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ENGLISH (1 – 14)

ESPAÑOL (15 – 28)

FRANÇAIS (29 – 42)

DEUTSCH (43 – 56)

ITALIANO (57 – 70)

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QUICKSTART GUIDE BOX CONTENTS Please make sure the following items can be located in the box: SR18 Reference Manual Power Adapter (12V DC 600mA) Safety and Warranty Information Quickstart Manual READ THE SAFETY AND WARRANTY INFORMATION BOOKLET BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT! CONNECTION DIAGRAM As you hook up the SR18, the volume control on your power amp and the SR18 should be all the way down, and power to both units

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INTRODUCTION TO THE SR18 Welcome to the SR18 Professional Drum Machine. The SR18 allows you to quickly and easily program drum, percussion and bass sounds into rhythm Patterns and to turn these Patterns into Songs. Let’s begin with a quick explanation of some of the key elements: PATTERNS VS. SONGS PATTERNS – When recording with a drum machine, it's often easier to divide a song into shorter individual Patterns and work on these rather than record an entire song. A typica

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OVERVIEW OF THE CONTROLS Now that we have introduced you to the infrastructure of the SR18, let’s dive in and take a closer look at some of the controls. GENERAL CONTROLS: 1. LCD – The display helps you keep track of system parameters and settings as you use the SR18. 2. PADS – The 12 pads are used to trigger sounds on the SR18. The pads can address 3 different types of sounds: drums, percussion and bass. To select which sounds are controlled by the pads, press one of the t

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6. TEMPO LED – This LED will blink at a rate equal to the tempo displayed on the screen’s bottom right corner. 7. REC LED – This LED will light when the SR18 is recording. It will blink when you are required to confirm or cancel an action. 8. A & B – Each Pattern consists of two Main sub-patterns – A & B. You can select each of the two sub-patterns by pressing its corresponding button. These sub-patterns allow you to program variation in your Patterns (i.e. sub-pattern A is the verse,

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MODE BUTTONS: 17. PATTERN / SONG – This button toggles between the two different modes on the SR18. In Pattern Mode, you can play, record and edit individual patterns. Patterns are short (i.e. 8-beat, 16-beat, etc) rhythm sequences which are assembled together to create Songs. A Song is a sequence of Patterns. In Song Mode, you can perform or program your Patterns to create a Song. The currently-selected mode will be indicated on the display. 18. PRESET / USER – This button toggle

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PLAYING PATTERNS STEP 1 If the display’s upper right window shows SONG, press the PATTERN / SONG button once to select Pattern Mode. STEP 2 If the display’s upper right window shows USER, press the PRESET / USER button once until USER disappears; this selects the Preset patterns. STEP 3 Press the INC / DEC buttons or use the VALUE dial to select a Pattern. You can also enter a Pattern number (00-99) with the number buttons. Use a “leading zero” (i.e. 01, 02, 03) f

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PLAYING FILLS STEP 1 Begin by selecting a Pattern and pressing PLAY. STEP 2 Press and release the FILL button while the main A Pattern is playing. You’ll hear a drum fill that leads right into the associated B Pattern. STEP 3 Press the FILL button again. A different fill will transition from the B Pattern back into the A Pattern. STEP 4 Fills do not always have to be transitional Patterns. Suppose an A Pattern is playing. If you press the FILL button, a fill wi

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RECORDING YOUR OWN PATTERNS STEP 1 If the display’s upper right window shows SONG, press the PATTERN / SONG button once to select Pattern Mode (PATTERN will be displayed). STEP 2 If the display’s upper right window does not show USER, press the PRESET / USER button once to select User Patterns (USER will be displayed in the upper right corner). STEP 3 Press the INC / DEC buttons or use the VALUE dial or number buttons to select an empty Pattern. If the Pattern is emp

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STEP 9 You will hear a metronome sound and the top line of the screen will display the Pattern’s current Beat Number. Play the pads to the beat. As the Pattern loops, you can add more layers until you are satisfied. Note that the Quantization and Swing settings will affect how your pattern is recorded. STEP 10 You can layer sounds from any of the three categories (Drums, Percussion, Bass) by pressing the corresponding button (DRUMS, PERC, BASS) and then playing out a

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LOADING AND CREATING DRUM SETS The SR18 has 100 Preset and 100 Editable Drum Sets (groups of sounds). After pressing the DRUM SET button, you can use the INC / DEC buttons, the VALUE dial, or the number buttons to select a different set (each set can have its own sounds, tuning, volume, panning, etc). You may also edit individual pad sounds within each kit. In addition, you may also choose different Bass sounds for each kit. STEP 1 Press the DRUM SET button to bring up the D

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STEP 7 Note that Drums and Percussion sounds are grouped in each Drum Set. This means that changing the drum sounds to a different set on page 1 of the Drum Set menu will cause the Percussion sounds to change as well (although individual pad sounds may be replaced freely once a Drum Set has been loaded). You can, however, independently choose a different set of Bass sounds for the selected set. Press the BASS button while on page 1 of Drum Set Mode (if you have navigated to o

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CREATING AND ERASING SONGS The SR18 can remember the order in which you selected Patterns, which variations were selected, and when you selected fills. Recording this information in SR18’s Song Mode creates a complete Song. Begin with the SR18 stopped. STEP 1 Select Song Mode by pressing the PATTERN / SONG button so the display says SONG. STEP 2 The display should say EMPTY SONG. If not, press the INC / DEC buttons (or use the VALUE dial) to select an empty song.

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STEP 6 Once you have finished creating the sequence of Patterns for your Song, press the STOP button to stop the recording. STEP 7 You will see the screen displayed on the right. The top line will indicate the last step of the Song (STEP 48 in this example) and the bottom line will say END. To move between the steps, use the PAGE UP / DOWN buttons. Each step of the sequence will show the Pattern associated with it. If you have made any errors, you can correct them by

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FOOTSWITCH CONTROL Now that we have the basics down, let's investigate some live performance options using footswitch control. This is particularly useful if you're playing along with Patterns and Songs on the pads and can't use your hands to punch buttons. There are two jacks for footswitches (Start/Stop and Count/A/B/Fill). Always plug these footswitches in before turning on power. Either normally open or normally closed types (the two most common footswitch types) can be us

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GUÍA DE INICIO RÁPIDO CONTENIDO DE LA CAJA Asegúrese de que la caja contenga los siguientes elementos: SR18 Manual de referencia Adaptador de alimentación (12 V CC 600 mA) Información sobre la seguridad y la Manual de inicio rápido garantía ¡LEA EL FOLLETO DE INFORMACIÓN SOBRE LA SEGURIDAD Y LA GARANTÍA ANTES DE USAR ESTE PRODUCTO! DIAGRAMA DE CONEXIÓN Cuando se conecta la SR18, el control de volumen de su amplificador de

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INTRODUCCIÓN A SR18 Bienvenido a la caja de ritmos profesional SR18. La SR18 le permite programar rápida y fácilmente sonidos de tambores, percusión y bajo en patrones de ritmo y convertir estos patrones en temas musicales. Comencemos por explicar rápidamente algunos de los elementos más importantes: PATRONES Y TEMAS MUSICALES PATRONES - Al grabar con una caja de ritmos, a menudo es más fácil dividir un tema en patrones individuales y trabajar sobre estos en vez de graba

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DESCRIPCIÓN GENERAL DE LOS CONTROLES Ahora que le hemos introducido en la infraestructura de la SR18, echemos un vistazo más detenido a algunos de los controles. CONTROLES GENERALES: 1. LCD – La pantalla le ayuda a mantener el seguimiento de los parámetros y valores de ajuste del sistema mientras usa la SR18. 2. PADS – Los 12 pads se usan para disparar sonidos en la SR18. Los pads pueden admitir 3 tipos de sonidos diferentes: tambores, percusión y bajo. Para seleccionar los

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5. LED DE TEMPO – Este LED parpadea con una frecuencia igual al tempo mostrado en la esquina inferior derecha de la pantalla. 6. LED REC – Este LED se enciende cuando la SR18 está grabando. Parpadea cuando se le requiere que confirme o cancele una acción. 7. A y B – Cada patrón consiste en dos subpatrones principales – A y B. Puede seleccionar cada uno de los dos subpatrones pulsando su botón correspondiente. Estos subpatrones le permiten programar variaciones en sus patrones (por ej.

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