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Instrukcja obsługi Aruba Spa Hot Tub Models 2003
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Box 2266 Station R
Kelowna, BC V1X 4K6

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how to do best is build spas. INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION We have learned that quality Dear Dear Ar Aruba Customer uba Customer,, through simplicity is the best way to build a spa. We Thank you for purchasing an believe that knowing how Aruba Spa. At Aruba Spas your spa is built will make our philosophy is simple, installing and operating it build the best spa, back it easier, so the first part of this with an excellent warranty manual explains how your and with comprehensive cus- spa is built.

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HOW YOUR ARUBA SPA IS BUILT HOW YOUR ARUBA SPA IS BUILT At Aruba, building spas is our passion. We believe that qual- ity through simplicity is the best way to build a spa. Over the years we have refined our spa construction process to achieve the best results. We are proud of the results that we have achieved using the methods described below and hope that knowing how your spa is made will make installing and operating it easier. The building process starts with the shell of the spa. At Arub

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are then custom fitted by hand to the areas underneath the seats and stairs to provide additional strength to these areas. This process recognizes that every spa is not identical and ensures individual inspection and custom fitting of each spa. The spa shell is then insulated with 2 LB closed cell foam. As Aruba Spas are made in Canada we know Canadian weath- er conditions. With this in mind we use enough insulation to get the maximum obtainable R factor from our insulating foam. The use of c

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TOOLS REQUIRED FOR INSTALLATION • Voltmeter • Ammeter • Ohmmeter • Screwdrivers (Phillips & flat head) • 2 wire restrainers • Wire cutters • Wire strippers • #6 AWG 3 wire (plus ground) ITEMS REQUIRED FOR THE INSTALLATION OF YOUR SPA • At least four people are required at time of delivery to place your spa into position. • 220 Volt Electrical Service • An Electrician to do the electrical connection. • 50 Amp GFCI circuit breaker (included with your spa, see page 8) • An Allen Key to open an

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IMPORT IMPORTANT SAFETY ANT SAFETY INSTRUC INSTRUCTIONS TIONS 1) Children should not use spas 11) Prolonged immersion in a or hot tubs without adult super- spa or hot tub may be injurious vision. to you health. 2) Do not use spas or hot tubs 12) Do not permit electric appli- unless all suction guards are ances (such as light, telephone, installed to prevent body hair radio, or television) within 1.5 entrapment. meters (5 feet) of a spa or hot tub. 3) People using medications and/or who have an a

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POSITIONING YOUR SPA POSITIONING YOUR SPA Your spa is self-contained. You can place it on a deck, patio, in your yard, or indoors. Proper site location is an important element of the overall enjoyment of your new spa, so make sure you take enough time to properly plan out the position- ing of your spa. The following information is provided to help you determine where to place your spa. If you have any questions or concerns about where to locate your spa, please contact our customer service de

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INDOOR INSTALLATION WARNING Do not permit electric appliances (such as light, telephone, radio, or television) within 1.5 meters (5 feet) of a spa or hot tub. Before attempting to place the spa indoors check the door openings to ensure that they are large enough for the spa to fit through. In addition, you must have the structure checked for its loading capacity by an Engineer or competent Contractor. The minimum loading capacity required is 100 lbs per square foot. The spa should be placed in

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YARD INSTALLATION Position your spa above ground in an area with good drainage, on a level surface that contacts the spa fully. The ideal base is a concrete pad, however compacted gravel, paving stones or railway ties may also be used. Locate the spa so the equipment door is readily accessible. The equip- ment has to be above grade and not subject to flooding. If using compacted gravel, it must be on a firm level base and it must be contained in a secure wood or concrete border so that the loo

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ELECTRICAL CONNECTION ELECTRICAL CONNECTION WARNING Electrical codes change from Province to Province. Check with your electrician for the electrical codes in your area. A certified electrician must make all electrical connections to your spa, in accordance with all applicable electrical codes for your area. The spa’s GFCI breaker must be sized in accor- dance to electrical requirements of the spa. The Full Load Amperage (FLA) is recorded on the spa’s nameplate. WARNING Failure to use a GFCI bre

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continuous copper wire equivalent in size to the circuit con- ductors supplying this equipment or as required by local electrical codes. All field installed metal components such as rails, ladders, drains or other similar hardware within 3 meters of the spa shall be bonded to the equipment grounding bus with cop- per conductors no smaller than #6 AWG wire. Save these instructions. START-UP PREPARATIONS START-UP PREPARATIONS Before performing the operations in this section, make sure you have re

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2. Check all four unions (or six if you have a circulating sys- tem) and ensure that they are hand tight. There are two white unions on the pump: one on the inlet side and one on the dis- charge side. See equipment diagram. Knife Valve #1 Gate Valve #2 Pump Union #1 SPA PACK Black White Unions Union #2 Unions Hose Bib There are also two black unions located on each end of the stainless steel heater barrel. The unions can come lose during shipping, and may need to be tightened. Do not over tight

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INITIAL ST INITIAL START ART-UP -UP Before proceeding with the initial start-up, make sure you have completed the start-up preparations from the previous section. The following procedures must be done in the order they are listed. HAZARD This system should be set to maintain a water temperature NO GREATER THAN 40° CELSIUS (104° F). 1. Make sure all of the jets are in the full open position, (refer to Hydrotherapy Jets, page 13). 2. The Electronic Operating System spa control has automatic func

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7) After your spa is operational you must install the Spa Cover latches. The locks will already be attached to the end of the straps. Position the tie strap so it is fully extended, without stretching. Locate the 2 holes on the locking mecha- nism, marking them with a pen. Remove the locking mecha- nism from the strap and fasten to the spa. HAZARD Never leave an uncovered spa unattended, and never leave a covered spa unlatched. SPA OPERATIONS GUIDE SPA OPERATIONS GUIDE T Topside Contr opside

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Pump button Pump button Press Pump key to turn pump on(low speed). Press a second time to change the pump to high speed. A third time turns the pump off. A built-in timer automatically turns pump off after 20 minutes, unless it has been manually deactivated. The “Pump” indicator lights up when the pump is on. Light or LED Light or LED The control panel button designated “LIGHT” activates the spa light when pressed. The light turns off after a two-hour default. The LED light (available on the D

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SETTING W SETTING WA ATER TEMPERA TER TEMPERATURE TURE Using the heat up and heat down buttons, you can regulate the water temperature directly from the topside control pad. Press and hold the button to increase (or decrease ) current temperature setting. The temperature setting will be dis- played for 5 seconds to confirm your new selection. Water temperature can be adjusted by 1o increments from 40° to 104°F (15° to 40°C). AIR CONTROLS AIR CONTROLS There are two air controls beside the topside

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HYDROTHERAPY JETS Your spa is equipped with the follow- ing jets: You can adjust the volume of water from these jets by turning the face Adjustable jets Adjustable jets plate counter clock wise to decrease the volume of water and clock wise to increase it. You can also change the direction of the water flow by pushing on the side of the small orifice in the centre of the trim kit. Micr Micro Dir o Directional ectional WARNING: All jet trim kits must be properly seated or air flow may be restric

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The cluster jets are small single orifice jets that are adjustable and can be removed. Cluster Jets Cluster Jets The purpose of the ozone jet is to inject ozone into your spa. It is not to be used for hydrotherapy. If you do not have an ozona- tor water and air will still flow into the spa Ozone Jet Ozone Jet from this jet. WARNING Do not block Ozone Jet at anytime. Blocking the Ozone Jet may result in damaging the ozonator and voiding the warranty. You can adjust the volume of water from both t

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 19

TROUBLE SHOOTING This is a self-diagnostic control system. The system will automatically display flashing indicators if a problem is detected. No display at topside No display at topside - check that the topside is correctly plugged into spa pack - the power is on - if problem persists contact Smart Protect Warranty Display is flashing Display is flashing A power failure must have occurred and the spa pack has returned to its default values. Press any key to stop the flashing and then reprog

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 20

3 flashing dots are displayed 3 flashing dots are displayed A PROBLEM HAS BEEN DETECTED. Do NOT enter the water! Check and open knife valves. Clean filter if necessary. Check water level. Add water if needed. Shut power off and power up your spa again to reset the system to default values. Reprogram your settings. If 3 dots are still flashing, check high limit indicator light, located on the circuit board inside the spa pack. (It is a very bright L.E.D. red light that is easy to see when the

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