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User manual for the device Amtrol Therm-X-Trol

Device: Amtrol Therm-X-Trol
Category: Water Heater
Manufacturer: Amtrol
Size: 1.97 MB
Added : 7/15/2014
Number of pages: 7
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When water is heated... It expands! Reacting to physical law, water OPEN SYSTEM expands in volume as its temperature rises. In the "Good Old" days Before the advent of cross-connection control, expanded water that exceeded the capacity of the water heater flowed back to the city main, where it easily dissipated. It was "open" at the city supply side of the system, even though it was "closed" on the system COLD side. WATER SUPPLY Cross connection means "no return" Today, with back flow prevente

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DANGER! BACK FLOW PREVENTER First of all, the T & P BFP relief valve you installed serves as an emergency con- Water is not trol only. It was never compressible designed as an operating control. Since water completely Once a safety valve fills the water heater is used on a daily and system piping before recovery starts, and since basis, it isn't that it can't be compressed, safe. the expanded volume, Deposits on the seat... deteriorating springs... wear- even though small, has no place to go.

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Solution Controlled Pressure Rise During Thermal Expansion SAFE RANGE 150 PSIG Even though the relief valve operates during each The best solution to thermal expansion is to control recovery period, high internal pressures occurring over the pressure it generates within a safe operating and over again can accelerate tank leakage and short- range, well below the emergency setting of a relief en water-heater life, no matter how it is fired. valve. This allows thermal expansion to occur without ca

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

This is easily accom- 1. System plished by adding an Connection expansion tank with a 2. Separate, rigid sealed-in, compressible polypropylene- air cushion, which will lined water AIR compress as thermal CUSHION reservoir (NSF expansion occurs, pro- listed) viding the place for the expanded volume of 3. Heavy-duty water to go during butyl diaphragm recovery. 4. Sealed-in, permanent air charge 5. Welded steel By sizing the air cushion pressure sup- according to Boyle's port domes EXPANDED WATER

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

Static Supply Pressure (psi)** Water Heater* Size (gals.) The thermal-expansion tank for domestic water 40 60 80 heaters, sized right, is the only logical answer to the 40 ST-5 ST-5 ST-5 growing problem of thermal expansion in water 50 ST-5 ST-5 ST-5 heaters protected by BFP, check valves or pressure- 60 ST-5 ST-5 ST-8 reducing valves. A simple installation to the supply 80 ST-8 ST-8 ST-12 side on the water heater, this small tank will eliminate 120 ST-12 ST-12 ST-25V the dangerous conditi

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Corporate Headquarters AMTROL Canada, Ltd. 1400 Division Road 275 Shoemaker Street West Warwick, RI 02893 Kitchener, Ontario N2E 3B3 Telephone: 401-884-6300 Telephone: 519-478-1138 Fax: 401-884-5276 Fax: 519-748-1138 ® www .amtr MC# 8550 PN: 9015-612 (06/07) 12

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