Руководство по эксплуатации Ayre Acoustics DX-7

Руководство по эксплуатации для устройства Ayre Acoustics DX-7

Устройство: Ayre Acoustics DX-7
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Руководство по эксплуатации Ayre Acoustics DX-7
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Ayre DX-7
Owner’s Manual
A y r e
DVD Transport with Progressive Video

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Table of Contents Welcome to Ayre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Connections and Installation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Setup and Configuration. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Controls and Operation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Optimization and Customization . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 About Aspect Ratios . . . . . . . . . . .

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Welcome to Ayre Please send in your warranty Your Ayre DX-7 offers a significant advance in the registration card so we can video and audio performance of film reproduction stay in contact with you. equipment. The excitement and dimensionality of your favorite films are apparent from the first viewing. The combination of superb resolution and a natural, relaxed quality will draw you back to your home theater, time and time again. This level of performance has been implemented using the highest l

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Connections and Installation The Ayre DX-7 is a DVD transport with digital audio outputs, requiring connection to an audio processor. It is easy to hook up and use. The following guidelines will ensure that the installation goes smoothly. Location The infrared beam of the A good location for your DVD player is at an easily remote control will also travel accessible height in an open-backed cabinet or on a through glass. shelf. The receiver for the infrared remote control is mounted behind the di

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Reserved C Reserved D Reserved A Reserved B SL Comp SL PCM IR Receiver Control Port HVSync SoG RGB YPbPr Prog Intrlc Rsrv C Rsrv D 0% 7.5% 16- 23 5 02 - 55 RGB YCbCr Rsrv A Rsrv B DX-7 DVD Transport DVI Hsync Vsync R/Pr B/Pb G/Y S-Video Composite S.N. A y r e Boulder, Colorado USA Digital Audio Outputs SyncroLink PCM Only PCM & Compressed Control Port Volts 50/60 Hertz Digital Audio Link 50 W Max processors. Analog display devices utilizing CRTs normally achieve their highest per

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this situation it is usually preferable to use an analog component connection rather than the DVI connection. This is because the digital-to-analog conversion in the Ayre DX-7 will perform at a higher level than the corresponding conversion in the display device. If in doubt about which However, a few of these CRT-based displays convert connection to use, simply make all incoming signals to digital for certain types of a visual comparison to video signal processing such as scaling. In this case,

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Please consult the owner’s manual for your display device to determine which connections are supported. S-Video There are two toggle switches The S-video analog interface provides a good level of on the rear panel that performance. The brightness signal is kept separated configure both the S-video and from the color signal, but the color detail composite signals. Please refer (bandwidth) is reduced from the component to the section “Setup and connection. S-video is commonly used for Configuratio

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The SyncroLink interface automatically detects when a compatible SyncroLink device has been connected. Digital Audio Outputs An adapter is available from The Ayre DX-7 features two digital audio outputs. Ayre should you need to Both are AES/ EBU balanced outputs to ensure the connect one of the AES/EBU highest possible level of sonic performance. One of digital outputs with an XLR these outputs will transmit both compressed formats connector to an S/PDIF input (e.g., Dolby Digital and DTS) as we

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HVSync SoG RGB YPbPr Prog Intrlc Rsrv C Rsrv D 0% 7.5% 16- 23 5 02 - 55 RGB YCbCr Rsrv A Rsrv B Setup and Configuration Once you have connected the Ayre DX-7 to your home theater system, you will need to configure it to ensure compatibility. There are two separate configuration steps – the video hardware configuration using small toggle switches on the rear of the unit, and the software configuration using an on-screen Setup Navigator. Perform the video hardware configuration first so that the o

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HVSync SoG RGB YPbPr Prog Intrlc Rsrv C Rsrv D 0% 7.5% 16- 23 5 02 - 55 RGB YCbCr Rsrv A Rsrv B You only need to configure the switches that apply to the connection(s) you are using. DVI Configuration All display devices with a DVI input support the RGB format for the DVI connection. “RGB” is the normal setting that should be used for DVI in most situations. A few displays also support the YCbCr format allowed by the HDMI specification, which (depending on the display) may allow for added flexib

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HVSync SoG RGB YPbPr Prog Intrlc Rsrv C Rsrv D 0% 7.5% 16- 23 5 02 - 55 RGB YCbCr Rsrv A Rsrv B input, set the level switch to the position labeled “0 - 255”. Component Configuration You must first determine what input signals are supported by your display device. Please refer to the owner’s manual for your display for information. If your display supports progressive inputs, this will provide significantly higher picture quality than an interlaced signal. Select the desired signal by setting th

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HVSync SoG RGB YPbPr Prog Intrlc Rsrv C Rsrv D 0% 7.5% 16- 23 5 02 - 55 RGB YCbCr Rsrv A Rsrv B S-Video and Composite Configuration The S-video and composite outputs only output interlaced signals. There are different standards for these signals in different parts of the world. The switch marked “0%” and “7.5%” controls whether the black level is changed by adding setup to the NTSC signals. PAL signals are unaffected by the setting of this switch. Setup is normally only used in North America. If

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Angle Setup Rpt A-B Repeat Connect the video output of the DX-7 to your video display. With the power turned on, press the Program Subtitle Search Random “Setup” button located on the lower portion of the remote control. Audio Step Light The “Setup” button in the top left corner of the remote is only used to customize the remote control’s programming (page 15). Use the cursor buttons on the remote control to navigate the On-Screen Setup Menus. The arrow SELECT buttons will move the highlighted c

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TV Type Select which type of video display you are using. Audio1 Audio2 Video Language General Setup Navigator The “Widescreen” setting is for modern displays with an aspect ratio of 16:9, while the “Standard” TV Connection TV Type Widescreen (16:9) setting is for conventional displays with an aspect Standard (4:3) ratio of 4:3. ENTER Move Select SETUP Exit Digital Jack This screen allows you to specify the types of digital audio signals that are sent to your audio processor. DVD discs may have

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96 kHz PCM Audio A few DVDs have a high resolution soundtrack Audio1 Audio2 Video Language General Setup Navigator using 96 kHz PCM. If your audio processor is capable of accepting 96 kHz PCM audio data, select Amp Connection No 96 kHz PCM Audio Yes “Yes”. Select “No” if your audio processor is not Don’t Know capable of accepting 96 kHz PCM audio data. If you ENTER Move Select SETUP Exit are not sure, select “Don’t Know”. Exit Setup Navigator This screen allows you to confirm your settings Audio

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Controls and Operation The front panel display The Ayre DX-7 DVD transport may be controlled brightness function is only using either the front panel buttons or the included available at the front panel. remote control. Basic functions are available at both locations, and many additional functions are available only at the remote control. This chapter will provide you with all the information necessary to operate your DX-7. It is divided into three sections:  Basic Functions  Important Functio

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P EXIT INFO U For remote control Toggles between “Standby” and customization only (page 15). “Operate” mode (page 19). PWR Select device to control here. Press “Aux” for DVD player CBL AUX VCR TV (page 15). SAT CD AMP TNR Enter numerical values (page 23). 12 3 “Last Memory” function “+10” function (page 23). 5 6 4 (page 43). 7 89 “Clear” function (page 45). Controls volume of device MUTE ENTER 0 “Next” function (page 21). programmed to “AMP” button when in DVD mode (page 18). LAST “Previous” fun

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Indicates that multiple camera angles are available. Indicates that the title number of a DVD is being displayed. Indicates that the track number of a CD is being displayed. indicates that the chapter number of a DVD is being displayed. Indicates that an on-screen menu operation is being performed. Indicates that the remaining playback time is being displayed. Indicates that the disc is stopped and the Display function has been activated. Indicates that the currently loaded DVD’s Condition Memor

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keypad, or by downloading custom configurations from your PC with an optional cable. See the separate remote control owner’s manual for additional information. The remote control is factory programmed so that when the “Aux” button is pressed it will operate the Ayre DX-7, when the “CD” button is pressed it will operate an Ayre CD player, and when the “Amp” button is pressed it will operate an Ayre preamplifier or integrated amplifier. The remote control is factory programmed so that the volume a

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