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Instrukcja obsługi Zanussi ZFC 60/30 LE
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ZFC 60/30 LE
2222 133-18

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CONTENTS Warnings 3 Conservation 4 5 Positioning 5 Before 5 Rear 5 The electrical connections 6 Door 7 Your appliance...............................pag

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WARNINGS IT IS MOST IMPORTANT THAT THIS INSTRUCTION “ The cooling plate or refrigerated freezer shelves BOOK SHOULD BE RETAINED WITH THE APPLIANCE in this appliance contain channels through which FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. SHOULD THE APPLIANCE the refrigerant passes. If these are punctured BE SOLD OR TRANSFERRED TO ANOTHER OWNER, OR this would cause substantial damage to the SHOULD YOU MOVE HOUSE AND LEAVE THE appliance and result in food loss. DO NOT USE

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CONSERVATION In the interests of the Environment: When disposing of your old fridge, freezer or fridge/freezer. Help to keep your country tidy – use authorised disposal sites for your old appliances. For maximum efficiency: Make sure that the appliance is cleaned properly. Make sure that the door is closed properly. Do not position the appliance near to sources of heat. Do not over-fill your appliance, air MUST be allowed to circulate. 4

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INSTALLATION Warning Adjust the level of the appliance by screwing out the adjustable foot, or feet, at the bottom of the IF YOU ARE DISCARDING AN OLD cabinet using your fingers or a spanner (see Fig. 2). APPLIANCE THAT HAS A LOCK OR CATCH ON THE DOOR, YOU MUST ENSURE THAT IT Fig. 2 IS MADE UNUSABLE TO PREVENT YOUNG CHILDREN BEING TRAPPED INSIDE. Depending upon the position which you choose for your appliance, you may wish to reverse the way in which the door o

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THE ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS WARNING: THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED. A replacement cover/carrier must be obtained from your local Zanussi Service Force Centre whose The manufacturer declines any liability should this safety address is listed in the Customer Care Booklet measure not be observed. which accompanies your instruction manual. If the plug that is fitted to your appliance is not This appliance complies with the E.E.C. Directive No. 87/308 suitable for your socket

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DOOR REVERSIBILITY Unplug the appliance from the power supply before Fig. 4 carrying out the below-mentioned operations. Remove the ventilation grill (D). F E Unscrew the bottom hinge (E). F Remove the freezer door by releasing it from the middle hinge (H). F Unscrew the middle hinge. D Remove the fridge door by releasing it from the top F hinge pin (A). D640 Remove the pin and the washer (A+B) from the top Fig. 4a hinge (C), then mount these on the opposite side, after having remove

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9 3 6 12 YOUR APPLIANCE A M B C L K D J E I H F G A - Controls B - Dairy compartment with egg trays C - Drink dispenser D - Can storage shelf E - Bottle storage shelf F - Freezer calender (recommended storage times for frozen foods) and produce storage card (write on / wipe off card for recording what has been stored in the freezer and when) G - Storing frozen food H - Freezing fresh foods I - Salad drawers J - Glass shelf (for storing fresh meat) with crisp’n fre

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 9

4 OPERATION Control panel AB CD A. Pilot light for ambient temperature switch C. Thermostat knob B. Ambient temperature switch D. Operating pilot light If you wish to return to a lower temperature, turn Starting your appliance the thermostat to a higher number, however you Insert the plug into the wall socket. should turn the setting lower occasionally to allow The thermostat switch (C) will be pre-set and the automatic defrosting. operating pilot light (D) will illuminate.

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Thawing Cold accumulator Food can be thawed in a number of ways, The freezer contains one cold accumulator which depending on the type of food and the size of the can be found in one of the freezer drawers. Place the packs. cold accumulator in the FAST FREEZE Meat, fish and fruit should be thawed in the compartment see Fig. 5. The cold accumulator refrigerator compartment and small pieces of meat increases storage times in the event of a power cut or poultry can even be cooked while still fr

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 11

HEALTH AND SAFETY GUIDELINES Because of consumer demand, preservatives have been “ Always wash your hands with soapy water and removed from many pre-prepared foods. This together dry them with a clean towel before handling food. with the changes in shopping habits to a once-a-week “ Keep work surfaces clean and avoid cross shop, mean that safe handling and storage of food is contamination by not using the same work even more important than ever. surface or knife, without washing them The f

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Fresh food refrigeration Dual purpose meat box To obtain the best performance, do not store warm The meat box can also be used as a salad crisper. food or evaporating liquids in the refrigerator; do The lid is reversible and when storing meat the cover or wrap the food, particularly if it has a strong 10mm gap allows the meat to breathe. flavour. By reversing the lid the box becomes airtight and Do not cover the shelves with any protective can be used as a salad crisper. material, such as pape

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Drink dispenser Use and features of the «CRISP’N FRESH» filter The container for cooling drinks (Fig. 9) is located in “Crisp’N Fresh” is the glass shelf on top of the salad the door of the fridge. It is easily removed from its crispers which is fitted with special removable runners for filling and cleaning by pushing it green filters. upwards from the left side and then by pulling These filters allow cool air from the fridge to sharply outwards. Remove the clip on lid to fill. circulate through

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Cool check temperature guide Everyday use of the cool check temperature guide This model has a cool check temperature guide During everyday use a fridge door is opened many fitted to a shelf in the fridge compartment. The times and as a result temperature fluctuation may guide is designed to show whether the fridge is occur. A Zanussi fridge is designed to cope with any operating at safe temperatures for all food types. changes in temperature but under certain The guide consists of a temperatu

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– Replace the scraper in one of the drawers. Defrosting – Reconnect the appliance to the mains or reset the Refrigerator thermostat. The refrigerator automatically defrosts every time After letting the appliance run for at least half an the compressor stops. The water is discharged, via hour, replace the previously removed food into the pipe, into a tray located at the back of the the compartments. appliance above the compressor, where it Fig. 13 evaporates. Important To avoid defrost wat

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MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING Before any maintenance or cleaning work is When the appliance is not in use carried out, DISCONNECT the appliance from the When the appliance is not in use for long periods, ELECTRICITY supply. disconnect from the electricity supply, empty all foods and clean the appliance, leaving the doors ajar Internal cleaning to prevent unpleasant smells. Clean the inside and accessories with warm water and bicarbonate of soda (5ml to 0.5 litre of water). Changing the light b

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WHAT HAPPENS IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG? Before contacting your local Zanussi Service If, after the above checks, there is still a fault, call Centre, check the following points: your local Zanussi Service Centre, whose address can be found in the accompanying Customer Care The appliance does not work... Booklet, and can also be found in your local telephone directory under «Z». Please make sure Check that: you give the model and serial number of the “ There is power at the socket. appliance.

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 18

PEACE OF MIND FOR TWELVE MONTHS Zanussi standard guarantee conditions Exclusions This guarantee is in addition to your statutory and This guarantee does not cover: other legal rights which will not be excluded or in “ Damage or calls resulting from transportation, any way diminished by the return of this guarantee improper use or neglect, the replacement of any card. light bulbs or removable parts of glass or plastic. We, Zanussi Ltd., undertake that if, within twelve “ Costs incurred for c

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