Руководство по эксплуатации Panasonic VIERA TX-L32S10B

Руководство по эксплуатации для устройства Panasonic VIERA TX-L32S10B

Устройство: Panasonic VIERA TX-L32S10B
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Руководство по эксплуатации Panasonic VIERA TX-L32S10B
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Content 01 EDITORIAL 02–03 Z1 PLASMA: Illumination and Innovation 04–05 The Power of Viera 06–07 FreeSat 08–09 NeoPDP: Outstanding Contrast | Sharper Pictures | Increased Energy Efficiency 10–11 All-round Excellence 12–13 Eco World 14–15 Slimline and Timeless Design 16–17 Networking 18–19 Superior Pictures TECHNOLOGY & SPECIFICATION 03 02 PLASMA & LCD TV RANGE 36–3 7 Glossary of Symbols 20–21 Plasma TV Range 38–4 5 Specifications 22–23 Z1 Plasma 24–25 V10 and G15 Pl

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TX-P54Z1 Z1 Illumination & Innovation Break free from the limitations of conventional TVs by entering a new era in superior TV viewing and use. The entire range of VIERA flat screen TVs combines precise engineering with expert craftsmanship that delivers a new vibrant visual experience. 02

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If you desire stunning High Definition films, brilliant images and true picture fast-action movies, sports and gaming – there is a VIERA TV for you. Together with next-generation connectivity options and access to selected Internet content, VIERA is leading the way in home entertainment. 03

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Breakthrough Brilliance: The power of VIERA NeoPDP VIERA NeoPDP is a breakthrough in Plasma technology, featuring a range of innovations that bring every detail to life. With incredibly smooth, fast moving images, deep blacks and low energy consumption – thanks to increased luminance efficiency – NeoPDP is truly one of a kind. 04

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TX-P54Z1 Z1 05

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Your favourite channels, and loads of them! The BBC and ITV bring you freesat, a digital satellite TV service giving you free HD programmes at no extra cost. freesat has no contract, no subscription, just a one-off payment for the TV, satellite dish and installation. And because freesat is broadcast via satellite, it is available to almost every household in the UK K. . Whether you are looking for a 65” Plasma or a 32” LCD, the 2009 VIERA range with freesat, offers cutting edge technology an

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Over 145 of the most popular channels and many more being added every month. Our line-up will just get better and better. From movies and sport to entertainment and children’s channels, there’s something for the whole family to enjoy. freesat choice for everyone Z1 SERIES PLASMA (page 22) The Channel logos are trade marks and copyright of their respective owners. 07

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TX-P50V10 V10 The power behind NeoPDP VIERA NeoPDP is an entirely new kind of Plasma television. Featuring cutting-edge 600Hz Sub-field Drive and Intelligent Frame Creation Pro technology, NeoPDP delivers super-fast motion with breathtaking details that will forever change the way you watch TV. 08

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SHARPER PICTURES To ensure that sporting events, action fi lms and gaming picture quality is smooth and without judder, VIERA NeoPDP employs 600Hz Sub-fi eld Drive with Intelligent Frame Creation Pro. Based on 600Hz technology, the internal processor creates 600 Sub-fi elds, then an intelligent algorithm selects the best ones to optimise the fl ow of motion on the screen. INCREASED ENERGY EFFICIENCY OUTSTANDING CONTRAST Since offering eco-friendly products is important to Panasonic, VIERA NeoPDP T

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You can rest assured knowing that Panasonic has taken great care to develop long-lasting, energy-saving Plasma and LCD TVs that reduce the impact on the environment. ECO-FRIENDLY The unique Panasonic V-real 4 and V-real PRO 4 Experience crystal-clear sound with supe- picture enhancement technologies ensure rior bass performance thanks to unique superb quality with lifelike details even for Panasonic V-Audio ProSurround and SUPERIOR BRILLIANT fast-moving scenes. V-Audio Surround sound technol

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Environmentally Friendly Panasonic aims to reduce CO2 emissions, waste and chemical use as much as possible throughout a product’s entire lifecycle, to minimise its environmental impact. LONG-LIFE DESIGN FOR LESS WASTE LEAD-FREE PLASMA TVs VIERA Plasma TVs are designed to provide a panel life of up to Panasonic is the first manufacturer in the world to develop an 100,000 hours, giving you up to 35 years of superb entertainment. alternative to lead, enabling us to eliminate this harmful substan

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ECO WORLD ENERGY-SAVING ECO LINK LESS POWER CONSUMPTION Panasonic’s advanced VIERA Link function has been developed to Standard on most VIERA TVs, Eco Mode uses a photo sensor include environmentally friendly functions for the new 2009 VIERA TV to measure the ambient light in the room, then adjusts the models. For example, the energy-saving Eco Link can put all connected panel’s brightness accordingly. As a result, a VIERA TV uses up to Panasonic devices into sleep mode when they are not in use

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SLIM DESIGN No matter which VIERA Plasma or LCD TV catches your eye, you are assured a timeless, elegant television with design details that will never go out of style. 14

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Timeless Design SCULPTED TO PERFECTION From the ultra-slim, lightweight Z1 to V10 series models featuring our unique one-sheet-of-glass design, Panasonic has taken great care to create products of the highest quality. Not only have we placed special importance on using valuable materials such as aluminium with a modern hairline fi nish – every detail of the features, housing design and placement of the buttons has also been carefully considered. The latest VIERA Z1 models even offer wireless c

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Smart Networking Because your TV viewing experience should be as comfortable and easy as possible, all Panasonic VIERA TVs come with a range of convenient networking options. USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE Now selecting your input of choice has just gotten easier. Simply press the VIERA Tools button on the VIERA TV remote control and the VIERA Tools interface is displayed, offering direct access to main functions like Photo Slideshow, Movie Playback from SD card and many more. DIRECT INTERNET ACCESS

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NETWORKING NO WIRES NEEDED Enjoy greater freedom thanks to wireless HD technology. Wireless HD lets you stream uncompressed Full HD content and 5.1 channel surround sound directly to the Panasonic compatible VIERA Z1 Plasma TV – without the clutter and hassle of cables. 2) EASY IMAGE VIEWING A Full HD VIERA TV is the ideal way to enjoy larger-than-life pictures and videos recorded with your Panasonic HD camcorder or LUMIX digital camera. That is why VIERA features the VIERA Image Viewer functi

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PICTURE Without V-real PRO 4 With V-real PRO 4 TRUE IMAGE ENHANCEMENT All VIERA TVs are equipped with the Panasonic award-winning V-real picture enhancement technology. It perfectly optimises the performance of the television panel to render smooth, crystal-clear motion without compromising on delicate colours with rich gradation. Our 2009 freesat Full HD models feature advanced V-real PRO 4, while our HD ready TVs boast V-real 4 technology. SMOOTHER ACTION For the smoothest on-screen motion

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