Руководство по эксплуатации Anton/Bauer DIONIC 90

Руководство по эксплуатации для устройства Anton/Bauer DIONIC 90

Устройство: Anton/Bauer DIONIC 90
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lithium ion
Digital Battery


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TABLE OF CONTENTS IMPORTANT READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS MANUAL BEFORE OPERATION .................................................................... 1 INTRODUCTION.............................................................................. 2 FEATURES ...................................................................................... 3 ® CHARGING DIONIC 90 BATTERIES ............................................ 4 NOMINAL CHARGE TIMES FOR DIONIC 90................................. 5 ®

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IMPORTANT READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS MANUAL BEFORE OPERATION The InterActive 2000 Dionic 90 battery lithium ion chemistry delivers a higher power to weight ratio than NiCd & NiMH. However, all lithium ion batteries have more sensitive charging and discharging parameters and require longer charge times (2-5 hours). See charging section page 5 for more details. The Dionic 90 battery is specifically designed to be charged with current InterActive or InterActive 2000 chargers. Old model

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INTRODUCTION The development of this new DIONIC 90 battery system has been made possible through the incorporation of the pioneering InterActive technology of the Anton/Bauer Digital system with the very latest lithium ion cell formulations. Each DIONIC 90 battery features an on-board “fuel computer” to monitor energy put into and taken out of the battery, as well as critical operating characteristics and conditions. This data is communicated to the InterActive charger to optimize safe

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FEATURES 1. Microprocessor Fuel Computer - Accurately monitors the energy in the battery with programs that take into account battery age, self discharge, charge/discharge rate, operating conditions and previously experienced charge/discharge cycles. The DIONIC 90 battery constantly “learns” its precise state of charge and remaining capacity. This data is automatically transmitted to an InterActive charger. 2. Integral RealTime ‘LCD’ – This new and exclusive Anton/Bauer feature display

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CHARGING DIONIC 90 BATTERIES • DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CHARGE THIS BATTERY WITH ANY CHARGER OTHER THAN THE ANTON/BAUER InterActive 2000 OR T SERIES CHARGERS SPECIFIED IN THIS MANUAL. ® •Allow the battery to reach a steady green (LifeSaver ) mode before using for the first time. Please read the individual charger Owner’s Manual to become acquainted with the many unique operating features of the chargers. • The DIONIC 90 battery will be approximately 90% charged when the LED’s on the cha

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NOMINAL CHARGE TIMES FOR DIONIC 90 90% 100% Charge Level LED Indicators Flashing Steady Green Green Dual 2722 (2 batteries simultaneously) 2hrs. 3hrs. InterActive 2000 PowerCharger (Quad/Dual – 2702/2701/2700) 2 hrs. 3 hrs. (Quad/Dual – 2401/2400) T2 (2 batteries simultaneously) 2hrs. 3hrs. Tandem 70 2hrs. 3hrs. Twin (2 batteries simultaneously) 4hrs. 5hrs. TWQ (4 batteries simultaneously) 4hrs. 5hrs. Charge time can vary depending on age, condition and remaining capacity of e

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The DIONIC 90 features an all NEW “RealTime” LCD display providing on-the-fly remaining run time estimates in 15 minute increments as well as simultaneously providing remaining capacity information using the traditional “Fuel Gauge” approach. No special adapters or set up is required. RealTime automatically calculates the load and displays capacity information and battery status at all times. Special electronics protect the lithium ion cells in the DIONIC 90 battery from damage and to

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-The large numbers 1, 2 or 3 indicate remaining hours under current load (only one number will display at any one time) -The pie chart numbers (15, 30, 45, or 60) indicate remaining minutes under current load. -The InterActive Segment indicates a FULLY CHARGED battery verified by charger communication -Top BAR: Indicates 75%-96% nd - 2 BAR: Indicates 50% - 75% Rd - 3 BAR: Indicates 25% - 50% th - 4 BAR: Indicates 7% - 25% - INTERACTIVE 96 - 100% -RES BAR: Indicates 0 -

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If the SIDE BARS (only) flash AND other icons are lit and not flashing, this indicates the battery has requested to be fully charged and discharged in order to update its “learned capacity”. This “learning” should typically occur during normal equipment operation. However, if the battery has not been fully charged and discharged for some time, this indication will appear. To remove the flashing SIDE BARS, fully charge the battery (STEADY GREEN indication) on the InterActive 2000 charge

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RealTime Display Indications • When the DIONIC battery is being charged remaining runtime is not displayed. • Remaining run time is calculated using the present available battery capacity and a constantly updated accurate measurement of the present load on the battery. • If no load is detected, or if the battery is removed from the charger before any discharge load is applied, the default assumed power for remaining run time calculations is 20 Watts. • When the battery determi

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• When the battery is completely discharged the LCD will flash the 15 minute icon and the ‘RES’ bar until the battery is returned to a charger. • If the protection electronics detect a low battery voltage condition (any one cell reaches roughly 2.5Vdc or approximately 10V battery voltage), the LCD sidebars will flash until the battery is returned to a charger. If the battery is not returned to the charger, after a time the Fuel Gauge will be turned off and the LCD will go c

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OPERATING GUIDELINES 1. Keep batteries cool or at room temperatures whenever possible. Sustained elevated temperatures are the primary reason for premature failure of lithium ion batteries: a. Charging - Charge batteries at room temperature. In warm climates keep chargers in air conditioned rooms for best performance. b. On assignment - Do not leave batteries in a hot vehicle trunk or out in direct sunlight. c. Although lithium ion has good self-discharge characteristics, long ter

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4. Low voltage batteries can also be caused by allowing batteries to remain off the charger for extended periods causing the LCD display to be blank, indicating that the electronic circuitry has removed all load from the battery cells – including the display. In the case that the battery is in a low voltage condition the battery should be returned to the charger. The charge routine will not be initiated by the charger until all other batteries have completed their fast charge routines.

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SERVICE In the event a DIONIC 90 battery fails to deliver acceptable performance, it must be returned to the Anton/Bauer. No other facility is qualified and equipped to service the InterActive 2000 DIONIC 90 batteries and calibrate the electronic components and sensors. Any attempt by the user or any other unauthorized persons to service this battery will surely result in improper calibration of the electronic components resulting in severe battery damage and/or safety hazards, includi

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PRECAUTIONS 1. Do not expose this battery to high temperatures (above 50°C/120°F). This includes storage in direct sunlight , in cars in hot weather, or in close proximity to heating devices. This may cause electrolyte leakage, impaired performance and shortening of battery service life. 2. When not using the battery for prolonged periods, the DIONIC 90 battery should be charged to approximately 50% capacity and removed from the charger. Long term storage in the full charge state wi

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DIONIC 90 BATTERY SPECIFICATIONS 14.4v Nominal OUTPUT VOLTAGE 12.4 ~ 16.8v Operating CAPACITY 90 WH Nominal (6.3 AH Rated) (CELL CAPACITY) FUSE Internal 8amp 1 RECOMMENDED OPERATION 15 - 50 watts 2 (MAXIMUM DISCHARGE RATE) (90 watts) @ 20w - 4 ½ hrs. TYPICAL RUN-TIME @ 25w - 3 ½ hrs. @ 40w - 2 ¼ hrs. WEIGHT 1.7 lbs SIZE 5 1/4 x 3 1/2 x 2 1/8 CHARGE TEMPERATURE 0 – 40°C DISCHARGE TEMPERATURE -20 – 60°C STORAGE TEMPERATURE -20 – 50°C 1 DIONIC 90 may be used to power both c

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LIMITED WARRANTY This warranty for the battery product specified in this document (“Product”) is given by Anton/Bauer, Inc. (“Anton/Bauer”), 14 Progress Drive, Shelton, Connecticut 06484. If you (the purchaser of the Product from Anton/Bauer, or the person for whom the Product was purchased, if it was a gift) have any questions regarding Product applications, Product specification, or to obtain warranty service on this or any Anton/Bauer product, contact the company at the address above.

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Dangerous Goods Regulations 49CFR Parts 100-185, Air Transport Association (IATA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations apply to all lithium ion battery transport. Air Transportation Declaration Anton/Bauer, Inc. declares that the Dionic 90 lithium ion battery pack contains equivalent lithium content (ELC) in a quantity not exceeding 8 grams. This quantity is in compliance with section ICAO/IATA Special Provision A45 and US 49 CFR (Hazardous Materia

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® The worldwide standard ® sm The power behind the best cameras capturing the best images in the world. The following are trademarks of Anton/Bauer, Inc.: ACS, ADM, All Chem, Anton/Bauer, Anton/Bauer logo and parallelogram design, Automatique, Egripz, Elightz, Elipz, Essentialz, DataTap, Dionic, Gold Mount, HyTRON, Impac, InterActive and design, LifeSaver, Logic Series, Logic Series Logo, Maxx man logo design, MircoCode, Nexus, PowerStrap, Probe, Proformer, ProPac, RealTime,

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