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Instrukcja obsługi Blodgett BC-20G
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44 Lakeside Avenue, Burlington, Vermont 05401 USA Telephone (800) 331-5842, (802) 860-3700 Fax: (802)864-0183
PN R10869 Rev D (5/06)
E2003 --- Blodgett Combi

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A PERSONALWORD FROM BLODGETT COMBI QUELQUESMOTSDEBLODGETTCOMBI CongratulationsonyourpurchaseofaBLODGETTCombiappliance.We firmlybelievethatyourchoicehasbeenawiseone,andtrustyouwillre- ceive many years of excellent service from your new Combi. You will find that cooking with Combi appliances saves time, labor and extensive cleaning of both the kitchen and the unit. With Combiappliances thequality, taste, consistency, andlook ofyour foodareimproved,thusendorsingthepolicytowhichwe’vealwaysad- hered:

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Model/Modèl: Your Service Agency’s Address: Adressedevotreagencedeservice: Serial Number/Numéro de série: Your oven was installed by/ Installateur de votre four: Your oven’s installation was checked by/ Contrôleur de l’installation de votre four:

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Table ofContents/Table des Matières Introduction Introduction The Blodgett Combi-Oven/Steamer ..... 2 Le four-étuveur Combi de Blodgett...... 32 Description of the Combi-Oven/Steamer . 3 Descriptiondelefour-étuveur Combi de Blodgett.................... 33 Oven Features ....................... 4 Caractéristiques ...................... 34 Installation Installation Owner’s Responsibilities............... 5 Responsabilités du propriétaire......... 35 Location and Ventilation ............... 6 Placem

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Introduction TheBlodgettCombi-Oven/Steamer TheBlodgett Combi-Oven/Steameroffers a com- You can also use two or three functions in se- pletely new method of cooking. With the Oven/ quenceduringonecookingprocess.Wecallthis: Steameryouhavethechoiceoftwocookingpro- D combi-steaming cesses:Steam and HotAir, either... D combi-roasting D Separately D combi-baking D Combined,or The combination of circulating hot air and steam D InSequence in the space saving, high performance Combi- Andforeasyoperationy

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Introduction DescriptionoftheCombi-Oven/Steamer ABOUTTHEOVEN/STEAMER OVEN/STEAMER OPERATION Blodgett Combi-Oven/Steamers are quality pro- The practical oven door, with a viewing window, duced using high-grade stainless steel with first hasawideswingradiusandhandlewhichcanbe class workmanship. operated easily, even with wet or greasy hands. Thetwospeedfan,whichisguardedagainstacci- Easeofoperationis guaranteedthroughthesim- dentalfingercontact,isdrivenbyaquietandpow- plearrangementofthecontrols.G

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Introduction OvenFeatures 4 6 2 3 5 1 Figure1 1 Control Panel 4 Vent (not shown) 2 Oven Door 5 Manual Delimng Inlet 3 Door Handle 6 Semi -A ut oma t ic D eliming Pu mp 4

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Installation Owner’s Responsibilities 1. Oven(s) are uncrated and put in place. WARNING!! 2. The owner/operator must have the following Improper installation, adjustment, alter- plumbing, gas and electrical requirements ation service or maintenance can cause met and installed. property damage, injury or death. Read NOTE: Refer to the Utility Connection infor- the installation, operation and mainte- mation provided. nance instruction thoroughly before in- stalling or servicing this equipment. ELE

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Installation Location and Ventilation LOCATION VENTILATION The well planned and proper placement of your The necessity for a properly designed and in- appliance will result in long term operator conve- stalledventilationsystem cannotbe overempha- nience and satisfactory performance. sized. The ventilation systemwill allow the unit to function properly while removing unwanted va- Thefollowingclearancesmustbemaintainedbe- porsandproductsofcombustionfromtheoperat- tween the unit and any combustible

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Installation AgencyApprovals THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS CON- U.S. and Canadian Installations TAINED HEREIN ARE FOR THE USE OF QUALI- Installation must conform with local codes, or in FIEDINSTALLATIONANDSERVICEPERSONNEL theabsenceoflocalcodes, withthe NationalFuel ONLY. INSTALLATION OR SERVICE BY OTHER Gas Code, NFPA54/ANSI Z223.1---Latest Edition, THAN QUALIFIED PERSONNEL MAY RESULT IN the Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code DAMAGE TO THE OVEN AND/OR INJURY TO CAN/CSA-B149.1. THE OPERAT

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Installation PlumbingConnections WATER CONNECTION 2. Loosen the coupling clamps. Attach a 2” (5 cm)copperdrainpipetothedrainconnection. NOTE: Hot water maximizes steam production Retighten the coupling clamps. but is not required. Cold water may be NOTE: The open end of the drain should be in- supplied to both inlets if hot water is not stalled facing the floor. Copper line, used available. for installation to an open drain or floor BC-20G --- Connect the appliance to quality cold sink,mustbesup

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Installation ElectricalConnections Beforemakinganyelectricalconnectionstothese Gas Models units,checkthatthepowersupplyisadequatefor U.S. and Canadian Installations the voltage, amperage, and phase requirements stated on the rating name plate mounted on the A power cord (115V or 230V) is supplied with a right side of the unit. plug attached. Plug the power cord into the de- sired receptacle. Wiring diagrams are located on the inside of the removablesidepanel. WARNING!! NOTE: DISCONNECT THE POWER

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Installation Gas Connections GAS PIPING Maximum Capacity of Iron Pipe in Cubic Feet of Natural Gas Per Hour Aproperlysizedgassupplysystemisessentialfor (Pressure drop of 0.5 Inch W.C.) maximum oven performance. Piping should be sizedtoprovideasupplyofgassufficienttomeet Pipe Nominal Size, Inches themaximumdemandofallappliancesontheline L Leng engtth h 3/4” 1” 1-1/4” 1-1/2” 2” without loss of pressure at the equipment. (ft) Example: 10 360 680 1400 2100 3950 20 250 465 950 1460 2750 NOTE: BTU val

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 15

Installation Gas Connections PRESSUREREGULATION AND TESTING shutoff valve during any pressure testing of the gaspipingsystemattest pressuresequal orless The gas pressure to the appliancemust berated than 1/2 psig (3.45kPa). for eachappliancewhiletheburnersareon.Asuf- Prior to connecting the appliance, gas lines ficientgaspressuremustbepresentattheinletto should be thoroughly purged of all metal filings, satisfy these conditions. Refer to the table below shavings, pipedope, andotherdebris. Afterc

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 16

Installation FinalCheckand Adjustments BEFORESWITCHING THEAPPLIANCEON DOOR ADJUSTMENT Beforeapplyingpowertotheunitforthefirsttime, The hinges may be adjusted using the following check for the following conditions: procedure: 1. Adjust the top hinge plate by loosening the j The unit is level. threemountingboltsonthetoprightcornerof j All electrical safety provisions have been ad- the unit. hered to and the electrical connections are 2. Adjust thebottomhingepin by looseningthe correct. mountingbol

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Installation FinalCheckLists WARNING!! Cold Water Supply Final check list must be performed by a qualified installer only. Hose and Spray Option ELECTRICAL CONTROL COMPARTMENT j Voltage to appliance matches rating plate PLUMBING FINAL CHECK j Incoming water pressure within appliance specification. j Atmospheric vented drain in place. j Water solenoid properly bracketed and not leaking. j Water feed lines intact without leaks. To Oven Fill j Optional Spray Hose connected properly. Manifold Connec

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Installation FinalCheckLists OVEN OPERATIONAL TESTS Hot Air Mode Turn to HOT AIR mode and set thermostat to NOTE: Checkstobemadebycustomerorautho- 400_F (204_C) and verify: rized service agent. j Heat demand lamp is on. Cool Down Mode j Oven is heating. j Check that the fan runs with the door open. j Heatdemandlampshutsoffat400_F(204_C) and oven maintains 400_F (204_C). Steam Mode j Fan shuts off with door open. Turn on STEAM mode and set thermostat to steam. Verify the following: Steam On Deman

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Operation SafetyInformationforGasUnits THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS SEC- Whatto do intheeventofapowerfailure: TIONISPROVIDEDFORTHEUSEOFQUALIFIED D Turn all switches to off. OPERATINGPERSONNEL.QUALIFIEDOPERAT- D DONOTattemptto operatethe applianceuntil ING PERSONNEL ARE THOSE WHO HAVE the power is restored. CAREFULLY READ THE INFORMATION CON- NOTE: Intheeventofashut-downofanykind,al- TAINED IN THIS MANUAL, ARE FAMILIAR WITH THE FUNCTIONS OF THE OVEN AND/OR HAVE lowafive(5)minuteshutoffperiod

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 20

Operation GasControls CONTROLSIDENTIFICATION 1. GASCONTROLSWITCH --- Usedtoturngas 3. GASOFFPOSITION --- Press theswitchinto on or off. the O position. 2. GAS ON POSITION --- Press the switch into the I position. 1 2 3 SeeViewA Figure6 16

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