Руководство по эксплуатации Aiphone LAF-C CONSOLE MASTER LAF-20CA

Руководство по эксплуатации для устройства Aiphone LAF-C CONSOLE MASTER LAF-20CA

Устройство: Aiphone LAF-C CONSOLE MASTER LAF-20CA
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Руководство по эксплуатации Aiphone LAF-C CONSOLE MASTER LAF-20CA
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92101 0705
LAF-C Console Master Loudspeaker Intercom System
Type F
The LAF-C Console Master system is a loudspeaker type, single talkpath open voice system. Multiple masters
can be used, along with a large variety of sub station models to create a communication system tailored to the
user's needs. Master stations are available in 20-and 40-station sizes, with or without a handset. For greater
capacity, include a 20- or 40-station add-on selector. Any "LE-" or "LS-" serie

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COMPONENTS & WIRING Individual Components for System: LAF-20C 20-call console-style master station LAF-20CA 20-call console-style master station with handset LAF-40C 40-call console-style master station LAF-40CA 40-call console-style master station with handset LA-20AS 20-call Add-on Selector LA-40AS 40-call Add-on Selector PS-1225UL 12V DC, 2.5A Power Supply. One per system, or one per BG-10C when All Call/Music is included LAF-20C/CA terminal block (also powers intercom system) LE-series A

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WIRING DIAGRAMS 3a. SINGLE MASTER SYSTEM, NO ALL CALL LAF-20C LE-A LE-A 1 1 LE-D 1 2 1 3 SA- 1 4 E E 5 E - - - SA-1 for optional ~ surge protection LE-D (See note #3.) 1 20 E E E SA- - E 1 All "E" terminals are E common internally. NOTES: - Two wiring method can be used: C 1. 2 conductor homerun to each sub station from the master. R (Single master system only.) Y SA- 1 P1 2. Run multi-conductor wire in a daisy-chained fashion with 2 P2 common wires (E & -) plus one individual wire per s

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WIRING DIAGRAMS 3c. THREE MASTER STATIONS WITH SUBS WIRED TO DIFFERENT MASTERS LAF-40CA LAF-40CA LAF-40CA LS-NVP LS-NVP 1 1 1 Red LS-NVP 2 2 2 Red 3 3 3 Red ~ ~ ~ LS-NVP Red 37 37 37 Blk E E E Blk Blk Blk Grn - - - Grn Grn Grn C 38 38 Master-to-master 39 C 39 communication 40 40 C Remove E/- jumpers R R R NOTE: Y Y Y When wiring LS-NVP P1 P1 P1 subs with two wires, P2 P2 P2 black and green wires P3 P3 P3 are tied together at sub, and "E" and "-" terminals + + + + are jumpered at master.

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WIRING DIAGRAMS Pg. 5 3e. SINGLE MASTER SYSTEM WITH ALL CALL BG-10C #1 LAF-20CA LE-BN LE-BN 1 1 1 LE-BN 2 2 1 LE-BN ~ 3 1 NP-25V 10 ~ 1 BG-10C #2 LE-BN 10 LE-BN 1 11 1 2 12 1 NP-25V ~ ~ 10 20 11 C E E E E E E E E E - - - - - - - - - + + + R R R Y Y Y P1 P1 P1 P2 P2 P2 P3 P3 P3 PS- PS- 1225UL 1225UL DC IN DC IN + + + + - - - - NOTES: AUX AUX 1. Any LE- or LS- series sub station can be used. R R 2. Capacitor for All Call is Aiphone model NP-25V: 33µfd, 25V, non-polarized. E E Capacitor mus

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OPERATIONS & SPECIFICATIONS OPERATIONS: * POWER SWITCH MUST BE ON FOR THE SYSTEM TO BE OPERATIONAL. Receiving a call from a sub station: 1. Sub station calls in with mono-electronic tone, heard as long as call button at sub is depressed. 2. LED light corresponding to calling station will light at master, staying on approximately 20 seconds. 3. Depress station button with lit LED. 4. Press TALK button to speak, and release to listen. With handset model (LAF-CA), speak to sub station privat

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TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE SOLUTION PROBLEM 1. No call tone or LED when sub calls master. 1. Make sure jumper is installed between E & - terminals at the master and all sub stations (in 2-wire configuration). 2. Call tone works, but no communication, or 2. Same as #1 in 2-wire system. In 3 wire system, 1 & communication works, but no call tone. E are for communication, and 1 & - are for call-in. Check continuity and connection of wires. 3. Call tone is too loud or too quiet. 3. Call tone v

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PRECAUTIONS & WARRANTY CAUTION * Do not connect any AC wires to any terminal on any unit, as fire or unit damage may occur. Connect only specified power source on +, - terminals. * Do not install more or different power sources than specified for the system. * Do not attempt to install or connect wires on LAF-C system while the system's power supply is plugged in. * LAF-C masters and related equipment, unless specified as "weather resistant", are designed for indoor use only. Door stations (L

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