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Device: Access Computer Hardware PCI-COM422/4
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Access Computer Hardware PCI-COM422/4 user manual
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10623 Roselle Street, San Diego, CA 92121
TEL (858)550-9559 FAX (858)550-7322

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Notice The information in this document is provided for reference only. ACCES does not assume any liability arising out of the application or use of the information or products described herein. This document may contain or reference information and products protected by copyrights or patents and does not convey any license under the patent rights of ACCES, nor the rights of others. IBM PC, PC/XT, and PC/AT are registered trademarks of the International Business Machines Corporation. Printed i

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Warranty Prior to shipment, ACCES equipment is thoroughly inspected and tested to applicable specifications. However, should equipment failure occur, ACCES assures its customers that prompt service and support will be available. All equipment originally manufactured by ACCES which is found to be defective will be repaired or replaced subject to the following considerations. Terms and Conditions If a unit is suspected of failure, contact ACCES' Customer Service department. Be prepared to gi

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Table of Contents Chapter 1: Introduction ............................................. . 1-1 RS422 Balanced Mode Operation ........................................ . 1-1 COM Port Compatibility ................................................. . 1-1 Communication Mode .................................................. . 1-1 Baud Rate Ranges .................................................... . 1-2 Specifications ........................................................ . 1-2 Chapter 2: Install

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List of Figures Figure 1-1: PCI-COM422/4 Block Diagram ............................... . Page 1-3 Figure 3-1: Simplified Termination Schematic ............................. . Page 3-1 Figure 3-2: PCI-COM422/4 Option Selection Map .......................... . Page 3-3 List of Tables Table 5-1: Baud Rate Divisor Values .................................... . Page 5-2 Table 6-1: Connector Pin Assignments .................................. . Page 6-1 Page vi

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Chapter 1: Introduction The PCI-COM422/4 Serial Interface Card was designed for effective transmission in RS422 (EIA422) protocol. The card is 6.1 inches long and may be installed in PCI-bus slots of IBM PC or compatible computers. The card features four independent, asynchronous RS422 serial ports, type 16550 buffered UARTs, and, for Windows compatibility, automatic control to transparently enable/disable the transmission drivers. There are two I/O connector options. The standard model PCI-

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PCI-COM422/4 Manual Baud Rate Ranges The card has capability for two baud rate ranges and you can select which you wish to use on a port-by-port basis. One range is for up to 115,200 baud applications and the other is up to 460,800 baud applications. Specifications Communications Interface • I/O Connection: 9-pin D-sub connectors • Serial Ports: Four shielded male D-sub 9-pin IBM AT style connectors compatible with RS422 specifications. (Note: On model an external "spider" or breakout cable ter

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Figure 1-1: PCI-COM422/4 Block Diagram (Only One Serial Channel Shown) Manual MPCICOM422-4.E1b Page 1-3

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PCI-COM422/4 Manual Page 1-4 Manual MPCICOM422-4.E1b

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Chapter 2: Installation The software provided with this card is contained on either one CD or multiple diskettes and must be installed onto your hard disk prior to use. To do this, perform the following steps as appropriate for your software format and operating system. Substitute the appropriate drive letter for your CD-ROM or disk drive where you see d: or a: respectively in the examples below. CD Installation DOS/WIN3.x 1. Place the CD into your CD-ROM drive. 2. Type ??? to change the a

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PCI-COM422/4 Manual To copy the files on the master diskette to your hard disk, perform the following steps. 1. Place the master diskette into a floppy drive. 2. Change the active drive to the drive that has the diskette installed. For example, if the diskette is in drive A, type ??? . 3. Type ???????? and follow the on-screen prompts. Directories Created on the Hard Disk The installation process will create several directories on your hard disk. If you accept the installation defaults, the fo

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SAMPLES Samples for using ACCES32.DLL are provided in this directory. Using this DLL not only makes the hardware programming easier (MUCH easier), but also one source file can be used for both Windows 95/98 and WindowsNT. One executable can run under both operating systems and still have full access to the hardware registers. The DLL is used exactly like any other DLL, so it is compatible with any language capable of using 32-bit DLLs. Consult the manuals provided with your language's compil

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PCI-COM422/4 Manual Findbase.exe DOS utility to determine an available base address for ISA bus , non-Plug-n-Play cards. Run this program once, before the hardware is installed in the computer, to determine an available address to give the card. Once the address has been determined, run the setup program provided with the hardware to see instructions on setting the address switch and various option selections. Poly.exe A generic utility to convert a table of data into an nth order polynomial.

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Optional model PCI-COM422/4S1 has connectors for two of the four ports and includes a second mounting bracket which provides connections for two more ports. That companion mounting bracket must be mounted in an adjacent position because ribbon cables are used to mate those two connectors via headers on the card. If you are using Windows95/98, your operating system should detect the new hardware and prompt you for the installation CD. The simplest option is to insert the CD provided into the

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PCI-COM422/4 Manual Page 2-6 Manual MPCICOM422-4.E1b

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Chapter 3: Option Selection To help you locate the jumpers described in this section, refer to Figure 3-2, Option Selection Map at the end of this section. Operation of the serial communications section is determined by jumper installation as described in the following paragraphs. Terminations A transmission line should be terminated at the receiving end in its characteristic impedance. Installing a jumper at the locations labeled LDxO and LDxI apply a 120? load across the transmit/receive

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PCI-COM422/4 Manual Interrupts Please note that, in Windows NT, changes must be made to the system registry to support IRQ sharing. The following is excerpted from "Controlling Multiport Serial I/O Cards" provided by Microsoft in the MSDN library, documentid:mk:@ivt:nt40res/D15/S55FC.HTM, also available in the WindowsNT Resource Kit. The text enclosed in brackets ("[ ]") denotes a comment by ACCES. The Microsoft serial driver can be used to control many dumb multiport serial cards. Dumb indic

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Figure 3-2: PCI-COM422/4 Option Selection Map Manual MPCICOM422-4.E1b Page 3-3

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

Chapter 4: Address Selection The PCI-COM422/4 card uses four separate address spaces. COM A occupies 16 consecutive register locations and COM B, COM C, and COM D each occupy eight consecutive register locations. PCI architecture is Plug-and-Play. This means that the BIOS or Operating System determines the resources assigned to PCI cards rather than you selecting those resources with switches or jumpers. As a result, you cannot set or change the card's base address. You can only determine wh

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