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Instrukcja obsługi LG Electronics PR200
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Read and understand this entire manual before riding!
Item Number:

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CONTENTS Safety Warnings .................................................................................1 Troubleshooting Guide .................................................................... 7-8 Before You Begin .................................................................................2 Pocket Rocket Parts ....................................................................... 9-10 Assembly and Set-Up ...................................................................... 3-4 Safe

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BEFORE YOU BEGIN Remove contents from box. Remove the foam separators that protect the components from damage during shipping. Inspect the contents of the box for scratches in the paint, dents or kinked cables that may have WARNING: occurred during shipping. Because the Pocket Rocket was 95 percent assembled and packed at the factory, Do not use your Pocket Rocket there should not be any problems, even if the box has a few scars or dents. for the fi rst time until you have charged the b

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ASSEMBLY AND SET-UP Charging the Battery Your electric motorbike may not have a fully charged battery; therefore it is a good idea to charge the WARNING: battery prior to use. Always disconnect your electric • Initial charge time: 12 hours • Run time: up to 40 minutes motorbike from the charger before • Recharge time: up to 8 hours, • Average battery life: 250 charge/discharge cycles cleaning with liquid. depending on the level of depletion Note: If your charger does not look like t

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ASSEMBLY AND SET-UP Infl ating the Tires WARNING: Tires are infl ated when shipped, but they invariably lose some pressure between the point of manufacturing and your purchase. Do not use the Pocket Rocket for the fi rst time until you Front Tire Rear Tire have infl ated the tires to the correct PSI. Failure to do so may damage your vehicle and void your warranty. Note: The pressurized air supplies found at gasoline stations are designed to infl ate high-volume automobile tires. If y

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REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE q Chain and Rear Tire Replacement Tools required: 10mm wrench, two (2) 8mm wrenches, and two (2) 17mm wrenches. 1 Loosen screws and remove 2 With a 10mm wrench, 3 With two 8mm wrenches, 4 Loosen and remove both axle loosen the brake cable anchor chain guard. loosen brake housing anchor adjuster nuts. and disconnect the cable. and disconnect. Keep the spacer and washers together. 5 With two 17mm wrenches, 6 Pull the wheel out. Note the 7 Install the new chain or 8 S

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REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE q Chain and Sprocket WARNING: The chain will typically have a “loose spot” and “tight spot” corresponding with a particular sprocket To avoid a pinch or injury, keep rotational position. This is normal and common to all chain-driven vehicles due to run-out tolerances of the fi ngers away from moving freewheel and sprocket. The chain should be adjusted to the ideal tension with chain in the tightest spot. sprockets and chain. Proper chain alignment must be mainta

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TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE Problem Possible Cause Solution Vehicle does not run Undercharged battery Charge the battery. A new battery should have been charged for at least 12 hours before using the vehicle for the fi rst time and up to 8 hours after each subsequent use. Check all connectors. Make sure the charger connector is tightly plugged into the charging port, and that the charger is plugged into the wall. Make sure power fl ow to the wall outlet is on. Charger is not working You may check

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TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE Problem Possible Cause Solution Sometimes the vehicle Loose wires or connectors Check all wires around the motors and all connectors to make sure doesn’t run, but other they are tight. times it does Motor or electrical switch damage Contact your local Razor authorized service center for diagnosis and repair. Charger gets warm Normal response to charger use No action required. This is normal for some chargers and is no cause during use for concern. If your charger

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POCKET ROCKET PARTS Keep your Pocket Rocket running for years with genuine Razor parts. Visit our web site or e-mail us for more information on spare part availability. (Specifi cations subject to change without notice.) 1. 1 ea Top crown 27. 1 ea Chain, Pocket Rocket length 2. 1 ea Bolt, steering, 10mm x 135mm 28. 3 ea Nut, nylock self locking 3. 2 ea Bearing for steering, 6200 (spacers required, not shown) 29. 3 ea Washer, fl at 10mm 4. 2 ea Handlebar 30. 1 ea Sprocket 5. 2 ea Cap screw

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SAFETY REMINDERS PRE-RIDE CHECKLIST Loose Parts Tire Infl ation There should not be any unusual rattles or sounds from Periodically inspect the tires for excess wear and replace as q q loose parts or broken components. If you are not sure, ask required, and regularly check the tire pressure and re-infl ate an experienced mechanic to check. as necessary. If you get a fl at tire, the inner tube can be patched or a new tube can be purchased from Razor or an authorized repair center. Brake Check t

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