Руководство по эксплуатации Toshiba Satellite Pro GMAD00230010

Руководство по эксплуатации для устройства Toshiba Satellite Pro GMAD00230010

Устройство: Toshiba Satellite Pro GMAD00230010
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Руководство по эксплуатации Toshiba Satellite Pro GMAD00230010
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Satellite Pro U500
Series User’s Guide
If you need assistance:
❖ Toshiba’s Support Web site
❖ Toshiba Customer Support Center
Calling within the United States (800) 457-7777
Calling from outside the United States (949) 859-4273
For more information, see “If Something Goes Wrong” on
page 181 in this guide.

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2 Handling the cord on this product will expose you to lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. ® Model: Satellite Pro U500 Series Recordable and/or ReWritable Drive(s) and Associated Software Warranty The computer system you purchased may include Recordable and/or ReWritable optical media drive(s) and associated software, among the most advanced data storage technologies available. As with any new techno

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3 Critical Applications The computer you have purchased is not designed for any “critical applications.” “Critical applications” means life support systems, medical applications, connections to implanted medical devices, commercial transportation, nuclear facilities or systems or any other applications where product failure could lead to injury to persons or loss of life or catastrophic property damage. ACCORDINGLY, TOSHIBA, ITS AFFILIATES AND SUPPLIERS DISCLAIM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY ARISI

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4 This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: ❖ This device may not cause harmful interference. ❖ This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Contact either: ❖ Toshiba’s Support Web site at pcsupport.toshiba.com. ❖ Or call the Toshiba Customer Support Center: Within the United States at (800) 457-7777 Outside the United States at (949) 859-4273 Industry Canada Requ

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5 Connection to party line service is subject to state tariffs. Contact the state public utility commission, public service commission or corporation commission for information. Telephone Company Procedures The goal of the telephone company is to provide you with the best service it can. In order to do this, it may occasionally be necessary for them to make changes in their equipment, operations or procedures. If these changes might affect your service or the operation of your equipment, th

Краткое содержание страницы № 6

6 Alarm Equipment If your home has specially wired alarm equipment connected to the telephone line, ensure the installation of this equipment does not disable your alarm equipment. If you have questions about what will disable alarm equipment, consult your telephone company or a qualified installer. Instructions for IC CS-03 Certified Equipment 1 NOTICE: The Industry Canada label identifies certified equipment. This certification means that the equipment meets certain telecommunications ne

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7 Wireless Interoperability The TOSHIBA Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card products are designed to be interoperable with any wireless LAN product that is based on Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) radio technology, and is compliant to: ❖ The IEEE 802.11 Standard on Wireless LANs (Revision A/B/G), as defined and approved by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. ® ❖ The Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi ) certification as defined by the Wi-Fi Alliance. The “Wi-Fi CERTIFIED” logo is a ce

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8 Wireless LAN and Your Health Wireless LAN products, like other radio devices, emit radio frequency electromagnetic energy. The level of energy emitted by Wireless LAN devices however is far much less than the electromagnetic energy emitted by wireless devices like for example mobile phones. Because Wireless LAN products operate within the guidelines found in radio frequency safety standards and recommendations, TOSHIBA believes Wireless LAN is safe for use by consumers. These standards an

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9 Canada – Industry Canada (IC) This device complies with RSS 210 of Industry Canada. The installer of this radio equipment must ensure that the antenna is located or pointed such that it does not emit RF field in excess of Health Canada limits for the general population; consult Safety Code 6, obtainable from Health Canada’s Web site www.hc-sc.gc.ca/rpb. The RF device shall not be co-located with any other transmitter that has not been tested with this device. Operation is subject to the f

Краткое содержание страницы № 10

10 EU Declaration of Conformity TOSHIBA declares that this product conforms to the following Standards: Supplementary *The product complies with the Information: requirements of the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC, the EMC Directive 89/336/EEC and/or the R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC. This product is carrying the CE-Mark in accordance with the related European Directives. The party responsible for CE-Marking is TOSHIBA Europe GmbH, Hammfelddamm 8, 41460 Neuss, Germany. The European Union WEEE

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11 VCCI Class B Information Modem Warning Notice Conformity Statement The equipment has been approved to [Commission Decision “CTR21”] for pan- European single terminal connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). However, due to differences between the individual PSTNs provided in different countries/regions the approval does not, of itself, give an unconditional assurance of successful operation on every PSTN network termination point. In the event of problems, you should con

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12 Using this Equipment in Japan In Japan, the frequency bandwidth of 2,400 MHz to 2,483.5 MHz for second generation low-power data communication systems such as this equipment overlaps that of mobile object identification systems (premises radio station and specified low-power radio station). 1. Sticker Please put the following sticker on devices incorporating this product. The frequency bandwidth of this equipment may operate within the same range as industrial devices, scientific devices,

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13 4 This equipment uses a frequency bandwidth from 2,400 MHz to 2,483.5 MHz. 3. TOSHIBA Direct PC Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 17:00 Toll Free Tel: 0120-15-1048 Direct Dial: 03-3457-4850 Fax: 03-3457-4868 Device Authorization This device obtains the Technical Regulation Conformity Certification and the Technical Conditions Compliance Approval, and it belongs to the device class of radio equipment of low-power data communication system radio station stipulated in the Radio Law and the Telecommun

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14 Andorra Argentina CNC: Australia 533AN_HMW: “CNC C-6367” 533AN_MMW: “CNC C-6366” 512AN_HMW: “CNC C-6373” 512AN_MMW: “CNC C-6374” Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Belgium Bermuda Bosnia Brazil Bulgaria Caicos Islands Cambodia Canada Cayman Islands Chile China Colombia Costa Rica Croatia Curacao, Netherlands Antilles Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic Ecuador El Salvador Egypt Estonia Falkland Islands Finland France French Guinea French Polynesia Germany Ghana Gibraltar Greece Guadelo

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15 Tahiti Taiwan Turkey Turk Islands Ukraine UAE (United Arab Emirates) United Kingdom Uruguay USA Vatican Venezuela Vietnam Virgin Islands Zimbabwe ® ® Approved Countries/Regions for the Atheros Wireless Wi-Fi Link AR5B95 Series This equipment is approved to the radio standard by the countries/regions in the following table. Do not use this equipment except in the countries/regions in the following table. Albania Argentina CNC: Australia 693 GI/2007 3655 GI/2007 Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain B

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16 Portugal Puerto Rico Qatar Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Senegal Serbia Singapore Slovak Republic Slovenia South Africa South Korea Spain Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Turkey UAE (United Arab Emirates) Ukraine United Kingdom Uruguay USA Venezuela Vietnam Yemen Zimbabwe Europe - Restrictions for use of 2.4 GHz Frequencies in European Community Countries België/ For private usage outside buildings across public grounds over less than Belgique: 300m no special registration with I

Краткое содержание страницы № 17

17 È necessaria la concessione ministeriale anche per l’uso interno. Verificare con i rivenditori la procedura da seguire. Nederland: License required for outdoor installations. Check with reseller for procedure to follow. Licentie verplicht voor gebruik met buitenantennes. Neem contact op met verkoper voor juiste procedure. Europe - Restrictions for Use of 5 GHz Frequencies in European Community Countries European Community 5150-5250 MHz 5250-5350 MHz 5470-5725 MHz Channels: 36, 40, 44, Chan

Краткое содержание страницы № 18

18 radar system in the area. The presence of nearby radar operation may result in temporary interruption of operation of this device. The Access Point’s radar detection feature will automatically restart operation on a channel free of radar. You may consult with the local technical support staff responsible for the wireless network to ensure the Access Point device(s) are properly configured for European Community operation. ® Approved Countries/Regions for the Realtek RTL8192E This equipm

Краткое содержание страницы № 19

19 Spain Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Trinidad Turkey UAE (United Arab Emirates) United Kingdom Uruguay USA Venezuela Vietnam Zimbabwe ® Approved Countries/Regions for the Realtek RTL8191SE This equipment is approved to the radio standard by the countries/regions in the following table. Do not use this equipment except in the countries/regions in the following table. Albania Argentina Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Belgium Bolivia Bosnia Brazil Bulgaria Cambodi

Краткое содержание страницы № 20

20 Serbia Singapore Slovak Republic Slovenia South Africa South Korea Spain Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Trinidad Tunisia Turkey UAE (United Arab Ukraine United Kingdom Emirates) Uruguay USA Venezuela Vietnam Zimbabwe ® Approved Countries/Regions for the Realtek RTL8187B This equipment is approved to the radio standard by the countries/regions in the following table. Do not use this equipment except in the countries/regions in the following table. Albania Algeria Argentina Aust

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