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Manual do usuário Anthem Audio SFP-1
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CONTROL FUNCTIONS AND CONNECTIONS A B C A-Mute/Operate Switch - In the mute position, this toggle switch cuts off the signal to the outputs (F) of the SFP--1 hence muting the unit; the LED (B) flashes as a reminder. In the operate mode, the outputs are connected and the SFP-1 operates normally. B-Power Indicator LED - This LED lights when the SFP-1 is on and receiving power from the AC source. It will flash at one second intervals during warmup delay and muting. C-Power Switch - This toggle sw

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D E F G H G -Left and Right Channel RCA Single-Ended Phono D-Detachable Power Cord Socket - Plug the Detachable Stage Input Connectors - These inputs accept a single- Power Cord into this socket (see Figure 1). The SFP-1 is factory ended input connection from a turntable’s output connectors. set for the correct operating voltage for the area in which it is The turntable equipped with a Moving Coil or Moving Magnet sold (see shipping box for voltage setting). If a different operat- Cartridge (see

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INSERTION OF THE TUBES AND G A I N S E T T I N G The SFP-1 comes with two Sovtek 6922 (6DJ8-type) and two 12AT7A Repeat this step for the remaining tubes; LV2 tube to the LV2 tube sock- tubes (the SFP-1 Signature comes with two Mullard 6DJ8/6922 and et, V1 tube to the V1 tube socket and V2 tube to the V2 tube socket. two Gold Aero12AT7A Gold Grade), individually boxed, marked and bagged along with a cotton glove, screwdriver, and screws for 7. Two slide switches for gain setting left and right c

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OPERATION OF THE SFP-1 PHONO STAGE T R O U B L E S H O O T I N G Before plugging in the SFP-1, check to see that the unit is configured If at any time the SFP-1 Phono Stage fails to work properly, consult for the correct AC line voltage for country of use. The operating AC this checklist: line voltage is indicated on the side of the shipping box. If the SFP-1 1. Check that the AC Detachable Power Cord is plugged into the Phono Stage is set incorrectly for the country in which it is to be opera

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SFP-1 PLACEMENT FOR PROPER VENTILATION LIMITED FIVE YEAR WARRANTY Allow at least 6” (15 cm) of clear space above the SFP-1 chas- Sonic Frontiers, Inc. warrants to the purchaser that each SFP-1 sis for proper ventilation, making sure the air vent slots in the Phono Stage is free of manufacturing defects for a period of chassis cover remain unobstructed. five (5) years from the date of purchase. This five (5) year limit- ed non-transferable warranty excludes all vacuum tubes, which we warrant for

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SFP-1 & SFP-1 SIGNATURE TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz ± 0.3 dB (RIAA accuracy) THD & Noise < 0.05% @ 1.0V output Gain 37 dB Moving Magnet (selected internally) 57 dB Moving Coil Output Impedance 1K ohms @ 1 kHz Input Impedance 47K ohms (adjusted internally) Channel Separation > 40 dB (20 Hz to 20 kHz) Power Requirements 35 VA 50/60 Hz (maximum) Tube Complement 2 - Sovtek 6922 2 - 12AT7A Signature Version 2 - Mullard 6DJ8/6922 2 - Gold Aero 12AT7A Gold Grade Dimensi

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We at Sonic Frontiers are sure that you will derive many years of listening pleasure with your new SFP-1 or SFP-1 Signature Phono Stage. This Owner’s Manual contains important informa- tion regarding the operation and care of the SFP-1. Be sure to read this manual carefully and follow these instructions in order to keep it looking, operating and sounding its best. 2790 Brighton Road, Oakville, Ontario, Canada L6H 5T4 Telephone: (905) 829-3838 Facsimile: (905) 829-3033 Sonic Frontiers can

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