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Belgacom 310 user manual
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Forum Phone 310 User Guide

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Table of Contents 1 Answering a Call.............................................................................................3 2 Making a Call .................................................................................................3 3 Placing a Call on Hold.....................................................................................5 4 Transferring a Call..........................................................................................5 5 Parking a Call.....

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The combination of the sixteen-character display and the six function keys on the Forum Phone 310 facilitate access to many of the most commonly used Forum 300 system features. This section of the guide provides detailed instructions on how to use the Forum Phone 310 . Note: At installation, extension 11 is set as the default administration phone and it’s best to install an Operafone Executive at extension 11. 1 Answering a Call Incoming calls to the Forum Phone 310 are indi

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With the telephone idle, lift the handset or 1 1 : 2 5 E x t n 1 4 press the SPEAKER key. Internal dial tone will be heard and the display will be blank. • Dial 0 or select a line using the Line key • Dial the number – the digits will appear 1 2 3 4 5 on the display as they are dialled. • Once the digits are dialled to line, they left justify on the display. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 To make an external call using the Line key

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3 Placing a Call on Hold To put a call on hold - While on a call - • Press the HOLD key • The LED of the HOLD key will light • Internal dial tone will be heard. The display clears. The call has been put on exclusive hold; it can only be retrieved from the extension that held it. Held calls can be retrieved by - • Pressing the HOLD key To toggle between held calls – If there is more than one held call, pressing the Hold key retrieves the first call held. To replace the

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Call Park Time-out: To prevent calls being abandoned or lost in the PARK state, a programmable timer sets the maximum time a call can be parked on the system. By default this is set at 180 seconds. If the Call Park Timer expires before the call is retrieved, the parked call will ring back the extension that parked it. 6 Paging An Forum Phone 310 can make and receive page or one-way announcement calls to and from individual or all other Operafone key set users or via a PA (Pu

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8 Conference Calls A conference is a call in which three parties connected at the same time. An Forum Phone 310 can hold a conference with - Two internal extensions - Two external lines - One internal extension and one external line. To set up a 3-party conference, place two C o n f e r e n c e C a l l calls on hold and from internal dial tone • Dial *73 To end a conference call If either of the two parties involved in the conference call clears down, th

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Divert On No Answer Dial *61* followed by the extension number to which all unanswered calls are to be diverted, followed by # Divert On No Answer to Voice Mail Dial #61**99# to divert all unanswered calls to voice mail. Divert On No Answer to an External Number Dial *610* followed by the external number to which all unanswered calls are to be diverted, followed by # Clear Divert On No Answer Dial #61# to clear divert on no answer. Divert On Busy to Extension Dial *67* followe

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Dial 79, on receipt of busy tone from the 7 9 called extension, to intrude. I n t r u d e c a l l 13 Day / Night Changeover The system can be programmed so that incoming calls ring different extensions or groups of extensions at different times of the day, e.g. after hours, all calls ring a night service extension. These changeovers will take place automatically but can be overridden by an extension that has Day/Night Changeover enabled in system progra

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15 Programming the Personal Address Book This feature allows up to 50 commonly used numbers to be stored in the Personal Address Book of any extension. These numbers can be called directly by dialling a short code, 8XX. The numbers stored in the Personal Address Book are only accessible from the extension at which they were programmed. To Enter a number Dial **8XX*123456# to program the * * 8 X X * 1 2 3 4 5 6 # telephone number 123456 (up to 22 digits) under the sho

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17 Dialling Code Table The Forum Phone 310 can access many system features using the dialling codes listed below. Note: In the table below - x = extension number ii = index code g = extension group t = telephone number m = ringing mode FEATURE CODE To access a line 0 Line Access Group *91 to *98 Redial *5 Dial entries Common Address Book *4000 to *4199 Dial entries Personal Address Book *800 to *849 Park Call *74 Retrieve Parked Cal

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19 Forum Phone 310 Programming Guide 19.1 General User programming allows Opera Digital Telephone users to tailor the features and settings of the Forum Phone 310 to suit their own ways of working. 19.2 Phone Settings The user can set the phone setting using the Browser. The user can also program his/her phone setting by dialling codes as follows. LCD Contrast By dialling the code *631*xx# the user of the Forum Phone 310 can adjust the contrast of the display on the phon

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Software revision 54.323 (BE) DM Number DM-868 Date June 2004 Doc Ref: DM-868 Rev: 1

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