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Instrukcja obsługi Blodgett XR8-G
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44 Lakeside Avenue, Burlington, Vermont 05401 USA Telephone (800) 331-5842, (802) 860-3700 Fax: (802)864-0183
PN 38480 Rev A (8/05)
E2005 --- G.S. Blodgett Corporation

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THEREPUTATIONYOUCANCOUNTON UNERÉPUTATIONSURLAQUELLEVOUSPOUVEZCOMPTER Foroveracenturyandahalf,TheBlodgettOvenCompanyhasbeenbuilding ovensandnothingbutovens.We’vesettheindustry’squalitystandardforall kindsofovensforeveryfoodserviceoperationregardlessofsize,application orbudget. Infact, no oneoffers moremodels, sizes, and ovenapplications thanBlodgett;gasandelectric,full-size,half-size,countertopanddeck,con- vection, Cook’n Hold, Combi-Ovens andthe industry’shighest qualityPizza Ovenline.Formoreinf

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Model/Modèle: Your Service Agency’s Address: Adressedevotreagencedeservice: Serial Number/Numéro de série: Your oven was installed by/ Installateur de votre four: Your oven’s installation was checked by/ Contrôleur de l’installation de votre four:

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Table of Contents/Table des Matières Introduction Introduction Oven Description and Specifications .... 2 Description et Spécifications du Four.... 18 Installation Installation Delivery and Location ................. 3 Livraison et Implantation............... 19 Oven Assembly ...................... 4 Montage du Four ..................... 20 Assembly to Stand .................. 4 Assembly to stand .................. 20 Assembly to Optional Proofer ......... 4 Assembly to optional proofer ........

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Introduction OvenDescriptionandSpecifications The Blodgett Mini-Rack oven features a continu- anyconfiguration.Inaddition,theMini-Rackoven ously rotating eight pan rack and unique airflow iscapableofproducinglargevolumesofsteamfor systemthatmoveslargeamountsofairatlowve- bagels or similar products. locity to ensure a consistently even bake. The Blodgett rack slide sytem allows the operator to quickly adjust slide spacing from 1 to 4 inches in GASSPECIFICATIONS -- XR8-G/AA Natural Gas PropaneGas

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Installation Deliveryand Location DELIVERY AND INSPECTION It is essential that an adequate air supply to the oven be maintained toprovide a sufficient flow of All Blodgett ovens are shipped in containers to combustion and ventilation air. preventdamage.Upondeliveryofyournewoven: D Place the oven in an area that is free of drafts. D Inspecttheshippingcontainerforexternaldam- D Keeptheovenareafreeandclearofallcombus- age.Anyevidenceofdamageshouldbenoted tiblessuchaspaper,cardboard,andflammable ont

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Installation Oven Assembly ASSEMBLY TO STAND ASSEMBLY TO OPTIONALPROOFER 1. Center the ovenframe ontop ofthe standso 1. Centertheovenframeontopoftheprooferso thattheovenoverhangsatboththefrontand thattheovenoverhangsatboththefrontand back. See Figure 1. back. See Figure 1. 2. Removethethreescrewsatthetopoftheleft 2. Remove the four screws on the back of the andrightsidepanelsoftheoven.Removethe proofer.Removetheleftandrightsidepanels. side panels. 3. Align the two bolt holes on each side of the

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Installation Ventilation Ongasmodelstheinstallationofaproperventila- CANOPY TYPEEXHAUST HOOD tionsystemcannotbeoveremphasized.Thissys- Amechanicallydriven,canopytypeexhausthood tem removes unwanted vapors and products of isthepreferredmethodofventilation.Theexhaust combustion from the operating area. fanshouldhaveaninterlock switchwith theoven U.S. and Canadianinstallations to prevent the oven from operating when the ex- haust fan is not running. Refer to your local ventilation codes. In the ab-

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Installation UtilityConnections --- StandardsandCodes THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS CONTAINED U.S. and Canadianinstallations HEREIN ARE FOR THE USE OF QUALIFIED IN- Installation must conform with local codes, or in STALLATION AND SERVICE PERSONNEL ONLY. theabsenceoflocalcodes,withtheANSIZ83.11a- INSTALLATIONORSERVICEBYOTHERTHANQU- CSA 1.8a-2004 Gas Food Service Equipment as ALIFIED PERSONNEL MAY RESULT IN DAMAGE applicable. TO THE OVEN AND/OR INJURY TO THE OPERA- TOR. Installation must conform w

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Installation GasConnection GAS PIPING Maximum Capacity of Iron Pipe in Cubic Feet of Natural Gas PerHour Aproperlysizedgassupplysystemisessentialfor (Pressure drop of 0.5 Inch W.C.) maximum oven performance. Piping should be sizedtoprovideasupplyofgassufficienttomeet Pip pe Nominal Size, Inches themaximumdemandofallappliancesontheline Le L ngth h((fft)) 3/4” 1” 1-1/4” 1-1/4” 2” without loss of pressure at the equipment. 10 360 680 1400 2100 3950 Example: 20 250 465 950 1460 2750 NOTE: BTU values

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Installation GasConnection PRESSUREREGULATION AND TESTING Eachovenissuppliedwitharegulatortomaintain thepropergaspressure.Theregulatorisessen- XR8-Govensareratedat110,000BTU/Hr.(32kW) tial to the proper operation of the oven and (116 MJ/hr). Each ovenhas beenadjusted atthe shouldnotberemoved.Itispresettoprovidethe factorytooperatewiththetypeofgasspecifiedon oven with 3.5” W.C. (.87 kPa) for natural gas and the rating plate. 10.0” W.C. (2.5 kPa) for Propane at the manifold. DONOT INSTALLAN ADDITI

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Installation GasConnection GAS HOSERESTRAINT WARNING!! If the oven is mounted on casters, a commercial If the restraint is disconnected for any flexibleconnectorwithaminimumof3/4”(1.9cm) reason it must be reconnected when the inside diameter must be used along with a quick oven is returned to its original position. connect device. U.S. and Canadianinstallations The restraint, supplied with the oven, must be used to limit the movement of the unit so that no TheconnectormustcomplywiththeStandardfo

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Installation PlumbingandElectricalConnections PLUMBING CONNECTIONS ELECTRICALCONNECTIONS Wiringdiagramsarelocatedintherightbodyside. WARNING!! This oven is supplied for connection toa 120volt Plumbing connections must comply with grounded circuit. The electric motor, indicator applicable sanitary, safety and plumbing lightsandrelatedswitchesareconnectedthrough codes. the6’ electricsupplycordfoundattherearofthe oven. Water Connections NOTE: Whentheovenisinstalledwithaproofera Water supply should

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Installation InitialStartup The following is a check-list to be completed by ADJUSTMENTS ASSOCIATED WITH INITIAL qualified personnel prior to turning on the INSTALLATION applianceforthefirsttime. Each oven, and its component parts, have been j Verify there are no gas leaks, by checking all thoroughly tested and inspected prior to ship- gasconnectionswithasoapy watersolution. ment.However,itisoftennecessarytofurthertest Repair leaks if necessary. oradjusttheovenaspartofanormalandproper installati

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Operation SafetyInformation THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS SEC- Whattodointheeventofapowerfailure: TIONISPROVIDEDFORTHEUSEOFQUALIFIED 1. Turn all switches to off. OPERATINGPERSONNEL.QUALIFIEDOPERAT- 2. DONOTattempttooperatetheovenuntilthe ING PERSONNEL ARE THOSE WHO HAVE power is restored. CAREFULLY READ THE INFORMATION CON- NOTE: Intheeventofashut-downofanykind, al- TAINED IN THIS MANUAL, ARE FAMILIAR WITH THE FUNCTIONS OF THE OVEN AND/OR HAVE lowafive(5)minuteshutoffperiodbefore HAD PREVIOU

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Operation SolidStateDigitalControl CONTROLDESCRIPTION 1. POWERSWITCH-controlspowertotheoven 2. DISPLAY - displays time, temperature and programming information 1 3. HEAT LED -lights when the burners are on 4. READY LED - lights when oven has reached the preset temperature 2 5. ACTUALTEMPLED -lightswhentempkeyis 4 pressed, actualtemp is displayed 6. SELECTIONDIAL-usetoentertime,temper- 3 atureandprogrammablesettings.Turnclock- 5 wise to increase or counter-clockwise to de- crease values in displa

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 18

Operation StandardControl OPERATION AttheEndoftheBakeCycle 1. Attheendofthebakecycle,analarmsounds, OvenStartup the display reads DONE and the rackcontin- 1. BesuretheGASSHUTOFFSWITCH(13)isin ues to rotate until the door is opened. Press the on position. the START/STOP KEY (12) to silence the 2. Turn the POWER SWITCH (1) to the on posi- alarm. tion. The HEAT LED (3) lights and the oven 2. Open the door to remove the product. preheats to the last used set temperature. OvenShutdown ProgrammingaBak

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Operation GeneralGuidelinesforOperatingPersonnel BAKETIMESANDTEMPERATURES OPERATINGTIPS Preheatingtheoven PansandRacks Always preheat the oven before baking or roast- Product or pan height determines how many ing. We recommend preheating 50_F(10_C) racks are used. The oven holds up to eight 18” x above the bake temperature to offset the drop in 24”(45.7x61cm)bunpanswith4”rackspacing. temperaturewhenthedoorsareopenedandcold Loadtheovenfromthebottom,centeringthepans productisloadedintotheoven.Sett

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Maintenance CleaningandPreventativeMaintenance CLEANING THEOVEN PREVENTATIVEMAINTENANCE Stainless steel ovens may be kept clean and in Thebestpreventativemaintenancemeasuresare, good condition with a light oil. Deposits ofbaked theproperinstallationoftheequipmentandapro- on splatter, heat tint andheavy discoloration may gram for routinely cleaning the ovens. beremovedwithanynon-toxicindustrialstainless Annual Maintenance steel cleaner. This oven requires no lubrication. Maintenance 1. Applyclean

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