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20-Cup Capacity
Rice Cooker | Food Steamer
Instruction Manual
w w w. A r o m a C o . c o m
w w w. A r o m a C o . c o m

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 2

LIMITED WARRANTY ® ™ With the Aroma Professional rice cooker you’ll be making fantastic, Aroma Housewares Company warrants this product free from defects restaurant-quality rice at the touch of a button! This machine is specially in material and workmanship for two years from provable date of calibrated to cook all varieties of rice, including tough-to-cook brown purchase in the continental United States. rice, to fluffy perfection. Within this warranty period, Aroma Housewares Company will repa

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 3

ABOUT RICE IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS COURTESY OF THE USA RICE FEDERATION Basic safety precautions should always be followed when using electrical For recipes and rice information visit the USA Rice Federation online at appliances, including the following: 1. Important: Read all instructions 13. Always unplug from the base of the carefully before first use. wall outlet. Never pull on the cord. DID YOU KNOW? 2. Make sure the appliance is “OFF” 14. The rice cooker should be ope

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 4

ABOUT RICE SHORT CORD INSTRUCTIONS COURTESY OF THE USA RICE FEDERATION For recipes and rice information visit the USA Rice Federation online at 1. A short power-supply cord is provided to reduce the risks resulting from becoming entangled in or tripping over a longer cord. Rice is the perfect foundation for today’s healthier eating. It is a nutrient-dense 2. Longer extension cords are available and may be used if care is complex carbohydrate that supplies energy, fiber,

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 5

PARTS IDENTIFICATION HOW TO CLEAN 3 Always unplug the rice cooker and allow it to cool completely before 2 4 1. Lid Release cleaning. 5 Button FASTER CLEANUP 2. Handle For even faster cleanup, the inner cooking pot, serving spatula, 1 3. Condensation measuring cup, soup ladle and condensation collector can be Collector (in rear) washed in the top rack of the dishwasher! 4. Steam Vent 6 5. Lid 1. Remove the inner cooking pot. Wash it in warm, soapy water using 6. Control Panel a sponge or dishclo

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 6

BEFORE FIRST USE SLOW COOK ® ™ The Aroma Professional is the first rice cooker to offer a full-featured Slow 1. Read all instructions and important safeguards. Cook function. Perfect for a wide variety of slow cooked classics, the “Slow 2. Remove all packaging materials and make sure items are received in Cook” function sets easily and automatically switches to “Keep-Warm” once good condition. the cooking has completed. 3. Tear up all plastic bags, as they can pose a risk to children. 4. Wash ac

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 7

MEAT STEAMING GUIDE COOKING RICE (CONT.) 7. To begin cooking, press the WHITE RICE or BROWN RICE button, depending upon the type of rice to be cooked. The selected function’s indicator light Amount of Safe will illuminate. Meat Steaming Time Water Temperature COOKING BROWN RICE? Brown rice requires a much longer cooking cycle than other rice varieties due to the extra bran layers on the grains. The “Brown Rice” Fish 2 Cups 15 Min. 140º function on this rice cooker allows extra time and adjusted

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 8

RICE/WATER MEASUREMENT TABLE VEGETABLE STEAMING GUIDE RICE APPROX. UNCOOKED WATER VEGETABLE AMOUNT OF WATER STEAMING TIME WATERLINE COOKED COOKING TIMES RICE INSIDE POT RICE YIELD Asparagus ½ Cup 7 Minutes WHITE RICE: 30-35 Min. 2 Cups 2½ Cups Line 2 4 Cups BROWN RICE: 100-105 Min. Broccoli ¼ Cup 5 Minutes WHITE RICE: 32-37 Min. Cabbage 1 Cup 15 Minutes 3 Cups 3½ Cups Line 3 6 Cups BROWN RICE: 102-107 Min. Carrots 1 Cup 15 Minutes WHITE RICE: 34-39 Min. 4 Cups 4½ Cups Line 4 8 Cups Cauliflower 1

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 9

TO STEAM & COOK RICE SIMULTANEOUSLY QUICK RICE The “Quick Rice” function will save time by foregoing the soaking cycle. However, we only recommend using this function if time is of the essence. The rice produced One of the most convenient features of this rice cooker is the ability to both by the “Quick Rice” function will not be of the same quality as if the “White Rice” cook rice and steam food simultaneously, ideal for creating delicious or “Brown Rice” functions were used. one-pot meals. To

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 10

DELAY TIMER SMART STEAM ® ™ The “Delay Timer” function will have rice ready for mealtime up to 15 hours in The “Smart Steam” function of the Aroma Professional rice cooker gives it advance. When setting the timer, it is important to remember that rice will be all the functionality of a digital food steamer. Set the time food needs to finished cooking once the amount of time set has elapsed. At that point the steam for easy, healthy meals and sides. rice cooker will automatically switch to “Keep-

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