Руководство по эксплуатации Brother Electronic Accessory Personal Embroidery Design Software System

Руководство по эксплуатации для устройства Brother Electronic Accessory Personal Embroidery Design Software System

Устройство: Brother Electronic Accessory Personal Embroidery Design Software System
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Руководство по эксплуатации Brother Electronic Accessory Personal Embroidery Design Software System
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Personal Embroidery Design Software System
Quick Reference Guide
Printed in China
<< PE-Design Ver.7.0 QRG >> cover 1-4

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: REGULATIONS Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) Declaration of Conformity (For USA Only) Responsible Party: Brother International Corporation 100 Somerset Corporate Boulevard Bridgewater, NJ 08807-0911 USA declares that the product Product Name: Brother USB Writer Model Number: PE-DESIGN complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any

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Congratulations on choosing our product! Thank you very much for purchasing our product. To obtain the best performance from this unit and to ensure safe and correct operation, please read this Quick Reference Guide carefully, and then keep it in a safe place together with your warranty. Please read before using this product For designing beautiful embroidery patterns  This system allows you to create a wide variety of embroidery patterns and supports a wider range of sewing attribute settin

Краткое содержание страницы № 4

Table of Contents Quick Reference Guide Before Use ....................................................................................4 Features .............................................................................................4 Basic Operation Map .........................................................................9 Introduction .....................................................................................10 Installation (Please read before Installing!) .................

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Table of Contents Instruction Manual (viewed from computer) After the software has been installed, the Instruction Manual can be viewed from the software appli- cation window. The Instruction Manual provides operating procedures and descriptions for the vari- ous functions of the software. Click on Help in the tool bar and then click on Instruction Manual. Basic Operation Starting up/Exiting Applications Understanding Windows and Using Tools Automatically Converting an Image to an Embroidery Des

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Before Use Features What You Can Do With This Software This software provides digitizing and editing capabilities, allowing you the creative freedom to design original embroidery. Easily turn illustrations, photos and lettering into custom embroidery designs. Automatically Create an Embroidery Pattern From an Image Refer to “Automatically Converting an Image to an Embroidery Design (Auto Punch Function)” in the Instruction Manual. Automatically Create an Embroidery Pattern From a Photo Refer

Краткое содержание страницы № 7

Features Easily Create Custom Fonts Custom fonts can be created using Font Creator. These fonts can be recalled to be used in Layout & Editing. Refer to “Manually Creating Custom Fonts (Font Creator)” in the Instruction Manual. Have Fun Creating Embroidery Patterns Manually You can combine embroidery patterns or apply stitching to drawings and text. In addition, you can design a wider variety of embroidery patterns by using the many sew types available. “Arranging Embroidery Patterns (Layout

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New Features of Version 7 ■ Stitch generation features  Added Line Sewing Type: Triple Stitch  Added Region Sewing Type: Random Walking Stitch (stippling-style stitch)  Variations of under sewing - Added new under sewing type to the Region Sewing Attributes - Under sewing can be set for zigzag stitching, manual punching, and text  Motif stitch can be set to manual punching  Piping Stitch can be set to regions  New zigzag stitch corners have been added to the Line Sewing Attributes - (2

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Features  Improved Photo Stitch function: - Easier process to create an embroidery fi le from a Photo - Improved processing speed and color selection Design Center:  “Detect Outlines” function to select the outline of an image in “Cut out to Line Image” dialog  “Figure Handle Stage” has the ability to connect/split a line  Enables the color of a portion of the outline to be changed in the Sewing Setting Stage  New button to easily export a design from Sew Setting Stage to Layout & Editing 

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■ Design Center Design Center is used to manually create embroidery patterns from images using a four-stage pro- cedure. The images may come from scanning a printed image or can be created with an appli- ® cation like Paint . Design Center automatically detects outlines in the image and replaces them with broken lines that can be edited and assigned sewing attributes.  The four stages of Design Center Original Image Stage: Open an image fi le and select one or more colors that the application w

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Basic Operation Map Basic Operation Map Design Center Font Creator Manually create embroidery Create custom font patterns patterns from image file name: .pef file name: .pel, .pem Custom Lettering Digitizes Layout & Editing Combine different patterns into an embroidery design Automatically file name: .pes Converts Image Custom to Embroidery Designs Designs Programmable Design Database Stitch Creator Manage design files Create custom stitch patterns file name: .pas, .pmf Embroidery Mac

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Introduction Package Contents Check that the following items are included. If anything is missing or damaged, contact your author- ized dealer or Brother Customer Service. Version 7 (full version): USB card writer module CD-ROM Original card Quick Reference Guide Template Contains the software, Instruction Manual (HTML format) and Instruction Manual (PDF format). Version 7 upgrade for version 5 or 6: CD-ROM Quick Reference Guide Template Contains the software, Instruction Manual (HTML form

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Introduction Optional Supplies Original card Note:  The only original cards that can be used with this USB card writer module are those like the one enclosed or optional original cards of the same type. Memo:  Additional blank original cards can be purchased through an authorized dealer. Principal Parts LED indicator This indicator lights up when the unit is turned on, and fl ashes when the USB card writer module is communicating with the computer. Note: Never remove an original card or

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Installation (Please read before Installing!) Please Read Before Installation  Before beginning the installation, check that the computer meets the system requirements.  In order to install the software, you must log on to the computer using an account with administra- tor privileges. For details on logging on to the computer using an account with administrator privi- leges, refer to the Windows manual. ®  The installation procedure is described for Windows XP. The procedure and dialog boxes

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Installation System Requirements Before installing the software on your computer, make sure that the computer meets the following minimum PC requirements. Computer IBM-PC or compatible computer ® Operating system Windows 2000, XP Processor Pentium III 800 MHz or higher Memory 128 MB (512 MB or more is recommended.) Hard disk free space 200 MB Monitor SVGA (800 x 600), 16-bit color or higher Port 1 available USB A graphic printer that is supported by your system Printer (if you wish to print y

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→ After a short while, the Choose Setup Language dialog box automatically appears. Memo:  The following installation procedure includes descriptions and dialog box- ® es for Windows XP. The procedure and dialog boxes for other operating systems may be slightly different. Memo:  If the installer does not automati- cally start up: 1. Click the Start button. 2. Click Run. Select the desired language, and then click OK. → The Run dialog box appears. 3. Type in the full path to the in- staller

Краткое содержание страницы № 17

Installation → When the installation is completed, the following dia- log box appears, suggesting that the computer be re- started. Note:  Even though the installation is completed, do not remove the CD-ROM from the computer’s CD-ROM drive. Click Finish to restart the computer and com- plete the installation of the software. Memo:  If the following dialog box appears, it is not necessary to restart the computer. Click Finish to complete the installation of the software. 15 P PED7_QSG.in

Краткое содержание страницы № 18

Step 2: Installing the Driver for the Card Writer Module This section describes how to install the driver for the card writer module. Note:  If you upgrading from version 5.02 a Plug the USB connector into the USB port on or later, skip this section and con- tinue with the procedure described the computer. in “[STEP 3] Upgrading the USB Make sure that the connector is fully inserted. card writer module” on page 19. b Install the driver for the card writer module. ® ■ For Windows XP with S

Краткое содержание страницы № 19

Installation ® ■ For Windows XP without Service Pack 2 in- stalled and connected to the Internet: The installation of the driver is completed automatically (Steps b through c are not required.). ® ■ For Windows XP not connected to the In- ternet: Select No, not this time, and then click Next. Note:  Depending on the computer, this dialog box may not appear. If it does not appear, skip this step and continue with the procedure. Select Install from a list or spe- cifi c location (Advanced),

Краткое содержание страницы № 20

To install the new driver for the USB card writer module, select Search removable media (fl oppy, CD-ROM...), and then click Next. ® ■ For Windows 2000: Select Search for a suitable driver for my device (recommended), and then click Next. Select CD-ROM drives, and then click Next. 18 P PED7_QSG.indb Sec1:18 ED7_QSG.indb Sec1:18 0 02.06.2006 20:07:05 2.06.2006 20:07:05

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