Руководство по эксплуатации Sony UPX-C200

Руководство по эксплуатации для устройства Sony UPX-C200

Устройство: Sony UPX-C200
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Руководство по эксплуатации Sony UPX-C200
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3-207-403-11 (1)
Digital Printing
Operating Instructions (Basic Operations) Page 2 ______________
Mode d’emploi (opérations de base) Page 69 __________________
Manual de instrucciones (Operaciones básicas) página 139_______
© 2003 Sony Corporation

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The shielded interface cable recommended in this Owner’s Record manual must be used with this equipment in order to The model and serial numbers are located at the rear. comply with the limits for a digital device pursuant to Record these number in the space provided below. Subpart B of Part 15 of FCC Rules. Refer to these numbers whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. If you have any questions about this product, you may call: Model No. ____________________________

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for the UP-DX100 Printer WARNING This unit has no power switch. When installing this unit, incorporate a readily accessible disconnect device in the fixed wiring, or For the customers in Europe connect the power cord to socket-outlet which must be Hereby, Sony Corporation, declares that these DKC-C200X provided near the unit and easily accessible. and UP-DX100 are in compliance with the essential If a fault should occur during operation of the unit, requirements and other relevant provisio

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For kunder i Europa  Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Sony Corporation erklærer herved, at DKC-C200X og Corporation in the United States and other countries. UP-DX100 er i overensstemmelse med de essentielle krav  All other companies and product names mentioned og andre relevante bestemmelser i direktiv 1999/5/EC. åbn venligst den følgende URL angående detaljer: herein may be the trademarks or registered http://www.compliance.sony.de/ trademarks of their respective companie

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Locations of Parts ................................................54 Camera ..............................................................54 Table of Contents Printer ................................................................58 Precautions ...........................................................60 System Overview ................................................... 6 Safety ................................................................60 System Configuration ..........................

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System Overview The Sony UPX-C200 digital printing system is designed to allow you to take pictures with a digital camera and to print them on two types of paper: UPC-X46 or UPC- X34. The system adopts Bluetooth wireless technology, which enables communication between the camera and printer without using cables. System Configuration Using the Bluetooth function Bluetooth transmission MENU PRINT EXEC ALARM less than 10 m without obstruction Camera Printer You can send images from the camera

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Printouts that Can Be Made with This System The system can print 22 types of printouts and two types of images. They do not show the exact sizes to be of guide print. When the UPC-X46 is used, all types of printed. Below each image, the size number and size is printouts are available, while with the UPC-X34, the shown. D2, D4, D6, and D8 indicate that there are types that can be printed are limited. different types of printouts for the same size, and X46 The figures below show the number of

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Guide print Guide Print-RGB Guide Print-DLGm When the UPC-X34 is used 3. 95 × 70 mm 7. 60 × 40 mm 8. 54 × 54 mm 2×2inch 11. 45 × 35 mm 4. 80 × 60 mm 10. 47 × 37 mm 9. 50 × 48.5 mm 13. 43 × 33 mm 5. 70 × 53 mm 12. 45 × 45 mm 14. 38 × 32 mm 6. 70 × 50 mm 15. 34 × 28 mm 20. 45 × 35 mm D4 21. Special-1 22. Special-2 16. 23 × 23 mm (70 × 53 mm/ (47 × 37 mm/ 47 × 37 mm) 43 × 33 mm) Guide print Guide Print-RGB Guide Print-DLGm 8 System Overview

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No flash and auto exposure mode ( ) Flash Modes and Examples of The built-in flash does not light. This mode is suitable Shooting Conditions for shooting under stable light sources such as studio light, video light, fluorescent light, etc. The system offers five types of flash modes. Shooting examples in each mode are introduces here. Studio light (halogen light, etc.) For details on shooting conditions and their setting procedures, see “Setting the Shooting Conditions” on page 37. For det

Краткое содержание страницы № 10

No flash and manual exposure mode (M ) Supplied Accessories This mode does not use the built-in flash, but uses an external flash connected with the synchronization cord, or is suitable for shooting under stable light sources such Unpacking as studio light, video light, fluorescent light, etc. Make sure that the following accessories are supplied with your system. Flash Paper tray for the UPC-X46 (1) Paper tray for the UPC-X34 (1) Tray cover (1) Paper holders (2) AC power cord for the print

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C CL LO OS SE E OPE OPEN N CLOSE OPEN CD-ROM System Requirements The followings are required to access the supplied CD- Preparations ROM. Computer: ® ® Intel Pentium processor or personal computer Preparation of the Camera equipped with a 100% compatible processor.  External or built-in CD-ROM drive Inserting batteries Operating system: Four NH-AA batteries and a lithium button battery CR- ® ®  Microsoft Windows 95 2025 are supplied. Insert them as described below. ® ®  Microsoft Windows 98

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CR2025 CR2025 CLOSE OPEN CLOSE OPEN C CL LO OS SE E OPE OPEN N 3 Install the button battery CR-2025 in its case, and Note on replacing batteries insert the case. When replacing batteries, they may drop down if the battery compartment lid faces down. To avoid this, turn the grip so that the lid faces up. Role of the button battery The button battery supplies power to the built-in clock. Be sure to insert the battery. Connecting the camera to a wall outlet Connect the DC cord of the PCS-AC08 A

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DIGITAL PHOTO PRINTER PRINTER COLOR ALARM SIZE PRINTER B/W PRINT PLAY CAMERA W T MONITOTR MENU (PAL) LCD VIDEO OUT ENTER MENU EXEC PRINT ALARM Attaching to a tripod Preparation of the Printer You can attach the camera to a tripod using the tripod Before using the printer for the first time, you need to screw hole on the bottom of the camera. install a print cartridge and the paper tray, as indicated below. These preparations are not needed for everyday Note print operations, but ar

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DIGITAL PHOTO PRINTER DIGITAL PHOTO PRINTER MENU EXEC MENU EXEC MENU EXEC PRINT ALARM PRINT ALARM PRINT ALARM 2 Insert the print cartridge into the cartridge  Do not rewind the ink ribbon and use the rewound compartment firmly until it clicks into place. print cartridge for printing. Otherwise, proper printing result will not be obtained, or even a breakdown may occur.  If the print cartridge does not click into place, remove it and then re-insert it. If the ink ribbon is too slack to be

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DIGITAL PHOTO PRINTER MENU EXEC PRINT ALARM 2 Push the paper holder into the stoppers firmly until 3 Insert the tray to the printer. it snaps into place, making a click sound. Stoppers Removing the paper holder Push out the paper holder gently from the stoppers, and Note remove it, pinching the portions near the two ends. Do not touch the printing surface. Fingerprints on the printing surface may result in imperfect printing. Notes  Set the paper of the UPC-X46 into the large paper tray, a

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DIGITAL PHOTO PRINTER PRINTER COLOR ALARM PRINTER B/W SIZE PRINT PLAY CAMERA W T MONITOTR MENU (PAL) LCD VIDEO OUT ENTER MENU EXEC PRINT ALARM extended period of time; color changes or deterioration of the printed image may occur. Operation  When you are going to store partially-used print paper, store it in its original bag. This section describes the basic procedures for taking and printing a picture, and also displaying a picture. The Attaching the tray cover system has additio

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PRINTER COLOR ALARM PRINTER B/W SIZE PRINT PLAY CAMERA W T MONITOTR MENU (PAL) LCD VIDEO OUT ENTER 4 Press any button on the camera. Taking a Picture The Bluetooth display is turned off, and you can start taking a picture. If the printer name and Bluetooth address are still displayed in gray, and “DISCOVERED” does not appear, or “NO PRINTER” appears, see “Troubleshooting” on page 64, and take appropriate 2 action. If the problem still persists, refer to the Operating Instructions

Краткое содержание страницы № 18

If SOUND of the SETUP menu is set to SHUTTER or Deleting the picture just taken ON, a sound is heard when the release button is pressed You can delete the picture just taken from the memory. halfway and when pressed again the rest of the way. Follow the procedures below. Note 1 Press ENTER of the control button. The auto-focus function may not work properly in any of the situations below: “Delete?” appears.  The subject lacks enough contrast.  The subject includes an extremely bright objec

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PRINTER COLOR ALARM PRINTER B/W SIZE PRINT PLAY CAMERA W T MONITOTR MENU (PAL) LCD VIDEO OUT ENTER 3 Select COLOR or B/W by pressing the COLOR/ Printing a Picture B/W button. Each time you press the button, the selection is The picture just taken can be printed with the procedure toggled. below. COLOR: For printing a picture in color B/W: For printing a picture in black and white 4 Press v or V of the control button to set the number of sheets is to be printed. 3 5 Press the PRINT b

Краткое содержание страницы № 20

selected picture and the previous one (or two pictures Reprinting a Picture Stored in before it in print size 19) are printed. Memory of the Printer (A): The picture just taken Printout for (COPY PRINT) or currently selected 19. 47 x 37 mm D6 The data of the last picture printed are stored in memory of the printer. You can reprint the picture. (C) (C) (C) Note If you press the on/standby button, the lamp goes out, (B) (A) (B) (B) and data stored in memory are deleted, and you cannot repri

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