTON fuse or circuit


ELECTRONIC TIMER KEY A COOK TIME B END TIME A C D B C COUNTDOWN DTIME E DECREASE CONTROL F SELECTOR CONTROL E F G G INCREASE CONTROL NOTE: The time of day must be set before the main oven will operate manually. 1. HOW TO SET THE TIME OF DAY The oven has a 24 hour clock. When the electricity supply is first switched ON, the display will show 12.00 and the 'Time' ( ) indicator neon will flash as Fig. 1. To set the correct time press the increase control Fig.1. button ( + ) and if necessary, t


TO CANCEL THE COUNTDOWN If you change your mind and want to cancel the 'Countdown', press the Selector Control button until the 'Countdown' ( ) indicator neon flashes and then the decrease control ( - ) until 0.00 shows in the display as Fig. 5. The 'Countdown' ( ) indicator neon will continue to flash for a few seconds and then return to the time of day. 3. SETTING THE OVEN TIMER Fig.5. CONTROL The main oven only can be automatically timed. When using the timer control for the very


B) TO SET THE TIMER TO SWITCH OFF ONLY i) Ensure the electricity supply is switched ON and that the correct time of day is displayed, e.g. 10.00am as Fig. 9. ii) Set the main oven controls to the required function and temperature. Fig.9. iii) Place food in the oven. iv) To set the length of cooking time, press the Selector Control button until the 'Cook Time' ( ) indicator neon is illuminated. Press the increase control ( + ) until the required length of cooking time is displayed, e.


FULL WIDTH DUAL GRILL WARNING – Accessible parts become hot when the grill is in use. Keep children away. The grill is a dual circuit grill which means that the full area of the grill can be used, or for economy purposes, the centre section only can be used when cooking smaller quantities of food. USING FULL WIDTH DUAL GRILL To operate the grill, pop out and turn the second oven/grill control to the full power setting ( ), then turn down as necessary. The grill settings are as follows:-


HINTS AND TIPS  Most foods should be placed on the grid in the grill pan to allow maximum circulation of air to lift the food out of the fats and juices.  Adjust the grid and grill pan runner position to allow for different thicknesses of food. Position the food close to the element for faster cooking and further away for more gentle cooking.  Food should be thoroughly dried before grilling to minimise splashing. Brush lean meats and fish lightly with a little oil or melted butter to keep t


VENTITHERM ® FAN ASSISTED SECOND OVEN The second oven is the smaller of the two ovens. It is heated by elements in the top and bottom of the oven and a fan. It is designed for cooking smaller quantities of food. It gives especially good results if used to cook fruit cakes, sweet and savoury flans or quiche. The second oven is also ideal for use as a warming compartment to warm dishes and keep food hot. Use the second oven when you want to warm plates. Use the lowest setting on the second oven


HINTS AND TIPS  Use the second oven when you want to warm plates. Use the lowest setting on the second oven temperature control.  You can use both shelves when using the fan assisted oven.  There should always be at least 2.5cm (1”) between the top of the food and the grill element. This gives best cooking results and allows room for rise in yeast mixtures, Yorkshire puddings etc. When cooking cakes, pastry, scones bread etc., place the tins or baking trays centrally on the shelf.  Ensure th


SECOND OVEN CONVENTIONAL COOKING This form of cooking gives you the opportunity to cook without the fan in operation. It is particularly suitable for dishes which require extra base browning such as pizzas, quiches and flans. Gratin’s, lasagne and hotpots which require extra top browning also cook well in the conventional oven. For best results cook on one level. USING SECOND OVEN CONVENTIONAL COOKING  Push out the Fan Selector button.  Push out and turn the second oven/grill temperature co


HINTS AND TIPS  Single level cooking gives best results. If you require more than one level of cooking use the main fan oven.  The middle shelf allows for the best heat distribution. To increase base browning simply lower the shelf position. To increase top browning raise, the shelf position.  There should always be at least 2.5cm (1”) between the top of the food and the grill element. This gives best cooking results and allows room for rise in yeast mixtures, Yorkshire puddings etc. When


SECOND OVEN COOKING CHART The oven temperatures are intended as a guide only. It may be necessary to increase or decrease the temperatures by a further 10°C to suit individual preferences and requirements. Note: Shelf positions are counted from the bottom upwards. CONVENTIONAL OVEN FAN ASSISTED OVEN SHELF SHELF TEMP (°C) TEMP (°C) FOOD POSITION POSITION Biscuits 3 170 - 190 2 & 4 160 - 170 Bread 3 210 - 220 2 200 - 210 Bread Rolls/Buns 3 210 - 220 2 & 4 160 - 170 Cakes: Small & Queen 3 180 - 19


ROTITHERM ROASTING SECOND OVEN Rotitherm Roasting in the second oven offers an alternative method of cooking food items normally associated with conventional grilling. Rotitherm Roasting helps to minimise cooking smells in the kitchen and allows you to grill with the oven door closed. With the exception of toast and rare steaks you can Rotitherm Roast all the foods you would normally cook under a conventional grill. The lower part of the oven can be used to cook accompaniments at the same time,


HINTS AND TIPS  Prepare foods in the same way as for conventional grilling. Brush lean meats and fish lightly with a little oil or butter to keep them moist during cooking.  Most food should be placed on the grill pan grid in the 'high' position in the grill pan to allow maximum circulation of air around the food.  Accompaniments such as tomatoes and mushrooms may be placed below the grid when grilling meats, or in a separate dish on a lower shelf.  Foods will cook more quickly the closer t


FAN CONTROLLED DEFROSTING SECOND OVEN This second oven function enables you to defrost most foods without heat faster than some conventional methods as the oven fan circulates air around the food. It is particularly suitable for delicate frozen foods which are to be served cold e.g. cream filled gateaux, cakes covered with icings or frostings, cheesecakes, biscuits, scones etc. USING FAN CONTROLLED DEFROSTING SECOND OVEN  Push in the Fan Selector button.  The second oven/grill temperature con

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