Руководство по эксплуатации LG Electronics Universal Kit

Руководство по эксплуатации для устройства LG Electronics Universal Kit

Устройство: LG Electronics Universal Kit
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Руководство по эксплуатации LG Electronics Universal Kit
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Universal Kit
Kit Installation Instructions
& Service Manual
Switchable FROM High Resolution 31K
TO Standard (Low) Resolution 15.75K.
MANUAL NO. 999-1292

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Warranty Your new Sega Product is covered for a period of 90 days from the date of shipment. This certifies that the Printed Circuit Boards, Power Supplies and Monitor are to be free of defects in workman- ship or materials under normal operating conditions. This also certifies that all Interactive Control Assemblies are to be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal operating condi- tions. No other product in this machine is hereby covered. Sellers sole liability in the e

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World Series 2001 Sega Naomi System Kit Contains List Desc Qty Part # 400-5397-01 NAOMI POWER SUPPLY 1 AUDIO POWER AMP 2 CH 1 838-13616 AUDIO XFORMER 120V 1 560-5407-UL JAMMA I/O BD (NAOMI) 1 838-13683-93CV1 USB CABLE 1 600-7141-200 600-7009-2500 VGA VIDEO CABLE 1 ASSY CASE PC1 DIMM BD 1 840-0051D-01 CABLE SCSI TYPE 2 500MM 1 600-7247-500 SERVICE SWT BRKT ASSY 1 LOC. PURCHASE GD-ROM DRIVE KIT 1 XKT-0833 610-0630-0010 GD SOFT KIT WS2K1 1 MARQUEE WS2K1 1 999-1293 INST SHT AMER LG WS2K1 1 999-1294

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ASSY CTRL PNL 2A4B2S MB2K2 ENG (NOA-20010-01) (D-1/2) 2

Краткое содержание страницы № 5

ASSY CTRL PNL 2A4B2S MB2K2 ENG (NOA-20010-01) (D-2/2) ITEM NO. PART NO. DESCRIPTION 1 HOT-2023 CTRL PNL BASE 2A4B2S 2 NOA-2025-01 CTRL PNL PLATE 2A4B2S ENG 101 610-6723-4B02 ASSY ANALOG JOY 4B PINK 102 610-6723-4B01 ASSY ANALOG JOY 4B GREEN 103 610-0409 ASSY BAT MECHA 104 999-1290 PUSHBUTTON RND YELLOW W/MICRO (2 PER) 105 999-1086 PUSHBUTTON RND GREEN W/MICRO (2 PER) 106 999-1289 PUSHBUTTON RND PINK W/MICRO (2 PER) 107 280-5009-01 CORD CLAMP 21 109 280-5275-SR10 CORD CLAMP SR10 201 050-U00400 U

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Feb 9. 2000 120 SERVICE BULLETIN SEGA Service Department http://www.seuservice.com 45133 Industrial Drive Phone: 415.701.6580 Fremont, Ca. 94538 Fax: 415.701.6594 SPECIAL NOTICE FOR ALL SEGA NAOMI KITS PROBLEM: The SEGA Naomi Game kits are actually ‘JAMMA Dependent’. What this means exactly is they will only install into existing JAMMA Cabinets. If an operator tries to install these kits into a Non-JAMMA cabinet, they will first have to bring the wiring up

Краткое содержание страницы № 7

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1) First. Remove all access panels from the game. Locate the original game Logic PCB’s & Power Supply and remove from the Cabinet by first disconnecting all harnesses from the boards. (You need only to splice in the Main Power (110v AC) into the 3-Pin Connector (GRN/WHT/BLK).) 2) Remove all existing game harnesses (we suggest using New Jamma Harnesses (NOT contained in the kit) to ensure reliability). 3) Locate the most convenient and open area of the cabinet to

Краткое содержание страницы № 8

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 9) Proceed to place new decals on the sides of the cabinet. Locate a new monitor bezel, if needed, and replace glass, if required (due scratches). Install Instruction Placard to the back of the Monitor Glass. NOTE: As a precaution, disconnect the JAMMA Harness from the I/O Boards and turn power on. With a Multi-Meter, measure the 5v and 3.3v. Adjust if necessary to 5.15v DCand 3.3vDC. Measure the +12 to ensure the wires and voltages are in the correct position.

Краткое содержание страницы № 9

Sega Naomi System Switch Bracket and Speaker Installation Diagrams (Figure 3) To CN1 of Amplifier Board JAMMA Pin 8 Pin 1 Yellow Wire from Extra Pin 4 Harness (+5v) Pin 5 _ + Coin Meter Service Test JAMMA Pin R Volume JAMMA Pin 1 JAMMA Pin 15 GRY/RED Left From CN2 of Speaker ORG/RED Amplifier Board GRY/BLUE From CN4 of Right Amplifier Board Speaker ORG/BLUE 7 YEL/RED GRN/RED WHT/RED

Краткое содержание страницы № 10

Sega Naomi System JAMMA Harness Wiring (JAMMA I/O BD) (Figure 4) Ground 1 Ground A 2 Ground B Ground +5v (Not Used) 3 C +5v (Not Used) +5v (Not Used) +5v (Not Used) D 4 5 E (Not Used) (Not Used) 6 F +12v (Not Used) +12v (Not Used) 7 H Key Key J 8 Coin Meter 1 Coin Meter 2 9 (Not Used) (Not Used) K (Not Used) 10 (Not Used) L 11 M (Not Used) (Not Used) 12 Video Red N Video Green 13 Video Sync Video Blue P 14 R Service Video Ground Test S (Not Used) 15 Coin 1 16 T Coin 2 1P Start 2P Start 17 U 1 2P

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Sega Naomi System Filter Board Information Connector Description etc. PSW1 PSW2 DIPSW1 CN2 CN1 CN3 CN4 Service Test Switch Switch Preamp Level VGA Level Power Connectors Audio Out Video Out 1 2 3 4 Setting for High Resolution 31KHZ 1 -4 off 1 2 3 Setting for Standard Resolution 15KHZ 1 on 2-4 off. 9

Краткое содержание страницы № 12

1. SPECIFICATIONS Monitor Position 1 MONITOR Horizontal Synchronous Frequency HORIZONTAL 15/31 kHz 2 CONTROL PANEL NEW ASTRO CITY, NAOMI CABINET, NET CITY, BLAST CITY (PART NO. HOT-20011 or NOA-20010-01) 00H 00H FFH FFH 1P 2P FFH 00H 00H FFH BBUTTON BBUTTON START 00H 00H FFH FFH ABUTTON ABUTTON ANALOG BAT MECHA ANALOG BAT MECHA LEVER LEVER PLAYER 1 PLAYER 2 ANALOG LEVER: Move cursor (for throwing, batting); Specify base (for defense, base running) A BUTTON: Throw (for defense); Steal base (f

Краткое содержание страницы № 13

123 Removing and Attaching the BAT MECHA If you need to remove the BAT MECHA as in the case of a failure, open the control panel base and remove the BAT MECHA through the following procedure. To reinstall the BAT MECHA, reverse the removing procedure, being certain that the BAT MECHA is faced in the correct direction. For instructions on opening the control panel base, refer to the Instruction Manual of the cabinet. To prevent electric shock, be sure to turn off the power for the cabinet when re

Краткое содержание страницы № 14

2. CONTENTS OF GAME • This is a sports action game where the Major League Baseball in the United States of America was taken as a subject matter. • In this game, the following teams appear: 14 American and 16 National teams, and two all-star teams from the two leagues. • The number of players appearing in the game is over 700. All of the 30 really existing ballparks also appear there. • The game player or players operate their favorite teams to participate in the baseball game, aiming at the wi

Краткое содержание страницы № 15

• The settings in GAME ASSIGNMENTS in the Test Mode control how the game ends: EXTRA INNING: If this is ON, the extra part of the baseball game continues to a maximum of 12th innings. If this is OFF, the baseball game ends when the bottom of the ninth inning ends (even if the score is even, i.e., the game is drawn). CALLED GAME: Can be set in the 5 to 10 range. When the difference in score reaches the setting, the baseball game ends (even if the bottom of that inning is not yet completed). • If

Краткое содержание страницы № 16

Pitching Gauge 1P 123000080 RECORD 200378000 2P 8921000 Batter's (Batting) Team Pitcher's (Fielding) Team ABC XYZ By operating the lever, Select the course of the move the batting ball using the lever. cursor to aim at the ball. While observing the pitching gauge, press the Release the batting A Button timely (best switch timely to hit the when MAX appears at the ball. top of the game). Strike Zone Batting Cursor Pitcher's (Fielding) Team 1P 123000080 RECORD 200378000 2P 8921000 ABC

Краткое содержание страницы № 17

Fielding Team Fielding Screen Using the lever, move a Landing Point fielder to the expected landing point of the ball. By pressing the B Button, you 1P 123000080 RECORD 200378000 2P 8921000 can replace the field you want to move. OUT OUT When approximating to the ball, the fielder automatically catches the ball. For example, the ball is occasionally carried away by wind. If you press the A Button timely, the fielder exhibits a super catch by fine play. If you selected ROOKIE- EASY- for the

Краткое содержание страницы № 18

Pitch Type Marker The pitch type marker shows the available pitch types. FAST BALL FAST BALL SCREW SLIDER SLIDER SCREW BALL BALL SINKER SINKER CURVE CURVE CHANGE-UP CHANGE-UP FORKBALL FORKBALL ETC. ETC. For right-hander For left-hander Original ability of pitcher Currently remaining ability Batting Cursor If you successfully expect the actual pitch type, the shape of the batting cursor changes. If you expect and enter FAST BALL (or enter nothing): If you successfully expect the actual pitch ty

Краткое содержание страницы № 19

NAMES AND ABBREVIATIONS OF THE TEAMS AND BALLPARK NAMES APPEARING IN THE GAME The team names are listed alphabetically. American League National League 1. Anaheim Angels/ANA 1. Arizona Diamondbacks/ARI :Edison International Field :BankOne Ballpark 2. Baltimore Orioles/BAL 2. Atlanta Braves/ATL :Oriole Park at Camden Yards :Turner Field 3. Boston Red Sox/BOS 3. Chicago Cubs/CHC :Fenway Park :Wrigley Field 4. Chicago White Sox/CHW 4. Cincinnati Reds/CIN :Comiskey Park :Cinergy Field 5. Clevel

Краткое содержание страницы № 20

1 2 3 144424444443 3. TEST MODE A. SYSTEM MENU When settings are changed in SYSTEM ASSIGNMENTS, COIN STOP ASSIGNMENTS, and GAME ASSIGNMENTS of GAME TEST MODE, be sure to exit from the test mode of SYSTEM MENU screen. The contents IMPORTANT of setting changes are stored in the IC on the BOARD when exiting from the Test Mode. If the power is turned off in the Test Mode (before exiting), the contents of setting changes are ineffective. In this case, the settings remain unchanged. This test mod

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